Briar Beauty's Story

Briar Beauty s Story Join Briar Beauty daughter of Sleeping Beauty as she taps into her adventurous spirit to investigate and track down Mischievous thieves who are causing trouble around the castle

  • Title: Briar Beauty's Story
  • Author: Shannon Hale
  • ISBN: 9780316280280
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
  • Join Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty, as she taps into her adventurous spirit to investigate and track down Mischievous thieves who are causing trouble around the castle.

    One thought on “Briar Beauty's Story”

    1. I LOVED this one. I love how Briar's little brothers stole her jewellery so they could play Peter Pan. So adorable. 5 stars.

    2. A few of my nieces are Monster High and Ever After High mad at the moment and so when I spotted that there was a range of free short e-book stories available I thought I would give them a quick read to see what some of the fuss is about and to be honest I absolutely love both series' dolls too and I am hoping they are still popular and about when my daughter gets to 5/6+.This short story (Briar Beauty's story who is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty) is very short and maybe takes around 5 minutes [...]

    3. Briar Beauty ist die Tochter von Dornröschen und es ist ihr Schicksal das neue Dornröschen zu werden. Die Idee der Handlung war interessant, aber solche Sachen wie Spiegel Chat, Spiegel Pad oder Dornenhecken Schaufensterpuppen passen einfach nicht in eine Märchenwelt.Weil das Schloss so groß ist bewegt man sich mit Hilfe von Seil Rutschen. Briar fällt öfter mal einfach um und hält ein Nickerchen, dass hat sie von ihrer Mutter geerbt und kann dann auf einmal Gedankenlesen. Die Figuren sind [...]

    4. This is a short little story about Briar Beauty and what her life is like outside of Ever After High. This was one of the silly ones, her castle has zip lines all over and there are pillows everywhere incase her or her mother go to sleep. They both will randomly fall asleep and Briar has to sometimes fish her mother out of the porridge. Her father is a one of those who rushes off at the drop of a hat to rescue or save someone. So he isn’t really any help in the whole, me and my mother are narc [...]

    5. Gah, no. After finally reading any part of the Ever After High series, I am so glad that I never tried to read the first book. It is like a tween Valley high girl lives in some strange form of a Barbie world but with, like, fairytales and stuff*. *Terrible puns.Also, this has mostly 5-star ratings?????

    6. Another character that I didn't like.Making the daughter of the sleeping beauty appears to what seems like a fashion freak teen.I give it 1 star for the idea of giving the sleeping beauty narcolepsy as a result of her prolonged sleeping.

    7. Briar Beauty's Story (Ever After High, #0.3) was a quick and easy read. It was a prequel of Briar Beauty daughter of Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip leaving for her Legacy Year at Ever After High. I liked this story. I love that the castle has zip lines and pillows everywhere for Briar or her mother if they randomly fall asleep. The family had a tight bond. The relationship between Briar and her eight little brothers was adorable. I love how she wanted to spend time with them playing pirates [...]

    8. It was niceAlthough it's TOO short, it still counts as a book ;)I was a little surprised with the fact that Briar actually has 8 little brothers (3 of which are twines for sure!)

    9. It was a detail story and I liked itUm I give this a 2 because I liked it but its wasn't my type of storyI Gove it a 2

    10. Creo que con cada parte que leo, me interesa mas leer el primer libron pequeños los capítulos, pero que si logran entretenerme.Esta es la historia de Briar, me gusta que tanto es este como en el de Raven se muestre mas de las familias, sobretodo los padres. En los capítulos animados, parece que ni existen. no se mencionan mucho. Pero en estos capítulos si.El personaje de Briar me gusta porque siento que ella esta en una de las peores cuestiones en cuanto a si sigue su destino, dormir 100 añ [...]

    11. Series Summary: Totally didn't like the idea and wonder why I chose these books again. Being a fan of fairytales I was looking forward to see what kind of twist but this is going to be one series that I am truly going to stay away from. The children were snobby and the people no matter the age were mentally damaged. I mean who has ever suffered in life would hope their children would willing suffer the same fate just to be happily ever after? So wrong in so many accounts. And the modern touch wa [...]

    12. Briar Beauty's Story PLOT: What's a princess to do? While packing to return to Ever After High Briar discovers her most prized possessions are missing (her trunk of jewelry). Will she find them in time before her carriage leaves?MY THOUGHTS:I like the details in these stories! For example her pink marble castle (which I would LOVE to live in), and the pillows scattered everywhere (in case the Queen or her daughter dozed off without warning). I like the quirk in itself the curse left that in a mo [...]

    13. Similar set up to the other prequels.This one follows Briar and focuses a lot on her relationship to her brothers.I love the puns and word play in this series: hexcitment, MirrorChat, spellbinding. Even if the slang terms don't always make sense (why is "hex" used as a positive word?), it is still fun and adds an interesting element to the text.As with the other prequels, Briar appears less shallow than in the show, which creates an interesting story and a likeable character.

    14. This was my favorite so far of all three as well as being the longest. I enjoyed the little twist the author put on the happily ever after of Sleeping Beauty, she is always falling asleep in inconvenient places - like her breakfast. Briar Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, and I enjoyed her personality. She was very concerned about her appearance like you would expect of a princess, but she always has time for a game of Pirates with her littler brothers.For more reviews visit ABlogoftheB [...]

    15. I feel sorry for Briar Beauty because she has to sleep for 100 years in order to be the next Sleeping Beauty just like her mother and I feel sorry for her mother because she falls asleep in random places. I don't see how she's able to function in her every day life when she's always falling asleep. It just happens to her all of a sudden and she doesn't even see it coming. She can't control when she goes to sleep. I would hate to be Sleeping Beauty.

    16. Even cuter than Apple White's story, this is a teaser scene of Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty, packing for her year at Ever After High. It seems Briar Rose is fashion-obsessed, but also a really great older sister. I loved the hints at her relationship with her little brothers and slipping right in to playing Captain Hook to their Peter Pan was so sweet. I also loved the little touch of the girls say "the end" at the end of their phone calls to each other rather than "bye".

    17. After briefly hearing of briar in the first book, I wasn't too excited for this one, mainly because i didn't like apple white and she is best friends with Apple so I assumed I wouldn't like briar. However after reading this story, my perception of briar changed. She's seems really sweet and where she lives is super cool, I love the way they basically travel around on zip wires. Also her brothers stealing her jewellery to play pirates and Peter Pan was adorable

    18. This was offered for free from iBooks. It's a fun, very quick read (it probably took me ten minutes to read at the most), but it's enjoyable. It makes you want to see more from these characters, which is probably the point of them being offered for free. Intended for a pretty young audience, but still something fun for an adult to read quickly. I loved Briar and her siblings. Seems like a fun bunch of characters.

    19. A great teaser for the Ever After High books by introducing Briar Beauty's story. I didn't realize that this was going to be a short story since I just downloaded it based on the title and not by the book's description. Definitely written for the Tweens age group, but anyone who enjoys fairy tales and wants more about your favorite characters will probably show up in these books. I won't necessarily go out of my way to grab this series, but if Lilly picks them up, I would read them with her.

    20. Briar is about to enter the 2nd year at Ever After High and take over for her mom( aka Sleeping Beauty). Shannon Hale's Briar is the sister of eight brothers that you won't soon forget( with names like Tenacity, Gallantry and Courage, who could?), an inspiring fashion designer, and a loyal friend to Apple White and Blondie Locks. Can Briar really forsake all of that to sleep for one hundred years?

    21. Briar Beauty has somewhat accepted her fate as the next Sleeping Beauty, but not quite. She dislikes falling asleep at any time, and does not want to miss out on everything that will happen with her friends and family for 100 years. After searching for her missing jewelry, she discovers that her brothers are using it to play pirates and we learn that, at heart, she loves adventure and her brothers.

    22. This is one of the short stories in the Ever After High universe that I actually liked. It gave a glimpse into Briar's family and character that you don't necessarily get from the webisodes online or the Ever After High book series itself. The whole concept behind Ever After High is blatantly marketing for the Ever After High doll franchise which is trying to take off and be the next Monster High. I typically like Shannon Hale and her voice but I feel it gets lost in this series.

    23. I liked this one even though I'm not a huge fan of the sleeping beauty legacy. I liked he depth of the character and the focus on her and her personality rather than what was going on around her- I found the Raven one was more focused on the Mother even though she was not the main character. whereas Briar offered an array of new characters but it focused on her and her feelings about certain things- like her family and her future.

    24. "At the grand Legacy Day ceremony that fall, Briar would sign the Storybook of Legends and magically bind herself to be the next Sleeping Beauty." The six free drabbles (of which this is the third) all focus on a character entering their second year at a fairy tale high school and taking over their parent's fairy tale, somehow. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, but I'm definitely intrigued.

    25. 1.5 starsI liked the idea of Sleeping Beauty and her daughter Briar having a form of narcolepsy as a result of the 100 year nap. That was about it.Apparently, Briar has eight (or more) brothers with truly awful names like Honesty and Equality. Her dad is obsessed with maintaining his reputation and her mom just falls asleep a lot.Got it.

    26. First, this is not a novel, novella or even short story. It is a scene of Sleeping Beauty's daughter as she prepares to leave for boarding school. A taste of what to expect in the novel to be released in October! It is a fun look at what destinies the children of classic storybook characters are facing! Very cute! Enjoyable!

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