Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion

Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion Little Red is on her way to visit Auntie Rosie with a basket of goodies and some spot medicine Along the way she meets the Very Hungry Lion The Lion is eager to gobble up Little Red The Lion s plan do

  • Title: Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion
  • Author: Alex T. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780545914383
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Little Red is on her way to visit Auntie Rosie with a basket of goodies and some spot medicine Along the way she meets the Very Hungry Lion The Lion is eager to gobble up Little Red The Lion s plan doesn t work out the way he wanted Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion is a fractured fairy tale version of Little Red Riding Hood It s a classic fairy tale with a safari tLittle Red is on her way to visit Auntie Rosie with a basket of goodies and some spot medicine Along the way she meets the Very Hungry Lion The Lion is eager to gobble up Little Red The Lion s plan doesn t work out the way he wanted Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion is a fractured fairy tale version of Little Red Riding Hood It s a classic fairy tale with a safari twist Alex T Smith s fun, bold art brings Little Red Riding Hood to life in a refreshing new way that will delight young readers.

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    1. FUN FUN FUN!! A delightful reimagined contemporary version of a children's fable/fairytale classic. The artwork is vibrant and fabulous, too. My favorite illustration is that of Red giving the Very Hungry Lion a new pom-pom twisted 'do'. Red might not be large, but she is certainly in charge. Bullies be aware: Girl Power comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. The ending seemed a bit lopped off, immediate - feeling a bit incomplete. Otherwise, FABULOUS!!FOUR **** Bright Bold and Bodacious, Conte [...]

    2. This gorgeous picture book by Alex T Smith is visually stunning. Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion is a playful reinvention of the classic fairy tale, with a young African American girl as the central character and a very hungry lion. Little Red is on her way to visit her sickly auntie. On the way she encounters all kinds of wild animals: sleeping crocodiles, tall giraffes, chattering monkeys… and you guessed it, a hungry lion. As she heads to your auntie's house little does she know that th [...]

    3. Check out more picture book reviews @ Perspective of a WriterA Little Red Riding Hood retelling with a little African girl as Red and a hungry gullible lion as the wolf! WOW! We LOVED this book! Really I need to showcase this book next on my blog because it is too cute and adorable. Perfect for girls who want to face their fears and face-off with the big bad ones who want to eat her the illustrations are the best!! We loved the ones that seem like a map as she is traveling to see her aunt who ha [...]

    4. In my way of thinking you can never have too many fairy tales on your personal or professional book shelves. At the very least a perusal of your library statistics should indicate you as a frequent visitor and borrower of titles from the folklore section. On most days you can see me exhibiting my firm support of this particular train of thought in a pendant I wear.Interpretations, variations and fractured fun on the classics broaden our views on the intent of the original stories and the culture [...]

    5. Title: Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion Author: Alex SmithIllustrator: Alex Smith GR Level: kLexile: 475Grade Level: 2Publisher: Date: 2015Genre: Fiction Pages: 29Summary: In Alex Smith`s version of Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red is a little girl who needs to medicine to her sick aunt. Little Red quickly takes an adventure through the safari, where she meets a hungry lion. Like in the original story, the lion decides right away that little red looks like a tasty meal. The lion makes a pl [...]

    6. Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion was not the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood. This Fantasy-Fairy Tale, written by Alex T. Smith, is about a little girl named Little Red who meets a Very Hungry Lion on her safari trail to her Auntie Rosie’s house! In the story Little Red travels along the long-necked giraffes, sleepy crocodiles, leaping gazelles, and even caught a ride on an elephant. As one can tell Little Red was fearless throughout the entire story. She was brave enough to tra [...]

    7. Cute retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a take-charge main character who teaches the lion a thing or two about manners. The illustrations are fantastic.

    8. such a fun retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. We love lion books at our house. I love that Dad is a character in the story for a change. always refreshing.

    9. Little red and the Very Hungry Lion is a story of the original fairy tale with a African twist to it. The story takes the character Little Red on an adventure through an African environment instead of a forest. The ending is very entertaining and sassy but the moral still gets through easily.Overall I liked the story because the plot takes place in the wilds of Africa. Although the wolf is not present it is replaced by a lion but it suits the story. The ending gives the reader a different perspe [...]

    10. This riff on the Little Red Riding Hood story is filled with humor and twists that will delight. Little Red’s auntie has woken up with spots and so Little Red must cross the Savannah to bring her some medicine and some doughnuts. Little Red makes it past all sorts of animals until she stops in the shad of a tree. That’s when the Very Hungry Lion appears. When he asks Little Red where she is off to, the Lion hatches a plan that involves pretending to be her auntie and then eating both Little [...]

    11. LITTLE RED AND THE VERY HUNGRY LION by Alex T. Smith is an adorable and sometimes hilarious picture book retelling of a classic fairy tale.This fractured fairytale based on Little Red Riding Hood tells that story of a young African American girl and her encounter with a lion while on the way to her Auntie’s house. Although the lion has a sinister plan, Little Red has other ideas.Children of all ages will enjoy the whimsical illustrations and engaging text. Librarians will find this humorous fa [...]

    12. How do you retell the story of 'Little Red riding Hood' and make it current? You tell it like Alex T. Smith does in 'LITTLE RED AND THE VERY HUNGRY LION'. A cute diverse book with several little twists to the classic tale that will delight young readers. Published by Press.#classictale #retelling #funny #PB

    13. I really enjoyed this retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red teaches the lion a lesson and there is no need for a man to save the day. Also skips the need for answering questions if someone could really survive in an animal's tummy. I also liked the ending "Bad Kitty!" and the end papers. Will have to see if I can figure out a story time to use this or a class visit.

    14. I think I liked the art better than I liked the story, but as I liked the story a lot, this is all good! The colors are so eye-popping, yet not overwhelming or distracting, and the re-telling of a very old theme is worked quite cleverly.

    15. An absolute delight! Hilarious, snazzy illustrations led by a fun read. I want to follow Little Red everywhere! I want THIS to be my children's introduction to Little Red Riding Hood.

    16. SUMMARYWhen Auntie Rosie wakes up covered in spots, Little Red is charged with bringing her the spot medicine she needs. On her journey, Little Red encounters all kinds of animals—giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys, gazelles, elephants, and more—and then she meets the (Very Hungry) Lion. The Very Hungry Lion has a very classic plan—beat Little Red to Auntie Rosie’s house, dress up as Auntie Rosie, and eat Little Red when she arrives. Little Red isn’t fooled for a second, and decides to teac [...]

    17. Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion is a retelling of the classic story, Little Red Ridding Hood.  This book was such a refreshing take on one of the most recognized fairytales that dates back to the 10th century.  I loved the silliness of this book.  Little Red's Auntie gets sick and she packs a basket of spot cream and doughnuts?  I'd say that doughnuts are an upgrade from chicken noodle soup.  Ever wonder what a lion looks like with its mane braided?  Don't lie, you are totally curio [...]

    18. In an African twist to the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale, Little Red has to travel through the safari to bring her Aunt Rosie spot medicine. She passes by a wide variety of safari animals until she encounters a Very Hungry Lion. When he decides to dress up as Aunt Rosie so he can eat Little Red, the little girl knows exactly what’s going on and decides to teach the lion an important lesson. She makes him fix up his hair, brush his teeth, and wear much better clothes until finally the Lio [...]

    19. Smith takes the classic Little Red Riding Hood story and turns it on its head; set in Africa, Red (the main character) casually makes her way past crocodiles, termite mounds, gazelles, warthogs, meerkats, and several other animals, native to Africa, to bring her aunt some medicine. Much like the original story, the Lion inquires about Red's destination and rushes off. Red, however, immediately recognizes that the Lion is not her aunt and "decided that she was going to teach the naughty Lion a le [...]

    20. This is a funny, colorful, and clever take on the tired old Red Riding Hood story. In this tale, set in Africa, Red is a smart and quick-thinking girl who doesn't need a woodsman to help her save the day. And even the lion (standing in for the wolf) learns a lesson--namely, that sharing donuts with Red and Grandma is a lot more fun than eating them.I didn't care for the traditional Red Riding Hood story much as a kid (I didn't like Grandma being swallowed and I especially didn't like the way the [...]

    21. This is an African savanna version of Little Red Riding Hood that doesn't include the actual eating of anyone. The Lion makes a plan to take Aunt Rosie's (Granny's) place after hiding her in a cupboard, then he'll eat Little Red and have Aunt Rosie for dessert. After passing lots of different types of animals, Little Red gets to her aunt's house and sees at once that the Lion is not her aunt. She decides to give him a lesson by doing his hair, making him brush his teeth until they sparkled, and [...]

    22. From School Library JournalK-Gr 2-This retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood" set in Africa recasts the wolf as a lion. Little Red's Auntie has broken out in "spots" and asks Little Red to bring her medication. This necessitates a long journey through the jungle. Lion stalks Little Red and develops a plan to eat her and Auntie. Little Red is too smart for Lion and distracts him with delays like grooming his mane into braids. When Lion's ruse is spoiled, Little Red tells him that if he was hungry, [...]

    23. I really love retellings and this is a great one. I love how the story is set in Africa so the wolf is switched out for the lion. I also enjoyed how the lion doesn't actually eat Little Red in this version. I read another version to the students to compare and it was kind of awkward with Little Red gets eaten (even though it that version, the wolf swallows her whole so we don't think about her getting all chewed). It was even more awkward with the wolf was killed in the other version so it was n [...]

    24. In this retelling of The Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red outsmarts a hungry lion. She is off to go bring her Auntie Rosie some spot medicine to help her feel better when she encounters a very, hungry lion who goes to Auntie Rosie's house and hides her and pretends to be her. However, Little Red is smart enough to know that is not her Auntie Rosie. She has all kinds of ideas up her sleeve when the big hair and big teeth come out. This version of the classic fairytale is funny and the illustrat [...]

    25. Loved it! The illustrations are beautiful and the fractured fairy tale retelling is fun and clever. I can't wait to share it with my 2nd graders during their fairy tale unit this school year.My only complaint (or question, I suppose) is why does the Little Red Riding Hood version with an African-American main character have to be set in what I assume is Africa? I know that setting, the African wilderness, makes the absolute most sense for the animals that are featured. I would just love to see s [...]

    26. Altered version of Little Red Riding Hood that brings in a diverse element with an African American main character and a new setting. Instead of a wolf there is a hungry lion and this little girl is not afraid. She's a tough girl, and she has donuts for her auntie instead of a grandmother. On her trip to her aunties house she encounters more jungle animals rather than a forest setting. She see monkeys, crocodiles, and gazelles. When she comes across the hungry lion she has a take charge attitude [...]

    27. (Nominated for the North Carolina Children's Book Award)It's yet another take on the Little Red Riding Hood folk tale, but a fun, fresh one.Here in the US, African-Americans may not see themselves in so many folk tales (especially Brothers Grimm ones), but this version--set loosely in Africa (based on the animals and jungle rather than forest setting) has the lion (instead of wolf) getting his mane cornrowed by feisty Red.I enjoyed this one--the pictures match the rollicking story. Kids will roa [...]

    28. I believe little red and the very hungry lion is a very good retelling story of little red riding hood. However, during this story the auntie Rosie has woken up sick and needed it that little red must come to her place with some spot medicine. On her way to her auntie's house, she encountered with different animals until she met a very hungry lion. The funny of the story began there because little red decided to teach the lion a lesson. The story has a perfect combination of picture and text so [...]

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