The Invasion That Never Was

The Invasion That Never Was On Vedic civilization

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  • Title: The Invasion That Never Was
  • Author: Michel Danino Sujata Nahar
  • ISBN: 9788185137223
  • Page: 251
  • Format: None
  • On Vedic civilization.

    One thought on “The Invasion That Never Was”

    1. It's incredible and shocking that so many generations have swallowed the myth of an 'Aryan invasion' all their years! I hope this fascinating and very accessible book, aimed at children, will be prescribed reading in schools, enabling us to shed our divisive delusions.

    2. Too repetitive and not entirely as factual as it pretends to be. The second part of the book on the Gayatri mantra was poetic and beautiful.

    3. History was never my favored course. It reflected on my answer sheets well enough. So even though I remember learning about Aryan Invasion I don't even have a vague idea of what was taught. Lucky me I guess. Who would want to learn something that was a cooked up story? A point I can use when next time my dad says his usual 'Had you spend more time learning history in classes ' dialogue. Because I loathed history (the subject) I couldn't care less when Danino came to our college to have a talk ab [...]

    4. archaeologyonline/artifact"in different tribal population groups, existence of Y-haplogroup R1a* in ancestors and extended phylogenetic analyses of the pooled dataset of 530 Indians, 224 Pakistanis and 276 Central Asians and Eurasians bearing the R1a1* haplogroup supported the autochthonous origin of R1a1 lineage in India and a tribal link to Indian Brahmins."nature/jhg/journal/v54

    5. A thought proving book. Its been a shame of Indian intellect and meek political will to not arrest the trend of instilling our children with the lies of our origins shouted from rooftops buy our colonial masters and every other tom dick and Barry who could only just afford the spices we have been selling them since the dawn of ages.

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