One thought on “The Mountains Within Me”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and could not put it down. Penned by Zell Miller in 1975 and published in 1976, long before he was elected Governor of Georgia, it is a celebration of his roots growing up in Young Harris, GA. He attended Young Harris College and later returned there to teach. Chapters are devoted to the college itself and its history. Especially intriguing to me was the chapter on North Georgia dialects, which are considered to be one tongue removed from Chaucer's old English and [...]

  2. I met Zell Miller as a kid - he came to my Elementary school as governor and I got to shake his hand. I seem to also remember some exercise he did with pennies (I wish I could remember more about this!). He was a very nice man. I enjoyed this book a great deal. He goes into wonderful detail about mountain life, giving lots of insight and quirky anecdotes. I especially enjoyed reading about the origins of the mountain names, as well as the process of making moonshine, the food people ate, and the [...]

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