Children of the Soil: A Story of Scandinavia

Children of the Soil A Story of Scandinavia An early Newbery Honor Book telling the story of two Swedish children and their folk beliefs

  • Title: Children of the Soil: A Story of Scandinavia
  • Author: Nora Burglon Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
  • ISBN: 9789997489166
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An early Newbery Honor Book, telling the story of two Swedish children and their folk beliefs.

    One thought on “Children of the Soil: A Story of Scandinavia”

    1. This is one of the older Newbery Honor books, and one of the more enjoyable from its era. Brother and sister Guldklumpen and Nicolina live with their mother on a very poor farm in Sweden, but the children have great plans for their farm. The outcomes of their endeavors are rarely surprising, because all of the things these two work for come to fruition, but it is very enjoyable to see the children and their little farm thrive.

    2. TITLE: Children of the SoilWHY I CHOSE THIS BOOK: It is a Newbery Honor book and fit into my reading challenge published in 1932 like the previous bookREVIEW: I just found this book so delightful. It takes place in Sweden and I learned some new things about that country such as it used to be Catholic and why they eat Gifelta (sp?) fish. The brother and sister at the heart of the story are both ordinary and entertaining. Like typical kids they can be naive, selfish, easily distracted. But they al [...]

    3. This book is great because i thought its all about some kind of tale but its actually told about the literal thing that happened there

    4. Two poor children in Norway struggle to save up enough money to buy a cow for their mother's farm.Seems typical of the age, and a little too saccharine for me.

    5. This is a story of a young brother and sister from either Central or Northern Sweden - hard to tell really. Their father is lost at sea, and so they are dirt poor. Then they believe an elf has come to live with them because of a nice little place they made for him in the barn and that this elf will bring them good luck.Well, pretty much everything did go well for them after that. Even the one thing that didn't work out ended up getting them 15 times as much money as they lost. So yeah, everythin [...]

    6. A lovely gentle story of making the best of being poor. Set in Sweden and includes folk lore and perseverance.

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