Hayalet Süvari

Hayalet S vari Rip Van Winkle bir Amerikan Ba ms zl k Sava hik yesi Da larda gezinirken hayaletlerin ikram etti i i kiden i ip yirmi y l boyunca uykuya mahk m olan Winkle nihayet uyan p kasabas n n yolunu tutar Am

  • Title: Hayalet Süvari
  • Author: Washington Irving Dilek Şendil
  • ISBN: 9786051711553
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rip Van Winkle , bir Amerikan Ba ms zl k Sava hik yesi Da larda gezinirken hayaletlerin ikram etti i i kiden i ip yirmi y l boyunca uykuya mahk m olan Winkle nihayet uyan p kasabas n n yolunu tutar Ama her eyi yerli yerinde bulabilecek midir 1780 lerde Hollandal lar n ya ad cra bir vadide ge en Ba s z S vari hik yesindeyse Connecticutl , bat l inan l bir okul Rip Van Winkle , bir Amerikan Ba ms zl k Sava hik yesi Da larda gezinirken hayaletlerin ikram etti i i kiden i ip yirmi y l boyunca uykuya mahk m olan Winkle nihayet uyan p kasabas n n yolunu tutar Ama her eyi yerli yerinde bulabilecek midir 1780 lerde Hollandal lar n ya ad cra bir vadide ge en Ba s z S vari hik yesindeyse Connecticutl , bat l inan l bir okul retmeni olan Ichabod Crane le kar la yoruz Bir Alman askerinin hayaleti, ba s z bir s vari, Crane e musallat olur Ba s z S vari, Amerikan Ba ms zl k Sava nda kaybetti i kafas n aramak i in geceleri ke fe kmaktad r Amerikal yazar Washington Irving in 1820 de yay mlanan Ba s z S vari ve Rip Van Winkle Amerika n n ilk masallar aras nda yer al r H l okunmaya devam eden bu iki hik ye ngiltere de yaz lm t r.Charles Dickens n Bir Noel ark s adl novellas na da ilham veren Irving, Poe, Longfellow, Melville gibi yazarlar cesaretlendirmi tir Rip Van Winkle , Ichabod Crane i ve Ba s z S vari yi Amerikan k lt r nde s rekli at fta bulunulan nemli bir yere sahiptir Tan t m B lteninden

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    1. "Zavallı Rip Van Winkle'ı tanıyan yok mu?" (s.41)Evet, tıpkı Washington Irving'i pek tanıyan olmadığı gibi. "The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent" isimli kitabında yer alan iki öykü olan Rip Van Winkle ve Hayalet Süvari 1819 yılında çıkan ve onu meşhur eden öykülerdir. Edebiyat serüvenine mektuplarla başlayan; edebiyat serüvenini biyografi eserleriyle bitiren Irving; sesinin yankısı Avrupa'ya ve Amerika dışındaki dünyaya ulaşan ilk Amerikan yazarlarından olduğ [...]

    2. I listened to this driving home from NJ last night, though I just got around to reviewing it today. If this can be called a review, that is. I don't really have much to say about these two stories, honestly. Sleepy Hollow is actually a bit creepy at times on audio, especially since the ending is left unresolved, but honestly, I think it's pretty obvious what the situation was. He had an overactive imagination and someone took advantage of that knowledge to their own benefit. A cautionary tale, p [...]

    3. (I'd give Legend of Sleepy Hollow 5 stars, and Rip Van Winkle between 3 and 4 stars. The following thoughts are exclusively on Sleepy Hollow)One of the seminal American ghost stories, arguably the preeminent American ghost story, with a name as recognizable as any contemporary pop culture phenomenon (thanks in large part to its perpetual resurrection in Halloween tradition, Disney, Tim Burton and now the Fox Network), The Legend of Sleepy Hollow indicates Washington Irving’s fascination with t [...]

    4. Kitap iki farklı hikayeden oluşuyor. Birincisi "Rip Van Winkle", ikincisi ise "Başsız süvari efsanesi". İkisi de oldukça akıcı, anlatım yalın ve sürükleyici. Yazarın Egdar Allan Poe'ya öncülük etmiş olmasını hikayelerin yaratıcılığında anlayabiliyorsunuz.

    5. What most people forget about Irving's story is the absolute humor that runs though it. True, the horseman is scary, but the whole point of the story isn't the horror, it's the lampooning.

    6. I enjoyed some of the stories in this collection of Washington Irving's short stories on audio CD. The first on the 4-disc set was "Rip Van Winkle," and the second "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" — the two I most wanted to hear/read. I had read both in junior high school and again in college, but apparently I either didn't pay attention well the first two times or didn't remember them correctly. "Sleepy Hollow" especially was nothing like how I remembered it, and perhaps that's because of all th [...]

    7. I finally read the original version over the summer. Of course, I was familiar with the story from the Disney animated version that I grew up with, but the writing in the story is incredible. It is so descriptive. I felt like I was walking through those wild wood of another time. Writers had to work harder to build the images with words before there were pictures and movies. The humor was charming and subtle. The story is suspenseful, but not too scary for kids.This month I'm going read this wit [...]

    8. Another Halloween inspired reading adventure. I am obliged to love these two tales because their setting, The Hudson Valley in New York State, is where I grew up! They are both a lot of fun, and eerie, if you let your imagine run wild. The writing doesn't blow me away but the stories themselves are so endearing! I actually found Rip Van Winkle to be a little creepier than Sleepy Hollow on this go around. Oh well, maybe when I read them again in ten years they'll flip positions. Time will tell.

    9. First, a confession: I’m not the biggest fan of Washington Irving. I studied his work in college, and I found most of it to be pretty tedious. But, it’s my goal to read more classic horror this year. It felt wrong to ignore “the father of American literature.”The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle are two novelette-length works that are set in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The stories were both published in 1819 and quickly became popular around the world.In The Legend of S [...]

    10. I revisited these classics courtesy of Librivox recordings as part of my exploration of the history and literature of the Hudson River. Both stories are so deeply embedded in American literature and popular culture that the original texts are often forgotten. Both are remarkable stories and their place in the foundation of the country is unshakable. Both are also overshadowed by their echoes in film, cartoons, children's versions, Catskills tourism, songs, and other media, so it's difficult to a [...]

    11. Tengo ciertas quejas con respecto a esta edición:La primera es el título; te dan a entender que las historias contenidas en el libro son de terror, lo cual no es en absoluto cierto. Si bien la mayoría de los cuentos tienen elementos sobrenaturales, muy pocos (me atrevería a decir que solamente uno) son aterradores.La segunda queja es acerca de la traducción. Amén de que utiliza algunas expresiones muuuy españolas también encontré algunos errores tipográficos así como palabras iguales [...]

    12. I'm surprised I've never read these two stories by Irving. I have seen movie adaptations and enjoyed them. The stories were written in 1819 and 1820 and were enjoyable and entertaining. I found the book at a nice book store in Holt UK. It was published in 1893 and contains excellent drawings by George H. Boughton which enhance the stories. The stories are well-known; Rip Van Winkle about a carefree, lazy man who falls asleep for 20 years after drinking with a group of 'elves' he finds while wand [...]

    13. This book was more like a short story it had a bit of confusing language in it but was over all a good read! i don't know too much about the author but I do know that he had a pretty good idea of what a highschool dance might be like if you replaced the little midget men with Boys and Girls, and instead of bowling you made everyone dancing. But the drinking thing is about right. I know that that is sterio typing and I've been to some of these dances and have not done any questionable things, but [...]

    14. Rip Van Winkle is a yawner (yes that was intended!) but The Legend of Sleepy Hallow is a triumph of prose and mood, made complete by its enigmatic ending. Irving understood the appeal of legend even in the midst of evidence to the contrary (Brom Bones is most likely the rider but this is never fully confirmed). One can see the influence this had on Poe and Lovecraft. The tone and word choices are similar, even if Irving shies from confirming the Horseman as an apparition.

    15. I got this book as part of a Book order when I was a grade schooler. I was more interested in "Sleepy Hollow" than "Rip Van Winkle," but it was one of my introductions to early U.S. literature, and I still love them for that reason. Irving was, after all, the first American to be recognized abroad for his writing talent.

    16. I've read both these stories many times before, but I appreciate them all over again after listening to them again. I love the way Irving describes places, it is so evocative. I must pull out his book of short stories I have and get cracking and try to regain that magic.

    17. These are stories deep in the general awareness, so it's good to know the original stories. Sleepy Hollow is the more interesting of the two, with it's elements of what it means to be a "manly" man versus a "scholarly" man, whether someone who comes into the community can ever truly be a part of the community or is always an outsider. And what we are willing to do and what we're willing to believe. Rip Van Winkle can be summed up with the cautionary, "Never eat food or drink of the fae!" Otherwi [...]

    18. 50 States and at least 50 Authors 2017 Reading Challenge. NEW YORK.These are perhaps the best known of Irving's short stories. The "legend" of Sleepy Hollow is a headless horseman, said to be a Hessian who lost his head to canon fire. He rides from the cemetery to where he was shot looking for his head. Ichabod Crane is fond of young Miss Van Tassel. He is particularly fond of her father's wealth which she will inherit. However, he is not the only young man in the area who covets the young lady [...]

    19. Rip Van Winkle. More easier to understand. It is a book on the radical revolution and struggle in the American continent. The event may seem to us merely a success, but it means much more for those who had experienced it. Great changes happen almost overnight; out of the blue, people are turned into citizens, with equal right and dignity. Democracy , freedom and identity appear from the bottom of people's heart. Like Rip, everything seems so refreshing yet strange to us.In terms of the second bo [...]

    20. I don't think I've ever read these before, and really enjoyed them.This volume was one of several dozens Penguin put out to mark their 60th anniversary in 1995 and I bought a bunch of them then, but am only now getting around to reading them.Reading Rip Van Winkle makes me think of David Bromberg's great song Kaatskill Serenade.

    21. Of course I "knew" the stories; they're favorites around Halloween and there's been plenty of adaptations in film and animation. Not quite as scary as I remembered but still delightful considering how long ago they were written. But then being familiar with the Hudson Valley and NY regions, sometimes, some places have not changed in over 200 years. Which I think is a good thing!

    22. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is perfection to me. A quick read that has many good elements (humor, love, social dynamics, and of course, a ghost story—a headless ghost story for the matter). Plus, you get to hear the word “autumnal” repeatedly. I read it at least once a year around Halloween. Rip Van Winkle on the other hand is more of a “meh” for me.

    23. For such a short story, it was actually very vivid. The setting was described in gripping detail which really made it easy to imagine the scenery. I always enjoy creepy stories no matter how short, so yeah, I liked it.

    24. I recently read another book by Washington Irving and thought I would enjoy reading these two tales. They were not how I remembered them but made an interesting read. It has been many years since I read these in college. I can see why they are considered to be classics.

    25. This book wasn't that good. Both stories seemed far fetched and little boring. What really made this book boring was the lack of suspense. This book didn't make me eager to read on it just made me dread to finish this book. All i can say with giving my honest opinion is that this book wasn't that interesting and really didn't grab my attention. This book was a one star.

    26. I enjoyed The Legend of Sleepy Hollow more than Rip Van Winkle. It sort of felt as if nothing really happened in that story. The Wishbone version was much better, haha.

    27. Certainly a classic to reread. My book was illustrated by Eric Pape and part of The Macmillan Children's Classics. A beautiful book to hold and read.

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