Iced Malice

Iced Malice In the midst of a deadly cold winter Detective Kendall Halsrud returns faced with a body found frozen on a neighbor s porch and days later the brutal murder of a teen age couple The body of the boy

  • Title: Iced Malice
  • Author: Marla Madison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the midst of a deadly cold winter, Detective Kendall Halsrud returns, faced with a body found frozen on a neighbor s porch and days later, the brutal murder of a teen age couple The body of the boy is found shot to death in his car, and the girl he was with, is missing When the girl s body is discovered in a garbage receptacle, Kendall s partner insists there is a conIn the midst of a deadly cold winter, Detective Kendall Halsrud returns, faced with a body found frozen on a neighbor s porch and days later, the brutal murder of a teen age couple The body of the boy is found shot to death in his car, and the girl he was with, is missing When the girl s body is discovered in a garbage receptacle, Kendall s partner insists there is a connection between the death of these teenagers and a famous case from ten years ago when three teenage couples from the western Wisconsin area disappeared Adam Nashlund, the man Kendall has been living with, is found critically injured after an undercover assignment Torn between her fear for Nash and her dedication to find a killer, Kendall devotes all her efforts and possibly her life, looking for a murderer and his accomplice.

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    1. I realize this is not the first book in the series, so I've jumped into the middle of it, however I feel each book in a series should stand alone. I was never really able to relate to Kendall and found myself more drawn to Brynn. I'd love to see a series about her. The mystery part of this story was ok, but Kendall felt like she should never, ever have been allowed to be a cop. She ignored every rule about getting back-up and put herself and her bystanders in danger everytime by doing so. It was [...]

    2. This book was just ok enough to keep me reading. It had several problems, including spelling errors and sketchy writing at times, but it had decent characters. Unfortunately, the best character has a secondary role. The lead character didn't have much personality. I'll pass on the rest of this series.

    3. Suspenseful,Started with accidental death, alcoholic froze to death at the footsteps of the wrong house. Following this young girls started to disappear. Opening of cold case called "fiance murders". Many sub plots, not much thrill.

    4. Detective Kendall Halsrud and her new partner Detective Ross Alverson are investigating some missing persons when a body is discovered covered in snow at a door of a home - accident or murder. Are the missing persons connected to an old case known as the 'The Fiancé Murders'. I didn't read the first in the series but I am not sure that I like Halsrud much, I will have to read another book to decide, but the story kept my interest.

    5. Never got really involved with the character. Police procedural without much procedure. Cookie cutter woman detective, who breaks all the rules, but gets her man. I like good detective stories this one is not quite there.

    6. It's okayA little boring and confusing. The author needs to come up with stories and characters. I don't think I'll read her again.

    7. Fast pacedAbsolutely loved the second book in the series and about to download the third to read. I can't get enough of Kendall and company.

    8. Just a case of the wrong address? Kendall & her partner Ross have a new case but it just looks like a death by misadventure, the guy froze to death outside the wrong. So they are happy to close the case that is until a lawyer gets involved on behalf of the family. So Kendall decides to leave it open for now and she lets her neighbor the ex hacker Brynn have a quick look but Brynn starts digging and she finds out the truth and it is a sad tale. Kendall & Ross have another case of a missin [...]

    9. Good enoughThis is the first of the series I have read, although it is the second book in the series. I had no problem reading it as a stand alone story. Was it good enough to read more? Yes, although it doesn't really qualify as an action-packed, on the edge of your seat mystery thriller. It's a good police detective saves the day story with a strong, well-written heroine with nicely developed support characters. Good editing, clean writing. Some icky given the subject content, but nothing over [...]

    10. The thing I liked most about this book was the author's ability to put you into the place being described. It doesn't get very cold where I live but I felt quite shivery as she described the wintry, snowy landscape. The plot, where the main character, Detective Kendall Halsrud, and her partner look into a 12 year old case where three couples have disappeared is interspersed with current cases. I did not find it gripping, partly because police officers are not very attractive characters, but also [...]

    11. Iced Malice (Detective Kendall Halsrud Series Book 2)Interesting book that takes you through all the steps and lives of the detective as they try to solve the different cases that come across their desks that don't seem to be connected but yet are and the daily dangers they live with every day

    12. Good ReadEnjoyed the story. But needed to be edited better. Lots of typos and grammar mistakes. Didn't like that the doctors insisted Kendall should not come to hospital to see Nash. Just didn't make sense. I always thought you should expose an amnesia patient to familiar things and people to help jar their memory. Really liked Kendall's character. Strong!

    13. I was glad I finished the book however there were so many characters and side stories that it was confusing. Also, some characters were called different names which was again confusing. The saying less is more is really a true statement.

    14. Great readLots of ups and downs suspense and confusion if you're trying to figure out who person is causing of murder but as you get further in the story start develop instinctive bad good job

    15. Good readWhen you read a police genre you are wanting it to make you think and this does. Marla brings a little of detective Halsrud personal life into the case which adds to the story line.

    16. Great female novelWhile I like the strength of the main character, I am not sure about the truth of job. She gets herself into some fixes and still keeps her job. There are really no weak female characters in this book. That impressed me.

    17. Good Detective StoryI enjoyed the mystery but I find Kendall's attitude towards and behavior around her personal life at times petty. It annoyed me more when she let that spill to her relationship with her partner.

    18. Nice storylinesI usually don't like crime fiction. I end up skimming, until I get to the clues. I enjoyed this book. The pace was great, I didn't end up skimming. I felt the characters had depth, and I cared what happened.

    19. A really good detective story.Strong female character, with a good side kick or two that work well together to catch a murderer. Nice touch on the mystic with card readings. A good twist in final chapters that leads them to to original murderer. Would read more from this author.

    20. Somewhat predictable Worth reading for a change of pace from fast moving books. Not a lot to say. A few typos but that is becoming the norm for ebooks these days. With so many self published books on the Web I guess self editing is a throw away

    21. I read this book fastYou ever read a mystery that made you aggravated when you're interrupted? Well, this book by Marla Madison was it for me. Fantastic plot with three sub-lines had me going. I loved this book and as a series is one of the best.

    22. EntertainingThere were several stories being told. And, the transition between them was smooth. Nice, entertaining book. I wouldn't mind reading other books in this series.

    23. Iced MaliceEnjoyed the feistiness of Detective Kendall Halsrud. The plot was interesting although the ending was hasty and parts were a little unbelievable.

    24. A must read.Marla Madison is a superb author. I am loving her books. She will have you guessing until the end. Her books will have you begging for more.

    25. Very good!Love, murders, a dog and an albino. Yes, this story has a few interesting twists, it's well written and very entertaining.

    26. Excellent story line. It was real for me as I lived in the area for 20 years and I went where the characters went. I will read more of her books.

    27. Good mysteryGood book with twists. Lots of different venues to take you off of who done it. Held my interest till the end

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