I Love You All Day Long

I Love You All Day Long Owen s anxious question prompts this heartwarming comforting tale of how a parent s love stays with a child whether they are together or apart all day long

  • Title: I Love You All Day Long
  • Author: Francesca Rusackas Priscilla Burris
  • ISBN: 9780060502782
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Owen s anxious question prompts this heartwarming, comforting tale of how a parent s love stays with a child whether they are together or apart all day long.

    One thought on “I Love You All Day Long”

    1. wonderful back to school (or preschool or daycare) book! I picked it up at the library this week and the boys just love it! I think they enjoy reading that no matter where they are "I love them all day long" and no matter what they do good or bad, "I love them all day long".

    2. reassuring story of a little boy whose mommy loves him all the time, especially when he is at school, doing all sorts of things that children do at school.

    3. This book helped me realize that I love my children no matter what they do, good or bad. I think it also helps children realize that no matter what they do their parents love them.

    4. This book tells about Owen, who does not want to go to school. His mother tells him she loves him all day long no matter what.

    5. A favorite for anytime, but particularly when starting to go through separation milestones (daycare/school/parent return to work). The main character is worried about being separated from his mother when he goes to school, and is reassured that her love continues even if she is not there and no matter what is going on in his day (good or bad).

    6. I helped my 2nd grader niece to do a book report about this and I can say that I love it! Owen's mom is just so sweet that she always tells him I love you. This is a perfect example thata mother's love is really unconditional. You don't need to impress them with every single thing you do because being you is what mother's always love. :))))

    7. Another fabulous book that will be perfect for our first week of school next year! I love how this story really sends the message that no matter what you are doing or where mom and dad may be, their love goes on and on!

    8. This is a cute book! It is about a little pig that does not want to leave his mother and go to school. But his mom reassures him that she loves him all day even when she is not with him. Which makes him feel so much better.

    9. Owen does not want to go to school, so he ask "If he can stay home?" She responds, "No, but remember I love you when we are together and when we are apart!" This book would help students understand that when they are at school and not with their parent/guardian, they are still loved!

    10. I read this to my younger brother tonight, and loved loved loved it! It is so adorable and almost made me tear up a bit. It's amazing that you can read so many great books, but it's the simple and wonderful messages of books like these that really touch your heart. :)

    11. It was okay, but the story didn't flow well. Hazel did not ask for it to be re-read, which means she didn't much care for it either.

    12. This is a good book to read to a preschool class. This story could help a child who is having problems being seperated from a parent all day.

    13. Didn't really dig this book. Mom and child are imitated by pigs. THe child pig asks his mother if she would love him/her if she did all of these crazy

    14. Aside from the very beautiful illustrations, I love the book simply because it teaches good manners. This can also be a very nice springboard for the mother curriculum.

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