Temptation to Sin

Temptation to Sin Twenty eight year old Shannon had been in a platonic relationship with her childhood sweetheart for eight years In the beginning she d thought she would be able to go through life making do without

  • Title: Temptation to Sin
  • Author: Ju Ephraime
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twenty eight year old Shannon had been in a platonic relationship with her childhood sweetheart, for eight years In the beginning, she d thought she would be able to go through life, making do without the physical aspect of a sexual relation ship, but after eight years of going through the motions, Shan non was ready to admit that she could no longer continue in this platTwenty eight year old Shannon had been in a platonic relationship with her childhood sweetheart, for eight years In the beginning, she d thought she would be able to go through life, making do without the physical aspect of a sexual relation ship, but after eight years of going through the motions, Shan non was ready to admit that she could no longer continue in this platonic relationship, so she sets off on a quest to find the man who could meet all of her needs.Brent was very angry when he found out his friend was pining after a woman who was heartless enough to lead him on, build up his hopes, and then walked out on him, with out so much as a good bye He was out for revenge He vowed to teach that woman a lesson, by seducing her, and then he in turn would walk out on her, as she had done to his friend.Unfortunately, The best laid schemes of mice and men, oft awry, because after setting up an elaborate plan to meet Shannon and teach her a lesson, Brent had gotten caught in his own net, and no matter how hard he fought it, he just became entangled in the game of love Now he had to work on making Shannon fall in love with him because he needed her love like he needed air to breathe The sparks began to fly between Shannon and Brent as they fought to resist the temptation of a love that was inevitable.

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    1. Ju Ephraime is a master of romance, proven in this well-written novel easily devoured in an afternoon or evening. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Brent and Shannon's development as characters, and ultimately, as loversEphraime's book has a nice, steady pace that doesn't catch on insignificant details; every moment is important to the story as a whole, and Brent and Shannon's back-and-forth game is as satisfying as it is compelling. This is fresh, unique romance at its best, and I loved every seco [...]

    2. I don't read much pure romance but fancied giving it a try as it seems such a burgeoning genre. I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. At the heart of the story is Shannon who is unhappy after eight years in a purely platonic relationship and seeks an affair but is also at first torn between her desire and guilt. When she meets Brent, she quickly falls for him and the hot sex scenes, which are well described, ensure she wants more. However, there is more to Brent than meets t [...]

    3. 16th book read in 2012. Number 241 out of 248 on my all time book list. Follow the link below to see my video review:youtube/watch?v=7cSwsF

    4. "Temptation to Sin" is a marvelous read. It is a novel that delves into the heart of emotions - unyielding passions of love, revenge, and raw desire. Brent was very angry when he believed Shannon was heartless enough to lead his friend on and he wanted to give her some of her own medicine. But, he fell deeply in love with Shannon. You must read this book to find out how this stormy love affair comes to an explosive ending. Most books do not hold my attention through to the end, but this one did; [...]

    5. This book is an absolute page-turner that will leave burn marks on your fingers due to the high level of intensity. Ju sure knows how tell a romance story and how to keep her readers' appetite satiated. I can't wait for her next novel.

    6. This is one of those books that you wish would have a sixth star review. It goes above and beyond the 'I Love It' factor. Brent and Shannon's 'adventures' are too hot for words, they will leave you breathless and wanting for more. The characters were well developed as was the storyline. Caution: There will be scenes where your mouth is left hanging open and the only word you can utter is "Wow'. Great job once again Ms. Ephraime on another highly recommended novel of high heat and seduction.

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this romance. The relationship between Brent and Shannon start as a very complicated one and things get even more complicated whilst I kept reading. I like being kept engaged in the plots and so the way the love story between the couple had been developed.The detailed descriptions helped me picture the story perfectly and the ending is such a surprise. I'm not a keen romance reader but have to say this is a good one.

    8. Riveting!!!! wow, I picked this book up to read and could not put it down until the end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Ju Ephraime has shown her mastery at writing in her ability to keep one captivated as the story unravels. I wait in great anticipation for the next novel from this author. Very refreshing!!

    9. I'm not good at writing reviews, but this book was excellent. It has earned a place on my "favorite" shelf. I loved the characters, the location and the romantic scenes.

    10. This book is actually rated 3.5.Twenty-eight year old Shannon McGregor has lived with her childhood boyfriend Jayden for ten years, eight of them sexless. For the last eight years their relationship has been platonic something she thought she could be content with since in every other aspect they had a good life together but now she has gotten to the point where all she can think about is sex, sex and more sex.More and more her desire to have sex got her to a point where she gave her telephone n [...]

    11. I almost didn't buy this book when I saw it had received one star from a "reviewers," but after reading her comment, I realized this comment does not belong in a review because she admitted to not even reading the book, ergo, "I never did finish skimming thru it, I just didn`t like it." If you skimmed a book and you did not read it, how could you review it and rate it for other readers, which is the purpose of a review.Anyways my take on this book. I purchased the books two months ago and had no [...]

    12. SensationalJu Ephraime’s “Temptation to Sin” is set in the Northeast, Connecticut and New York. The story begins with the author introducing the reader to Shannon, a young woman who was in an eight year relationship with her best friend, Jayden that had her feeling less than fulfilled. To rectify this, Shannon set in motion a series of circumstances that had me on the edge of my seat, and rapidly turning the pages. Ephraime takes the reader into the lives of the three main characters, Shan [...]

    13. Phew! I had to put down my current read so that I could read this book, to give my review before the month of August was up. As a member of the LK group, I did not want to find another author to take away from my unwavering devotion to her, but alas, I have to report I found one in Ju Ephraime. Her book, Temptation to sin was a phenomenal read. I love the tension between the two main characters, Brent and Shannon, but I love more than anything, the way Brent made love to her. It’s an experienc [...]

    14. I loved this book! It was not what I was expecting at all! At first I thought that I would not like the character of Shannon for what she was planning on doing, but the author actually made you feel what Shannon was feeling and thinking. By the end of the story I really liked Shannon's character and the other characters as well. They all seemed real and the friendships were also perfectly written and I could associate with the ties of friendship and what you would do for your friends, including [...]

    15. "Temptation to Sin" is an amazing read. Ephraime delves into the deep emotional upheaval that some relationships go through, as was the case with Shannon and Jayden and yet they continued on for eight years. I admire Shannon and the way she took charge of her life when she thought enough was enough. The author depicted the characters so brilliantly that I was cheering for Shannon the entire time and was thrilled when she met Brent. Unfortunately, Brent had his own agenda and Shannon had to go th [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Temptation to Sin. This author moves at a quick pace and takes you on a sensual ride that is to die for. I totally identified with Shannon and the way she tried to protect herself from getting hurt. I also felt the strength of the desire Brent felt for Shannon. These two characters were passionate and explosive, and they knew how to enjoy each other. The author made them come alive from the pages, and kept at it until the end. The first man is Shannon’s life, Jayde [...]

    17. Temptation to Sin spoke to me as a story that is about everyone… At one point in everyone’s life they have been tempted and knew they shouldn’t. That apple… that cookie… that song… that person. We’ve all been there and the author does a great job of relating Shannon’s situation to the “everyperson” in all of us.But this is about so much more than just temptation, it’s about love. At the heart of it all Temptation to Sin is both a touching and gripping love story at the same [...]

    18. I have to agree with some of the other reviewers; I found this book very enjoyable and easy to read. I could not put the book down. It captured my interest and held it till the end. Shannon and Brent were well-matched. The problems Shannon was experiencing in her other relationship is something I can relate to, although I would not have remained so long in the relationship, given the circumstances, but I totally understood her motivation. The love scenes in the book were “HOT.” I had to get [...]

    19. This novel follows the story of Shannon as she struggles to find a physical relationship where she can be in control.In a platonic relationship, Shannon longs for some excitement with a man who can provide her with the kind of pleasures she has always dreamed of.However, when she meets Brent she is totally unprepared for the effect he has on her as she loses all control in his presence.Between the two of them they play a tantalising game of cat and mouse which is amusing, realistic and highly se [...]

    20. I began reading this book within 2 days of receiving my free copy from the author. This book really kept my attention. I didn't want to put it down. It only took me a few days to read it and I have five very active children. This book also made me think about my life and my relationship with my husband(in a good way). I really like the whole story. It had some really good descriptive "heat of the moment" parts of the story that really grabbed my attention to go with the many emotions that went o [...]

    21. “Temptation to Sin” was a love triangle between Shannon, Jayden and Brent who meet in college. Shannon, the main character has been in a long relationship with Jayden. Jayden and Brent are very much alike which seems to make it hard for Shannon to choose which love interest would win her heart forever---as in---marriage. Ju does a good job with the suspense and scenes are steamy at times, but not raunchy. While other scenes felt just a little forced, rushed, and choppy, but overall if you're [...]

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