Core of Steel

Core of Steel Staff Sergeant Bea Mic Michaels is the leader of Steel Corps an elite group of the finest men in the American Armed forces Commissioned by the United States Government to do what other units cannot

  • Title: Core of Steel
  • Author: J.B. Havens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Staff Sergeant Bea Mic Michaels is the leader of Steel Corps, an elite group of the finest men in the American Armed forces Commissioned by the United States Government to do what other units cannot, existing both above and outside the law A new recruit, Corporal Chris Jordon, has just been delivered, but before he can call himself Steel, he must pass every physical anStaff Sergeant Bea Mic Michaels is the leader of Steel Corps, an elite group of the finest men in the American Armed forces Commissioned by the United States Government to do what other units cannot, existing both above and outside the law A new recruit, Corporal Chris Jordon, has just been delivered, but before he can call himself Steel, he must pass every physical and mental test Mic throws at him Orders for a mission have come down and Mic must train Jordon faster than ever Their team is thrown into a desperate mission to rescue an undercover operative in the heart of Columbia Forced to take down the head of the Fernando Cartel and the mysterious Frenchie, their mission is complicated when Mic and Jordon are lost to their team Digging deep within herself, Mic will need every ounce of her strength to save both her team, and herself.

    One thought on “Core of Steel”

    1. Wow. This was very different from my usual read, but totally worth the read for a badass protagonist and a pretty decent plot line. Hidden gem in the kindle unlimited pile

    2. I am not quite finished (81%) but I had to get my thoughts down pat. I am certainly not the target audience for this story. This is a romance story within a so-called action military thriller. Just so not for me. The premise is that a female SSGT (E-6) is in charge of a special covert squad (beyond Delta Force or SEALs, or Green Berets) and leads her team into super tough missions. Okay, I gave it a shot. So many things wrong, not with the idea of a tough female soldier, I like those type of cha [...]

    3. DNF 20%No. Just no. I started reading this book because a friend was reading it, and I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about (I'll leave it to your imagination if it was good or bad fuss). It was included in KU, so I picked it up. Dear God I wish I never had. The premise was interesting, I'm a sucker for military novels, especially ones that seem to be outside the mold. Within the first few pages, I discovered I had made a grave mistake. The writing itself was a big issue, and I found mys [...]

    4. 3.5/4 starsOKI am going to start this review off by saying my rating doesn't reflect on the writing of this book, because the care, detail and research has certainly gone into this book. For me, I've read the Trident series and the Omega series (up to date) by Samantha A Cole, and I went on to read this series because the teams are connected, and the books cross paths. I loved the previous series, and I needed more. The thing with this book was the lack of romance. The connection was there with [...]

    5. "We do what others cannot. We ARE Steel."What an EXCITING way to be introduced to the works of J.B Havens! The storyline is serious but there are several spots of chemistry and humor tied in making it the complete package!A thrilling action packed journey of an elite group of, "ghosts, black-ops, spooks, operatorst Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force, (they) are all of those and none of them." Steel are in tip top shape; mentally and physically. Their constant training and conditioning allows for [...]

    6. I loved this book from Chapter 1 on. I even think I developed a girl-crush on Bea 'Mic' Michaels. She's kick-ass and in charge of an elite and covert team of US soldiers. She holds her own and then some as the only female on the team of rough and tough men. But she still has her vulnerabilitiesd only one man seems to be able to see past her masks to the real woman underneath. However, she is Chris Jordon's superior so they have to fight their mutual attraction to each other. This book was face p [...]

    7. J. B. Havens, new action packed book is about an elite military team that goes on a precarious mission to rescue an undercover agent in the heart of South America. Pitted up against a formidable foe, the mission pushes the team's limits but endures with great leadership. Entertainingly, the plot line, and narrative will have you turning the pages wanting more. For me, I especially enjoyed Authors Film Noir writing style in the Core of Steel. 5 stars in my book!

    8. From the moment Chris Jordan saw Bea, he knew he was in trouble. Bea was his commanding officer, but the response she brought out in him was anything except work related. Worried that his emotions would be split between work and protecting her, they decided waiting until the mission was accomplished before establishing a relationship was the safe and proper thing to do only things didn't work out as planned. Bea saw the new guy as she ran around the track, but when he grabbed her ass as he passe [...]

    9. Unsung Heroes I love military books. I love the brotherhood, the determination, the sense of right and wrong. This I was not prepared for. The actions and emotions were so raw I almost stopped reading the book. I couldn't though as I desperately wanted to know the whole story. Credit to J.B. For that! Now that I'm emotionally invested I will move on to the next in the series for as long as I can stand the uncensored brutality of some of the training and missions. The fact that the NCO is a woman [...]

    10. What a book! Fast paced, with a story and characters that draw you in from the start! From the hard nosed Mic all the way to Jackson, every character has your full attention. Compelling story, and a ton of action. A page turning book that makes every attempt to have you read it in a single sitting.

    11. I really enjoyed this military read! I Loved the female character being in charge for a nice change. Can't wait to read the next book!

    12. I loved the story line and the interaction the between the team – you could really see they cared for each other. Can’t give too much away as I don’t want to spoil it for other readers.There is humor mixed with action and some romance as well I can’t wait to see what happens with Steel Corps next.Bea or ‘Mic’ is the leader of the of an elite group called Steel Corps. When the new recruit arrives Bea is given limited time to train him for their new mission.This team certainly kicks as [...]

    13. 5 stars. Wow Bea 'Mic' Michaels is one helluva kick ass heroine. This book was high octane with plenty of action and a tear inducing heart sinking moment towards the end. This story leaves threads at the end that will have you reaching for the next book in the series an I loved how the romance element was subdued and suitable to the situations the chardacters find themselves in and hopefully will build in the next book. Highly recommended read.

    14. Core of Steel by J.b. Havens is a kick ass rollercoaster ride of a military book. Not your normal military romance because the main character is Bea "Mic" Michael's a female staff sergeant in charge of Steel an elite group of special operatives from all sectors of the military. This is Havens first book and she definitely knows how to keep her readers interested. This is the first in the series and you will definitely want to read the next book. This is a hard core book with lots detail more mil [...]

    15. Mic is a female Staff Sargent of a Black Ops team called Steel, only as far as anyone is concerned Steel doesn't exist. If one of them is killed while on a mission, no one will know. Upon acceptance into Steel they must cut all ties. Mic has been advised they have a new recruit coming and he needs to be rushed on his training as their next mission is in mere weeks. Mic doesn't like it, but Master Staff Sargent Jackson hand picked this noob and they've been together long enough that she trusted h [...]

    16. This review took me a bit to write, because JB Havens left me with a lot to think about. Core of Steel isn't a fluffy, full of sex military book. It's full of gritty, real characters. They have flaws, faults and a questionable moral compass that always points true to Uncle Sam. They've left their family, friends and everything from the civilian world to become the monsters under the bed. When Uncle Sam calls, Steel rolls out to save lives, take lives or whatever needs done. They do whatever is n [...]

    17. I Want To Be Like Mic When I Grow Up!Mic, a/k/a Staff Sergeant Michaels, is a strong, willful, tough-as-nails female in our Country’s ArmySpecial Unit of Steel Corps. Mic is not someone I would want to be on the bad side of. If she calls you friend, it is for life and truly loyal. I loved this book because it portrays a woman in a field that is not usually in the spot light or even recognized very much today. It is getting better with more trained females in the military and in higher ranking [...]

    18. Core of Steel Core of Steel (Steel Corps Book 1)]] - J.B.Havens wrote a great military thriller with a strong female character Mic.Mic who just happens to be the leader of the Steel Core Group of Elite Military Soldiers with Jordan, Phillips and a few others. They are each described to show how above average their physical ability is including each specialty that one possess. Mic is forced to get her men ready plus bring in a new recruit for a new mission in a short period of time. A mission tha [...]

    19. For this being my first military book I definitely enjoyed it and give it 4 stars. We have an elite military team with a woman in charge; Staff Sergeant Bea Michaels (Mic) is one hard woman; she doesn't take any crap and can hold her own in any situation. Her team has several men that respect her and follow her orders at all times; no questions asked. They have an upcoming mission that has Mic feeling like something isn't right; then once it's time things go wrong. I enjoyed reading a book with [...]

    20. I've never wanted to read military type books, this one came up on my feed, and I thought, what the hell, let's give it a try. I'm so glad I did, it had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Gripping storyline, with an undercurrent of sexual tension. Fancy something a little different to the norm? Read this book, it ticks all the boxes.

    21. When I picked it up Core of Steel I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting but it came highly recommended to me. What I found was the author has written a great story involving hushed up secret missions by a team that is lead by a strong woman character, who yes does have a sexual emotional side as well, but she knows her job and how to get it done. The book is full of intense drama. It’s not for the faint of heart in that the missions often involve murder, torture and things that the govern [...]

    22. This isn't a fluffy romance. This is a hard ass, bite your nails, balls deep military bad ass as real as you get book. Sure the main character is female. Yes she leads an elite off the books team of our finest. Mic is twice as tough as she has to be to lead, right down to her pink underwear (the only truly girly thing she allows). She gives alpha a run for its money. The boys are her family and you are sucked in to their circle. I just want too take the entire unit and have them over for dinner, [...]

    23. Debut Novel for J. B. Haven is a doozeyCore of Steel is a non stop action ride from the first page to the final one. Be a "Mic" is in charge of a Black Ops group . These ops are government stationed but if anything should happen the existence of Steel would be denied. Chris Jordon is the newbie soldier who is tired of carrying out orders that he knows won't be followed out, so when an opening becomes available he joins the Steel Corps group without hesitation. But there is an attraction between [...]

    24. Let me start with that this genre of read, is not my normal go to read, I am all about the romance and hot and steamy scenes, while this book does have a few hot and steamy moments that is not what the story is about, for the first book any way, but I must say that I really enjoyed reading this book.This book starts, what I think will be a whirl wind of a romance between Mic and Chris, but this book is about them meeting and going on their first mission together, and the trust that they build be [...]

    25. I was given a copy of this book by the Author for an honest review.Core of Steel (Steel Corps Book 1) captured me from the very first. The characters and story line are very well-developed. Mic is the Staff Sergeant of the Steel Corps. They are part of the Armed Forces that does missions under the radar that the US Military cannot be associated with. The Steel Corps is the best of the best. When they are sent to retrieve an undercover operative from a drug cartel, things might not go the way the [...]

    26. A definate 5 stars. Steel Corp is a black ops unit lead by sergeant Mic (Beatrice) Micheals . She's hard but fair and takes no prisoners. As far as she concerned you need to earn your place on the team and her respect. Chris Jordan joins the team and let's say it's hard for him from startThe next mission may be their last.This is a slow burn romance at its best. The action, thriller part of this book is so well written. The intense suspence is second to noneI voluntarily read an advanced reader [...]

    27. This is a first in a brand new series by a new author. This book is a mind blowing action ride. It is about Steel a to secret (only known to an elite few) group of men and a woman leader. Mic is the only female in Steel and she is tough as nails takes no shit off no one. She is tasked with training a new member of Steel whose name is Jordon. He gets under Mic's skin fast. The thing is Jordon is being trained faster then normal new guys. They have an assignment that needs to be done now. It is an [...]

    28. from the first sentence this drew me in and held me all the way to the end, intense, violent, very graphic. has you on the edge of your seat in places, very well written and descriptive. a few unexpected twists, one was shocking ! There's no hot love scenes, a few kissing ones and both main characters have a hook up with other people. you can feel the chemistry between them building, maybe it will happen in a further book. I will def be waiting for the next part to this, J B Havens is a very goo [...]

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