Death to Go

Death to Go Detective Inspector Slider is called to a London fish and chips shop regarding what would seem to be a public health matter a severed finger found in a portion of chips But when the rest of the body i

  • Title: Death to Go
  • Author: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
  • ISBN: 9780684196503
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Detective Inspector Slider is called to a London fish and chips shop regarding what would seem to be a public health matter a severed finger found in a portion of chips But when the rest of the body is found, Slider is thrust into one of the most complicated investigations of his career.

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    1. A severed finger in a portion of chips is the gruesome start to this compelling crime novel. The rest of the body is discovered in black plastic sacks outside the back of the shop and naturally the owner, with the only key to the premises, is the prime suspect. But there will be other deaths before the complex web of crime is uncovered and the final story told. DI Bill Slider, in charge of the investigation, is facing problems of his own with lover Joanna giving him an ultimatum and Bill himself [...]

    2. I've been reading these in order, and true to the rest of the series, this one is most enjoyable for all the parts that have nothing to do with the murder mystery. The banter between the members of the police team is very realistic and truly funny; the main character's on-going love affair together with his inability to break with his wife is genuinely fraught but is beginning to get a bit repetitive. There is a hint at the very end that it may soon resolve itself. As in the other novels, the mu [...]

    3. The "who done it" becomes obvious pretty early in this book but there are enough twists and turns and interesting characters in the murders and in Bill Slider's personal life to make a it an enjoyable read.

    4. Another great read for the 3rd book in this series. The mystery begins with a customer finding a severed finger in her fish and chips and builds from there. Lots of convolutions before the identity of the victim is discovered and plenty of flashing back and forth to Slider continuing to waffle between his wife and his mistress (I wish this would be resolved because it makes me hesitant to like this character even though overall I think he's a good guy).

    5. Started yesterday, it is a quick read, but with intelligent writing. Published in 1993, dated but still current enough to enjoy. Portable phones are large cumbersome gear. Not yet mobiles. I like to read the strange British ways of wording things. for a sample of Cynthia's writing that generates a smile, " In the middle of the morning the atmosphere at Shepherd's Bush nick was so dense and bland you could have poured it over apple pie and called it custard." Lots of metaphors, is that the word ? [...]

    6. [Fantastic Fiction:] Detective Superintendent Dickson is to be replaced by DS Baverstock, who has no desire to be loved by his subordinates. It is all par for the course for Detective Inspector Bill Slider as he faces a corpse in a catering establishment - a case which takes him through Hammersmith and Notting Hill.I enjoy the series but, in this book, the plot was weak. However, I loke the characters well enough that I shall continue with the seriesATH TO GO (Pol Proc-Bill Slider-England-Cont)- [...]

    7. Bill Slider never seems to take the simple explanation for events. Which explains why he's often in disfavor with the higher ups and has a loyal following with his subordinates. Much as I like Slider, this book seemed to drag. I think it's because I want so badly to know what's going to happen between Bill, Irene and Joanna, and the author insists on writing about the subject matter - a murder in a chip shop. Favorite quote: Atherton's philosophy of life "Live each day as though it were your las [...]

    8. Another in the Bill Slider series. A human finger is discovered at a fish and chips shop, followed by body parts in the dust bin. The owner (or is he?) is the obvious suspect but Slider has reservations about his guilt. As the case progresses, it leads to some unexpected connections with some higher-ups and Slider is warned off the case. As an aside, Slider's love life takes turn that does not bode well for his happiness. I really like these books which are well crafted, slangy, and have good ch [...]

    9. Though I like a good brain-candy British mystery as much as the next person, I found it very difficult to get through this book. It was far too gory, convoluted, and conspiratorial for my taste. And the adulterous behavior by the protagonist detective did nothing for the story nor my opinion of the character. I finished it, more due to my obsessive need to finish a book I am reading than anything. Otherwise I would've dumped this one after the first few chapters.

    10. This is my second mystery in Cynthia Harrod-Eagles' Bill Slider series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first novel (introducing her characters) but this book was one I kind of slogged through.The crime was so convoluted (and depraved) that it just dragged me down and the honest, determined "good cop" veered toward self-destruction in both his professional and personal life. I read mysteries for fun and it was very hard to find in this particular selection.

    11. Not the best Harrod-Eagles, but worth the read anyway. This one was so convoluted and there were so many characters being duplicitous that it was tough to keep track of the suspects. And the resolution (no spoilers) was unearned. I also think Slider should make a damn decision about his personal life. Enough of the torturousness already.That said, Harrod-Eagles is such a fine stylist, and I do enjoy the characters. Better to come, so I'm told.

    12. A very good British mystery story. The plot is very complicated but Inspector Slider's crew does their best to keep things light. The tendency of Bill Slider's investigations seem to always involve people in higher stations; government or police; making it even more difficult to bring the culprits to justice. Bill's personal life is as complicated as his work life. A great read.

    13. An old favorite that I now have on my Kindle so I can reread it when there's a monkey wrench in my itinerary. This series is one of my three all-time faves: something I can rely on to distract and intrigue me, even when I know the outcome, because Slider's ensemble of supporting characters is so engaging.

    14. Another serendipitous find in the EH library discards! I really loved this well written, tangled,twisty plot and my favorite-quirky characters and really sharp and witty dialogue. DI Bill Slider unravels the mystery inspite of his personal dramas.I'll never look at fish and chips the same way. I liked Cynthia Harrod -Eagles writing so much I ordered #1 and #2!

    15. Enjoyed this book. The story line was good. The banter between Slider and his staff was/is true to form. I looking forward to continuing to read more of this series. His private life is written with great emphasis on each side of the participants, this was very well done.

    16. DPL. My new favorite author. Layered police procedural with real characters, bits of humor, great real English atmosphere and a great twisty story. Good back story too. Fish and chips, entrepreneurial greed and Chinese espionage--esp int as from early 90's

    17. Another good installment. The mysteries themselves are not as clever as some, but her characters have a real depth and charisma. And she has a beautiful, right-on way of expressing human thoughts and feelings.

    18. My first Inspector Slider novel. Enjoyed the characters, the time, the era of policing in England. Light, funny, easy-to-read. Will read a few more of these.

    19. 3.5 stars. Perhaps a bit better than the previous book although I found the plot a bit confusing. The issues in the primary character's personal life appear to have finally come to a crossroads.

    20. I like the entire Bill Slider series (the 11 I have read so far). I like the continuing stories of the various recurring characters, the friendships. The British title of this book is Necrochip.

    21. This is such a fabulous series with characters so beautifully drawn that they seem to be existing, even when I've finished a book. I can hardly wait to start reading the fourth in the Slider series.

    22. FunThe sense of humor prevailing in Slider's adventures is a balm too seldom tapped by other practicioners. A redeeming smile always hovers nearby.

    23. Number 3 in the Bill Slider British police procedural series, if you are a fan of the genre, find and read these books. Many, if not all, are now available as an e-book.

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