Colors of Death: Fifteen Tales of Horror

Colors of Death Fifteen Tales of Horror None

  • Title: Colors of Death: Fifteen Tales of Horror
  • Author: Rona Vaselaar
  • ISBN: 9781518738593
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Colors of Death: Fifteen Tales of Horror”

    1. This was a quick read, and i'm glad i was given the opportunity to pick it up. Wouldn't say the stories particularly scared me, but i'm not holding that against the book because it had different strengths which i appreciated.Colors of Death is of the brand of horror that uses tragedy as its focal point; you won't really find spooky ghosts or blood by the bucket here. It's a genre Vaselaar uses well though! Given that most of the stories are fairly short (the last one is a bit longer), you don't [...]

    2. Really easy reading. Due to shorter length in of the stories, there was only so much character development that you could have, and some stories were quite cheesy. However, it got me back into reading and chewed through time pretty quickly. Happy. :)

    3. This is the perfect selection for those who enjoy small-town horror. Knowing the author, too, made the stories almost lifelike. I imagined her telling me these near a bonfire.

    4. I loved this book. Rona is a mistress of storytelling and surprise endings. I would love to see more of her stories adapted for audio!

    5. Great read i liked the stories were short but still kept you wanting to read more,there is nothing to dislike, i would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good storyHope she brings another book out and I enjoy her stories on no sleep podcast fantastic!Really enjoyed the book

    6. I don't normally read horror, but I've read some of Rona Vaselaar's short stories before, and she's a brilliant writer.Colors of Death is a collection of her short stories. Beautifully written, and each one playing on the fears of our mind. It was incredibly easy to read and I'm excited to read more from this author

    7. I loved this book! It talks about rural life in Minnesota, which makes me want to visit that store so bad, especially Adrian, MN. I also have an autographed copy of the book, signed by the author.

    8. Good horror novel from nosleep author Rona VaselaarMost of the stories are good except for a few that I skipped. The last two though were exceptionally written.

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