Mein Leben: Versuch einer Autobiographie

Mein Leben Versuch einer Autobiographie Autobiographical account by a leader of the October Russian revolution the Soviet Red Army and the battle initiated by Lenin against the Stalinist bureaucracy

  • Title: Mein Leben: Versuch einer Autobiographie
  • Author: Leon Trotsky Leo Trotzki
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: None
  • Autobiographical account by a leader of the October 1917 Russian revolution, the Soviet Red Army, and the battle initiated by Lenin against the Stalinist bureaucracy.

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    1. Trotskyists are one of the most reviled groups on the leftd I have been partly or wholly one my entire adult life. That said, it doesn't take a Trotskyist (or even a "TrotskyITE") to enjoy this book.Think for a moment about living in a house with dirt floors; mud walls three feet thick in which snakes, some of them poisonous, dwell; but you have servants. This is the middle class home into which Trotsky was born.Initially loathe to broadcast the particulars of his life, which he considered irrel [...]

    2. My Life is an eyeopening autobiography from the pen of one of the world's greatest revolutionary figures. Learn about the man behind the myth of Leon Trotsky from the man himself. Some of the stories are merely informative while others are positively inspiring, like Trotsky's daring escape by reindeer from his second Siberian exile or his wartime command of the entire Soviet Army by train. Love him or hate him, Leon Trotsky breaks down his life, trials, triumphs, and tribulations from his early [...]

    3. leon trotski ya be ghole khode russ ha:lev trotski'i!tarikhe enghelabo khoondam hamintor yaddashthaye roozane,commune paris va barnameye enteghali.zendegie mano tooye avale rahnamayi khoondam va avale daneshgah dobare moroor kardameili baram jale budeh va hast nasresh va zehni ke dare.dar morede shakhsiate siasish bahsi nadarm inja.fagahat mitoonam begam man trotskist nistam amma trotski ra doost daram;)

    4. Троцкий вызывает симпатию и пишет бодро, но из мемуаров конечно понятно, почему его убили и почему он проиграл соперничество со Сталиным. Чтобы настолько плохо относится ко всем, с кем работаешь (Дзержинский, Бухарин, Зиновьев, Каменев, разумеется сам Сталин), нужно даже оче [...]

    5. Livre extraordinaire non pas seulement d'un révolutionnaire mais d'un véritable écrivain. À lire sans modération. Peu de gens ont changé comme lui l'histoire du Monde. Quelle vie ! Peu importe ce qu'est ensuite devenu l'URSS. Lisez un roman d'une vie extraordinaire. C'est déjà pas mal non plutôt que de donner des leçons ?

    6. In all honesty, I tend not to read autobiographies for enjoyment. Attribute it to my major of History and my constant reading of autobiographies and biographies for my education. Also attribute it to my belief that we all embellish, twist, misperceive, misunderstand, or exasperate the situations, relations, and occurrences of our own life when committing the truth of the memory to the written word. “My Life” was an exception. Trotsky’s autobiography seemed imperative to read, just as Karl [...]

    7. Trotsky's brilliance is on full show throughout, and this is ram-packed of political insight and inspiration, though read as a curiosity or as literature it has its shortcomings. The early part is cleverly stylised, and Trotsky lets his literary instincts fly a little as he pieces together reminiscences of his early life. It's also really interesting to read his judgement of his young self and his origins. These are the most personal pages of the book.As the story moves toward Trotsky's politica [...]

    8. just a few comments that echo many of those below. Trotsky was an amazing figure. both brilliant and brave, his one flaw, i believe, which was not entirely explained in the book (perhaps because he couldn't detect it in himself) was a desire NOT to be top dog. he easily could have booted Stalin after Lenin's death by reading the latter's scathing critique of 'Koba'. but i think he preferred the power of the prince as opposed to the constraints of kingship.even if you don't agree with his politic [...]

    9. Правдив ли Троцкий перед читателем? Со своей стороны он не может ошибаться. Но проще не говорить до конца, чтобы создать нужное о себе представление. Именно таким образом поступает Троцкий, рассказывая историю жизни. У читателя сложится впечатление, будто автор мемуаров су [...]

    10. Utterly engaging, written with skill and a complete lack of genuine humility as befitting one of the titans of his era. Such a fascinating and divisive historical figure, who's fundamental beliefs could offer lessons in today's modern world.Having read other biographical works, most recently Robert Service 'Trotsky', I have come to question some of the established facts contained within, however that in no way diminishes an utterly enthralling read. In short, pure class.

    11. I'm a bit surprised that this book has so few ratings. In my opinion it is one of the greatest works of the 20th century. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though, given the hatchet job that has been done on Trotsky's reputation and the Left oppposition (no pun intended). A great revolutionary and a great man, and what a life! This autobiography would make a brilliant film, but I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

    12. Surprisingly void of polemics, this autobiography tells the story of Trotsky's life of revolution without diving too deep into the philosophies behind it. I certainly learned that I know less about social and political systems than I would care to admit. Great read, eloquently and passionately written.

    13. Awesome Book!!!!!!!!!! By far the best autobiography that I have ever read. Trotsky was highly intelligent and his thinking and writings transcend generations and will continue to do so. Many of his insights and predictions came true. Will the others? Time will tell If he and the left opposition had been successful, communism and the world that we know, would be a much different place.

    14. I would have given it five stars, but problem was knowing who everyone was! Names are just casually thrown in. I know quite a bit about his period in history, but at times I was lost as to what was going on.Definitely a well written book, and an insight into the mind of one of our greatest thinkers.Now if only there had been better (or any!) footnotes.

    15. Incredible autobiography. Well-written, sometimes beautiful. And you learn a lot of history and politics as you go along.

    16. Вельми цікава біографія революціонера Лейби Бронштейна Троцького має багато повчальний моментів. Особливо актуальна під час Майдану.

    17. the "funny" thing is the last chapter "The Planet Without a Visa" is almost exact the same as the current situation (as of July 2, 2013) with Edward Snowden in Russia

    18. 8.5/10, a LOT of detail, feel I missed the big picture, but still compelling and well written but I have questions. Important book to read, worth reading.

    19. A superb and important book valid today as ever. Trotsky remains he commensurate political and social commentator

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