Contes de Charles Perrault

Contes de Charles Perrault With her wryly subversive and exuberant take on Perrault s classic fairy tales Angela Carter conjures up a world of resourceful women black hearted villains desperate predicaments wily stratagems

  • Title: Contes de Charles Perrault
  • Author: Charles Perrault Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
  • ISBN: 9782842776749
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With her wryly subversive and exuberant take on Perrault s classic fairy tales, Angela Carter conjures up a world of resourceful women, black hearted villains, desperate predicaments, wily stratagems and fantastical transformations Here nothing is as it seems in Cinderella charm and a powerful patron prove useful than beauty in Bluebeard a brazen wife outwits heWith her wryly subversive and exuberant take on Perrault s classic fairy tales, Angela Carter conjures up a world of resourceful women, black hearted villains, desperate predicaments, wily stratagems and fantastical transformations Here nothing is as it seems in Cinderella charm and a powerful patron prove useful than beauty in Bluebeard a brazen wife outwits her murderous husband in Little Red Riding Hood smooth pelts hide the most dangerous wolves of all and in Sleeping Beauty we learn that long engagements aren t always the best By turns playful, frank, cruel and unnerving, these stories bristle with worldly common sense, earthy humour and gothic imagination.

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    1. Edit Riquet with the Tuft - review of a Perrault fairy tale that is mystifyingly not a Disney movie.When I was very young, my grandmother had a set of very small books with uncut pages. One of the books was an early edition of Charles Perrault's fairy tales with hand-printed woodblock illustrations. Another was Grimms'. Naturally I cut the pages and read the stories which were bloody and didn't always have nice endings. At least one of the ugly sisters tumbled into a well to be devoured by snake [...]

    2. The original fairy tales of Charles Perrault (1628-1703) before they were bastardized or sanitized (depending on your view) by Disney. Perrault, however, did not invent most of these stories himself. He also based some of them on existing French folklores. Perrault was said to be the one who laid the foundations for a new literary genre: the fairy tale. Many of Perrault’s stories were rewritten by the Brothers Grimm, continue to be printed and have been adapted to opera, ballet (such as Tchaik [...]

    3. Charles Perrault (1628 – 1703) was a controversial figure who argued before the Académie française (at his initiation ceremony(!)) that "modern" French literature was superior to that of the Greco-Romans. That enlivened the proceedings Later, he elaborated his reasons and included the less than convincing argument that because the reign of Louis XIV was so enlightened, his age was superior in all respects to that of the ancients. Apparently, he spent part of his life writing epic poems with [...]

    4. Once upon a time, long before farmboys arose to defeat Dark Lords and even longer before the rise of imagined histories attempting to be gritty in a way that removed most moral compasses from fantasy, there was the fairytale. A simple little literary beast masquerading as a story with a morality play contained within its fascinating bounds. A little creation marketed for children but one which contained deeper adult themes. Fairytales did not need to attempt to be gritty, they simply were in how [...]

    5. Not having read any of Perrault's fairytales before, I didn't quite realise what I was in for And people say that Grimm's fairytales are gruesome - huh, think again and read Perrault's!There's an ogre appearing in about almost every single one of the eight tales in this edition, and, of course, they love eating fresh flesh (i.e. little people) and do so without delay. Yet in a strange way, I found these tales delightful and just so different to the Grimm's; in fact, they made me laugh out loud a [...]

    6. Cuentos que recomendaría leer a los pequeños de la casa:-Las moralejas (pero sin cuento no hay moraleja, ¿cierto?) -La cenicienta. Lo siento, Charles Perrault.

    7. Ten stories, most rehashed a century later by the Grimm Brothers. Both Perrault and the Grimms collected village folktales, so read if you want to see the nuances between them. Two ("Ridiculous Wishes", "Donkey's Skin") are apparently ancient; the former features Jupiter as a character, and the other liberally mentions "gods" and "goddesses." The Ten Tales:1. Little Red Riding Hood2. The Fairy3. Bluebeard4. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood5. Puss in Boots6. Cinderella7. Riquet with the Tuft8. Lit [...]

    8. These stories were predominat in my childhood so now as an adult I have decided to re-read them. I was slightly shocked there was no happy ending at times and also the language used can be at times harsh, but Charles Perrault lived in the 17th century so there was no need to use kid-gloves. But what I enjoy most is that after the traditional story there is a moral at the end in the form of a poem that even as adults we can enjoy.

    9. Most of the faerie tales in this installment will be familiar to anyone whose parents did a halfway decent job reading to them as a kid. If not, feel free to redeem your copy of the book along with this review to mommy and daddy for a full childhood refund as stipulated by the nightie-night clause of their offspring license. Tell them I sent you.Personally, I always prefer the pre-Disney, "not nice" versions of faerie tales. Little Red Riding Hood and her old biddie of a grandmamma do not get re [...]

    10. En realidad lo que he leído es la edición española de Alianza, pero no la he visto por GoodReads.Siempre hay bastante discusión sobre los "verdaderos" cuentos de hadas. Que si Grimm, que si Andersen, comparaciones con las adaptaciones posteriores de Disney o Tv y Perrault. Pero siempre que se habla de estos temas me da la sensación de que Perrault queda como en un 2º plano.Charles Perrault fue un recopilador francés del siglo XVII. Sus narraciones están enfocadas a varios sectores nobles [...]

    11. Me encantó el estilo de Perrault, se nota más refinado y trabajado que el de los Grimm y justamente eso demuestra que tenían distintas visiones sobre cómo contar los cuentos; aunque ambos estaban de acuerdo que los cuentos no eran necesariamente para niños y que siempre deben dar una moraleja, o varias. Me sorprendieron sus libros en verso, más por la forma que por el contenido, aunque también me gustaron. Me da la impresión que tenía gran preferencia por ese estilo ya que todas sus mor [...]

    12. La magie de Perrault opère à tous les coups. Chacun de ces contes recèle son lot de princesses endormies, de bottes ensorcelées et d'ogres affamés : tous les éléments sont réunis pour des récits merveilleux qui enchanteront petits et grands. La plupart se terminent par une ou deux moralités, mais le contenu de ces contes est si riche que le lecteur se sent libre de pouvoir les interpréter de diverses façons.

    13. It was fun to revisit these fairy tales but what made this book extra special were Gustave Doré's illustrations. His engravings are just magical.

    14. This was fascinating. I only really read it because of its connections with the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery and Le Serpent Rouge, but enjoyed it nontheless.

    15. Charles Perrault's fairy stories have long interested me but I have never managed to read them up until now.This book contains ten of his stories and some are ones people will be familiar with. Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Puss in Boots all feature in this collection.The stories• Little Red Riding Hood- This version was different to the one I know but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. She didn't seem very clever and I couldn't like her as a character. 3/5•The Fairy- I [...]

    16. Giving this 5 stars simply because I'm a huge sucker for fairy tales. However, don't let the term "fairy tale" fool you, as the stories in this book are the original French "conte de fées" versions of many Disney adaptations. I'm not sure if I would suggest this for children, however the ambiguity will most likely be lost on them anyway so what could it hurt? As the description says and as I've already pointed out, this is a compilation of fairy tales in their original French form (Cinderella, [...]

    17. Il faut être curieux de retrouver les racines des histoires qu'on raconte depuis des centaines d'années, je suppose, pour pleinement apprécier ce livre. J'ai trouvé vraiment intéressant de retrouver ces contes dans leur forme d'antan. Cependant, Perreault n'est pas l'auteur premier de tous les contes de ce livre, puisqu'essentiellement, il a transcrit des contes que les gens se racontaient oralement à l'époque. Il est surprenant de découvrir l'aspect plutôt sombre (évacué des adaptati [...]

    18. 2.5 stars.Those were. well boring. I may have read a bad translation, but even then, these were simply too happily ever after and saccharine for me (obviously, Disney opted to use these as a source, rather than other grittier versions). The Grimm versions of many of these tales are MUCH better, as they aren't always happily ever after and more engaging in their style. Perrault certainly gets all the points for being a prominent fairy tale teller, but the way these were written/translated was jus [...]

    19. The translation I found at the library wasn't the greatest. There were colloquialisms and cliche phrases that distracted from the unique charm of the story itself. But I liked the stories as a whole. They are useful for a historical context, or just to find the originals of some of these fairy tales we hear so much about. There's a whole other plot to Sleeping Beauty that I never heard of before! Kinda cool.

    20. Turns out that the fairy tales we know today as Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and others are not entirely correct according to their original designs. I loved that the morals of these stories were better pronounced. The tales were pretty funny, not only in a humourous way, but in a strange way as well. Until I'd read this book, I'd never heard a fairy tale end with "d [then she died]"

    21. Awesome collection of classic fairy tales with amazing illustrations. I was shocked by the amount of cannibalism and child abandonment in these stories. The real stories are way more hardcore than the Disney versions. Some of these stories are really disturbing.

    22. 19 SEP 2015 - I have just finished the Jolie Maleficent. Magnificent! The original fairy tales of Perrault are available for download at Project Gutenberg. Here - gutenberg/ebooks/29021

    23. 1-1/2 disillusioned stars I just felt sort of gross reading these. For some reason, they only served to remind me how weird and creepy and easily fooled humans can be.

    24. Charles Perrault's versions of these stories make clear at least one thing about himself: he was a devout sexist. (Though, interestingly, it also seems most his writer friends were women.) I don't know enough to say whether his sexism was equal to or exceeded the general sexism of his time and society. In particular, the story and the "moral" of Griselda would make for an excellent discussion. Is Griselda, as Perrault suggests, an example of "heroic patience"--having been tried as Abraham by a s [...]

    25. I picked this Folio book up with three other fairy tale books at an antique store some years ago. It was a magnificent find: a book that would normally go for about 80 or 90 dollars for only a quarter of the price.My book manager suggested it next and I was startled, and delighted, to find that this book was such an easy read. Very few fairy tales for such a large book, and with huge print and gorgeous illustrations. I had fun reading the stories, but I suspect that they were modernized versions [...]

    26. I had a copy of Perrault's complete tales when I was a kid that I read so many times I destroyed the book, which makes me sad because all of Perrault's completes are now out of print and I would LOVE to find that book again. Sigh.However, this version is pretty good. It's for the Fairy Tales Class I'm taking. The funny thing about this version is that it's SO complete, it has all of Perrault's tales AND 3 tales by other French people (Mme. Leprince de Beaumont and Mme. d'Aulnoy).Anyway, although [...]

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