Progressive Dispensationalism

Progressive Dispensationalism An overview of the important issues in dispensationalism

  • Title: Progressive Dispensationalism
  • Author: Craig A. Blaising Darrell L. Bock
  • ISBN: 9780801022432
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • An overview of the important issues in dispensationalism.

    One thought on “Progressive Dispensationalism”

    1. This book is important for the ongoing discussion between covenantal and dispensational interpreters. While the length of the work does not offer substantial response to critiques, it does offer implied critiques of prior dispensational interpretations and appears to take seriously those criticisms of dispensationalism from covenantal interpreters. For dispensationalists, this book signals the beginning of a more robust use of Biblical Theology in doing systematic theology. Importantly several B [...]

    2. Blaising and Bock (BB) gives us an excellent update on how dispensationalism has changed over the past two centuries. They begin with a thorough chapter on the different variety of dispensationalisms (plural) with their unique emphases. They are not afraid to point out where some models fall short. Then the discuss hermeneutics. It is no longer true that dispensationalists simply claim that “They interpret the bible literally.” The newer dispensationalists are very sensitive to the different [...]

    3. “The failure of this dispensation comes when the church thinks that it has an earthly purpose, when it begins to think of itself as an earthly people and becomes preoccupied with earthly things.” (p. 25). This quote strikes early in the book in the history of classical dispensationalism and it makes me wonder if it is statements like this that have caused others to rethink about their position within dispensationalism. Maybe it’s me, and I don’t like to start a review of a book on a nega [...]

    4. This book was useful in distinguishing the three different types of dispensationalism: Classical,Revised, and Progressive, but there are still nuances that theologians in either of those three categories have who are dispensationalists. Unfortunately this book lacked exegesis, I was expecting to see some use of Greek and Hebrew, at least in the endnotes, for a rigorous defense of progressive dispensationalism, but the arguments given consisted primarily of proof texting and stringing texts toget [...]

    5. The recounting of the historical developments of dispensationalism from classical to revised ultimately to progressive (which is what the authors defend) was at least helpful. The latter portion where the authors stumble around in their biblical theology trying to prove the dispensationalist system with a flawed hermeneutical presupposition to begin with was dreadful to slog through. Texts about the Kingdom not being of this world, or the Kingdom is within you are reinterpreted in light of OT pr [...]

    6. The most helpful chapter in this book was Blaising's chapter on the history of Dispensationalism. As a freshman I recall being confused by Ryrie's insistence on literal interpretation when Scofield obviously did not always follow that method. Blaising cleared up that confusion by documenting, among other things, changes in dispensational hermeneutics. Bock's chapters on hermeneutics and Blaising's closing practical chapter were mildly helpful. The core of the book on the covenants and the kingdo [...]

    7. really enjoyed this book! it was very well laid out and helped to explain the progression in dispensational thought since its advent. personally, it was helpful for me to see the connectedness of the various covenants as being progressive historical revelations of God's redemptive plan. despite the accusation by some classic/revised dispensationalists, this book did not present a covenant theology view. the only thing i would like to have seen is more treatment on the specific role of israel in [...]

    8. This book simply spells out what Progressive Dispensationalism is. The authors don't discuss all the details, nor the issues of Dispensationalism. Nonetheless, they clearly provide the contours of this important system of progressive and related dispensations. This approach to Scripture tends to regard both the unity and diversity of the books of the Bible. The influence of Biblical theology and the theme of the kingdom of God are apparent in this work.

    9. Very thorough and clear presentation of progressive dispensationalism. It also give a fair picture of covenant theology and classic dispensationalism. Helpful charts.

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