Small Ghost

Small Ghost Small Ghost is a brief narrative collection of poetry about depression and anxiety with a central focus on coping mechanisms

  • Title: Small Ghost
  • Author: Trista Mateer Lauren Zaknoun
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: None
  • Small Ghost is a brief narrative collection of poetry about depression and anxiety with a central focus on coping mechanisms.

    One thought on “Small Ghost”

    1. Beautiful illustrations, and wonderful, inventive poems that perfectly express how terrifying and exhausting and hopeless mental illnesses can feel. With the mixture of blunt emotional honesty and self deprecating humour, it's an especially millennial collection that strikes a chord so well because it speaks in our language and on our level. Adorable and sad and a little bit hopeful.

    2. Full review at melissaljenningsSmall Ghost is one of the most relatable and tragic poetry collections I have ever read. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I recognised myself within these pages.

    3. Adorable. Sad as hell. Which is a combination I have come to expect and enjoy from Trista's work (I know convention is that you aren't supposed to call an author just by their first name but I think our Snapchat history alone means convention is out the window at this point). The illustrations are also an excellent touch, adding a sort of whimsy that harmonizes well with the maudlin-yet-eventually-optimistic tone of the poetry. Naturally, by the end of it I was bawling.Or to just post the text I [...]

    4. SMALL GHOST FALLS IN LOVEher love is warm and a little wet sometimes her love always comes when it's calledher love hogs the bed but she doesn't mind (spoiler: her love is a puppy. i agree.)this was both sad and adorable and i loved it. the illustrations were so simple and sweet.

    5. A journey of self loveThis poetry anthology explores the links between depression, anxiety and the internet - our lives have become obsessed around other people's judgement of us and how we can position our life on social media/how we can dress in the morning in order to impress a stranger. It is an understated and short collection but it's message is powerful.

    6. This little chapbook is the kind of work that gently takes your hand and guides you through the season that is depression. SO incredibly honest about the process. Some of the poems were so dead on that I wondered if the author had gone through my own journal.

    7. Trista Mateer has a way with words that is absolutely phenomenal. Whether she's tugging at your heartstrings or making you smile with tears in your eyes, she knows just how to reach and relate directly to her readers, and Small Ghost is no exception. In this book, her poetry, combined with the beautifully simple and expressive illustrations, speaks all too honestly about the struggles of mental illness and depression. But despite being to true to the experience of the depressed and conveying tha [...]

    8. "it's so easy to feel trampled by absolutely nothing"I adore Trista Mateer because she is honest and raw and I feel comforted having many of the same emotions and thoughts on a daily basis. this brief collection of poems is currently free on amazon .

    9. Oh man: adorable. I had to stop myself from sending pictures of every other poem to my sister so it won't spoil the full effect when she reads it for herself. It is wonderfully relatable, and the illustrations fit it perfectly.

    10. Trista once again forcing me to take a hard look at myself because of how relatable and bittersweet her voice is. Probably one of the most down to Earth poets I've ever encountered, truly an up and coming voice of a generation. The last poem, 'Small Ghost Looks To the Future,' is the jewel of this collection, making the entire thing worthy of a read even if you aren't one for sad poetry.Plus, the illustrations are adorable.

    11. it’s hard to watch you clean up messeswhen she feels like one herselfit’s hard and it’s not getting less hard it’s hard and it’s not getting easier it’s hard and it’s not getting better how do you accept you’ve lost a fight with yourself?Only a few people get it like Trista does. I don't know how she does it so beautifully.

    12. Loved this little book so much, I read it from time to time when things are tough. It reminds me that I’m not alone, even when it feels like I am.

    13. I keep meaning to read more poetry, and I realized this was sitting on my kindle app! A very quick, but very good read. Definitely want to check out her other work!

    14. A quick and lovely read. Deals with themes all too relatable and makes the void feeling not so lonely. Check it out and enjoy some poetry with clever art

    15. This tiny, little chapbook of poetry took me on an incredible and emotional journey. It's so relatable! I've followed Trista Mateer on tumblr for a while now and always think this of her poetry. She has a very strong, clear voice. She has a way with words, simple words even, that a lot of authors and poets just don't have. These aren't new concepts, but she tells them in a way that makes them feel profound. I'm going to have to get her other books now. I'm just so in love with Small Ghost.

    16. Really cute and highly truthful. As a mentally ill person, it's exhausting to constantly read things by people who have no idea what depression and anxiety are really like. I really enjoyed how the ghost girl, obviously, felt dead- how relatable, honestly- but that it wasn't permanent. She didn't have to be dead forever. You don't have to stay so horribly affected by your depression and anxiety. You can eventually take off the sheet and go about living again.Also, I love the illustrations. They [...]

    17. Adorable. Sad. Relatable. Funny. Dark. Simple. Deeply emotional. -- All these things.This is my favorite of her work so far, and I related to so much of it. People of all ages and genders can enjoy this, but as a girl in her 20s dealing with mental illness, I felt like she was drawing thoughts out of my mind, and often. Being young and depressed is such a balance between the dark inner world you have inside you and trying to bring levity into your outside appearance, your jokes, even the little [...]

    18. This collection of poetry was very deep and had a lot of emotion. A lot of relative emotion for someone who also suffers from anxiety and depression. I've had similar "ghost" like thoughts. I love poetry that you can relate to like the words cross your mind and cling to your heart because you too have felt as hopeless and sad before.

    19. Trista continues to keep me both emotionally unstable & completely sane in reminding me that I'm not alone in feeling what I'm feeling. This is depression in its most raw & honest form, while still being delicate enough to hold in your hand and keep safe. Perfect for October, as well (for obvious reasons). (I loved the drawings as well, they made my heart swell & deflate multiple times.)

    20. 3/5 starsThis one was okay! I didn't gel with the poetry style as well, but it was still moving, and I really liked the addition of the drawings. I like it when poetry collections have little drawings in them to go along with poems, I feel like it adds a whole other layer.

    21. I just wish it was longer because I loved it so much. It reminds me of The Sad Ghosts Club and it made me tear up from understanding most, if not all, of the small ghost's anxiety and depression. These short poems are so relatable and I loved the ghost drawings too!

    22. "It's hard to watch you clean up messes when you feel like one yourself" Very emotional. Very raw. Very true.I loved each and every one of these poems. Definitely gonna check out more.

    23. Wonderful collection of short poems that accurately captures the hollow feeling one often experiences when dealing with mental illness.

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