The Structure of Biblical Authority

The Structure of Biblical Authority None

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  • Title: The Structure of Biblical Authority
  • Author: Meredith G. Kline
  • ISBN: 9781579100698
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “The Structure of Biblical Authority”

    1. There is a lot of helpful material in this book. The title is a bit misleading. The book is largely about the covenant as canon in the Old Testament. Kline only hints at the possibility of extending this same argument to the New Testament as well. See Kostenberger and Kruger: "The Heresy of Orthodoxy" for a canonical defense of the New Testament that develops Kline's argument for the NT. The last half of the book offer "collateral studies" covering ethics and an argument for the book of Exodus b [...]

    2. Loved this book. One of the most readable from Kline IMHO. Excellent background to understanding the legitimacy and accuracy of the scriptures, especially as it pertains to the O.T.

    3. A very thought provoking book by a Reformed theologian from the 1970s who delves into the covenantal background of both the Old and New Testaments. Kline notes that the biblical covenant fits comfortably into the Ancient Near Eastern treaty forms used between an overlord and his vassal. This has implications for how we view Scripture. Since a covenant was a document not easily changed, the covenantal model has a higher view of Scripture. Kline continues by accepting the Reformers view that the S [...]

    4. Fascinating take on OT as following an ancient treaty structure—Israel is YHWH's vassal kingdom that he has rescued from the Egyptians, and she in turn owes him allegiance as her suzerain Lord. The parallels to ANE treaties of suzerains and their vassals are compelling. The OT, and particularly Deuteronomy, gives the terms of their treaty, and therefore stands itself as a canon. This is also a compelling argument for dating Deuteronomy (and therefore the whole Pentateuch) to the second milleni [...]

    5. A very dense book to get through. It was rare that I could follow what Kline was doing, but when I did catch a glimpse, it was great stuff."Christologyoclaims the name of Jesus, the Lord of the covenant, revealing him as God present with his people, the primary reality of God's covenant relationship to man, and as Savior of his people, the central reality of the redemptive covenant relationship."

    6. Dr Kline is not always the most cogent writer, but this is an outstanding little work that is worth the investment of your time. The basic idea of the book is that inherent in the covenant is an authoritative treaty, or text, that operates as the canon for the King and his subjects. So, the idea of canon is not something given to us by men, but is inherent in the nature of the Covenantal Lord. Really good stuff.

    7. “Covenant” is by and large a foreign concept to most modern, western readers. We struggle to really understand the covenants of the Bible, even the most important covenant of all, the New Covenant. Kline’s book offers an in depth exploration of the covenantal nature of all of Scripture. This is a rich book, one that added significant depth to the way I view the Bible, Old and New Covenants both.

    8. A really good book that explains the importance of the suzerin-vassel paradigm on our vision of covenant and canon. Very well done, and enlightening. The weakness is Kline's treatment of the New Testament, which is limited by his area of expertise, which is Old Testament.Overall, very good and worth the read, especially ch. 2 of Part I.

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