Told After Supper

Told After Supper This large print title is set in Tiresias pt font as recommended by the RNIB

  • Title: Told After Supper
  • Author: Jerome K. Jerome
  • ISBN: 9781406834048
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • This large print title is set in Tiresias 16pt font as recommended by the RNIB.

    One thought on “Told After Supper”

    1. And not only do the ghosts themselves always walk on Christmas Eve, but live people always sit and talk about them on Christmas Eve. Whenever five or six English-speaking people meet round a fire on Christmas Eve, they start telling each other ghost stories. Nothing satisfies us on Christmas Eve but to hear each other tell authentic anecdotes about spectres. It is a genial, festive season, and we love to muse upon graves, and dead bodies, and murders, and blood.In the introduction of Told After [...]

    2. Jerome K. Jermome is probably best known for "Three Men in A Boat".In the first part of this book of short stories he tackles the popular Victorian genre of the ghost story. And completely extracts the urine from it.A charming read in small doses. The best word to describe the book is whimsical. Only problem for me is that it doesn't take much whimsey for me to come over all unnecessary.

    3. Ho un nipotino, 7 anni, che adora le storie di fantasmi. Ogni volta che resta di sera a casa mia, vuole che accenda il fuoco, poi spenge tutte le luci, dispone plaid e cuscini per terra tra tavolini e poltrone a formare una nicchia. Crea l'atmosfera insomma! E a questo punto vuole che mi metta a sedere per terra accanto a lui e che gli racconti una storia di fantasmi, che deve far paura e ridere nello stesso tempo, naturalmente! Sono andata avanti fino ad ora un po' inventando e un po' rielabora [...]

    4. A quick read and a lot of fun. Jerome's trademark wit in the service of parodying typical English Christmas ghost stories. And a great choice to read aloud for those who have that holiday tradition.

    5. Jerome Klapka Jerome (1859~1927), author of the comic masterpiece Three Men in a Boat, needs no introduction. But many who admire his humorous classic are unaware that he wrote a number of ghost stories.Told After Supper was Jerome's only volume comprised solely of ghost stories. It was published in 1891 by The Leadenhall Press and contains linked tales, interspersed with more than ninety wonderful illustrations by Kenneth M. Skeaping, one of which you can see below, all printed on thick pale bl [...]

    6. I found the cover for the Alma Classics edition of After Supper Ghost Stories enticing. With its off-white swirls and flourishes upon a simple black background, it screamed “Intense, melodramatic, Gothic Victorian literature”, something akin to Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. Well, After Supper Ghost Stories – which is an anthology that takes its title from the longest story among its pages – is melodramatic and it’s certainly Victorian, having first been [...]

    7. "It was Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve at my Uncle John's; Christmas Eve (There is too much 'Christmas Eve' about this book. I can see that myself. It is beginning to get monotonous even to me. But I don't see how to avoid it now.) at No. 47 Laburnham Grove, Tooting!" An uproarious burlesque of festive ghost story cliches which even finds room for the Box of Delights' card trick. The curate's offering in particular had me laughing to the point of physical discomfort. A shame that Jerome is now onl [...]

    8. This is a relatively short parody of Ghost Story books, especially those in the style of Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins. Written in Jerome's usual easy to read style, it is worth a chuckle or too and is available free for download or as part of the Delphi Classics Download. Unfortunately, the illustrations are not available in the downloaded versions I found.

    9. It is Christmas Eve and the curate, Samuel Coombes, member of the County Council and churchwarden, old Dr Scrubbles, Teddy Piffles and the narrator are sitting around the table at his Uncle John’s house. Having done justice to the splendid meal Aunt Maria had produced, washed down with Uncle John’s “own particular old ale”, they have now started on the whisky punch and are entertaining each other with rambling anecdotes and card tricks – shortly after supper Aunt Maria had very sensibl [...]

    10. Bah Magari sono io che non capisco l'umorismo inglese Allora, c'è scritto dappertutto che questo libretto altro non è che una presa in giro delle storie di fantasmi tipiche della letteratura inglese, una specie di parodia ma Non sono le storie di fantasmi che mi aspettavo. Non hanno senso. Non fanno paura. E i fantasmi si vedono a malapena. Tanto che a volte mi è venuto da pensare che non fossero fantasmi, bensì troppo alcol.Perfino il narratore è meno affidabile del solito. Uno che dice ch [...]

    11. The narrator tells us that it is Christmas Eve at his Uncle John's house. Gathered together are of the narrator, old Dr Scrubbles, the local curate, Mr Samuel Coombes, Teddy Biffles and Uncle John. At the party goes on and they more of the punch is drunk, the merrier they become. It's really a short, laugh out loud book. I may actually pull it out again on Christmas Eve. Don't let the fact that it's ghost stories confuse you - it's funny, not scary.

    12. I seem to be becoming something of a Jerome K Jerome fan girl. It's impossible to read him without giggling, even in public. Such warm and uncomplicated joy & mirth! The way he digresses so wildly and unapologetically tickles me every time. 

    13. This is a very short, funny book. Written very much in the same style as Three Men in a Boat. He has a very dry humor that reminds me of Mark Twain. I laughed until I cried.

    14. I extremely enjoyed the first section of the book, the actual -after supper ghost stories-. I only wished that I'd been longer. The interlude made me laugh out loud! Having said that, I liked "clocks", and "tea kettle" the most (out of the other tales). The beginning of "dreams" was also funny, but the rest not so much.

    15. Hilarious! Oh my god, I should have expected it to be funny, but I wasn't quite expecting this. The gentleman who befriends the murderous ghost and then walks out without his trousers was fabulous.It was Christmas Eve.I begin this way because it is the proper, orthodox, respectable way to begin, and I have been brought up in a proper, orthodox, respectable way, and taught to always do the proper, orthodox, respectable thing; and the habit clings to me.Of course, as a mere matter of information i [...]

    16. Peccato sia così breve. I fantasmi di Jerome sanno il fatto loro e sono ben lungi dall'essere disperati o afflitti da chissà quale passato. Sono rimasti qui di loro propria convinzione e non perchè hanno delle faccende da risolvere. D'altro canto, gli umani vivi che incontrano non si spaventano per niente e, passata la curiosità, vi conversano con interesse fino a infastidirsi per il disturbo notturno. Un po' come la pragmatica famiglia americana de "Il fantasma di Canterville", per intender [...]

    17. Piccolo ma spassosissimo libricino ricco di Vigilie di Natale, fantasmi, pipe fantasma e tabacco fantasma! L'umorismo di Jerome è della miglior qualità, di quella che non si limita a farti sorridere, ma a farti ridere da solo!"Ogni volta che cinque, sei inglesi si raccolgono intorno a un fuoco la Vigilia di Natale, incominciano a raccontarsi storie di fantasmi. Non siamo soddisfatti, la Vigilia di Natale, se ognuno non racconta i suoi aneddoti - autentici - sugli spettri. In questo allegro per [...]

    18. Raccontino gradevole ma al limite dell'insignificante. Sembra che Kafka si sia preso gioco degli scrittori anglosassoni e dei cliché della loro letteratura e cultura riguardo i classici racconti sui fantasmi e in fondo sembra prendersi gioco anche dei lettori. Ad ogni modo chi ha curato l'ebook meriterebbe di cambiare mestiere per la quantità infinita di refusi che ho trovato.

    19. Geniale, mi ha fatto un sacco ridere!Peccato siano solo 40 pagine!Mi ha messo una gran nostalgia di "Three men in a boat" e per rimediare a questa grande solitudine ho dovuto comprare The Complete Jerome K. Jerome: The Collected Works a 0,99 € :3

    20. I really enjoyed this. It’s brilliantly read and it deconstructs many popular ghost stories. If you enjoy historical ghost stories, its a joy to hear them again, but with an increasingly addled narrator gradually destroying them.

    21. interesting and fun ghost stories by Jerome, kind of reminds me of Saki, there's that humor, that you just want a bit more ofAnyway, its a really short read, or you may opt to listen to it, and its just as good as 'Three men in a Boat'

    22. Jerome K. Jerome is delightful in this slim volume of humorous ghost stories. (But my favorite book of his remains Three Men in a Boat.)

    23. Written well, but not scary. I would say the writing was easy but my expectations was much higher. I guess I was looking for a book that was more like "Scary Stories."

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