By Helen's Hand

By Helen s Hand With divine beauty comes dangerous power Helen believed she could escape her destiny and save her people from utter destruction After defying her family and betraying her intended husband she found p

  • Title: By Helen's Hand
  • Author: Amalia Carosella
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With divine beauty comes dangerous power.Helen believed she could escape her destiny and save her people from utter destruction After defying her family and betraying her intended husband, she found peace with her beloved Theseus, the king of Athens and son of Poseidon.But peace did not last long Cruelly separated from Theseus by the gods, and uncertain whether he will lWith divine beauty comes dangerous power.Helen believed she could escape her destiny and save her people from utter destruction After defying her family and betraying her intended husband, she found peace with her beloved Theseus, the king of Athens and son of Poseidon.But peace did not last long Cruelly separated from Theseus by the gods, and uncertain whether he will live or die, Helen is forced to return to Sparta In order to avoid marriage to Menelaus, a powerful prince unhinged by desire, Helen assembles an array of suitors to compete for her hand As the men circle like vultures, Helen dreams again of war and of a strange prince, meant to steal her away Every step she takes to protect herself and her people seems to bring destruction nearer Without Theseus s strength to support her, can Helen thwart the gods and stop her nightmare from coming to pass

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    1. Carosella did extremely well at creating a feeling of possibility in one of the most well known stories of the ancient world. In this, the novel follows the form of Greek tragedy; it's situated within the mythological framework, but the details and emphasis are shifted to present a specific picture, in this case of Helen. I was, in fact, surprised and pleased by the ending, such was the feeling the author had engendered in me for her main character. The supporting cast are deftly drawn, again in [...]

    2. Of course I love it, it's mine! :)If you enjoyed Helen of Sparta and By Helen's Hand, I hope you'll sign up for my Newsletter, The Amaliad, to stay up to date about Authors!me -- and for your trouble, I've got a bonus prequel short story Ariadne & the Beast for subscribers! It's set about 30 years before Helen of Sparta and addresses Theseus's adventure with the Minotaur, and his run in with Ariadne in Crete!

    3. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I've a confession to make and I don't like beating around the brush so I'm just going to come out and say it. I've been avoiding this review for weeks and even now I can't help feeling that I've been holding off because I didn't want to say goodbye to Amalia Carosella's By Helen's Hand. Writing a review bookends my experience with almost every novel I read and this is one I simply didn't want to be done with.Helen is the natural focus of the n [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars. "Only fools bargain with the gods; only fools trust in their promises, their gifts. Fools and children and lovers."Ever since reading Helen of Sparta, I have been anxiously awaiting its sequel. I loved getting to know Helen and what happened to her before she became known as Helen of Troy, and boy did I love Theseus! But after attempting to thwart the gods and their plans for war by running away with and marrying Theseus, Helen was cruelly separated from him by those gods and delivere [...]

    5. We all know the story of Helen and Paris, but By Helen's Hand is a fresh interpretation of the events leading up to the Trojan War. Picking up where Helen of Sparta left off, Amalia Carosella has woven a unique sequel that tugs on the threads of many myths to create a whole new picture of these famous lovers. What I enjoyed most about these two books was the full cast of characters--it's a veritable who's who of mythology, with unexpected roles for Theseus and Heracles, Oenone and Cassandra. Tha [...]

    6. I read Helen of Sparta by Amalia Carosella last year and loved it. Now, I want to share with you my review of the second in the series, By Helen's Hand. Amalia is an elegant writer, with prose that drips description and feeling and with this sophomore book in the series I could ascertain that her writing had grown even more. I found her first book excellent, but her prose flowed smoother and her storytelling through word phrasing was much more fluid.I already enjoy the subject matter. Anything w [...]

    7. Let the lions roar at the storm, if they liked. Perhaps I was no longer queen of Athens, but I was still Helen of Sparta and a daughter of Zeus. I was wind and rain and thunder and lightning. And no matter what came, I would survive it. Hallelujah! Amalia Carosella triumphs again and shakes up any pre-conceived notions that I might have had about Helen, Paris, city of Troy or the Greek gods. By Helen's Hand is the sequel to Helen of Sparta, a book that I absolutely relished for its refreshing ta [...]

    8. I've just spent the last few day immersed in the world of Greek Myth and I loved it!By Helen's Hand picks up where Helen of Sparta left off. I really warmed to Amalia's Helen and found myself willing her to thwart the Gods and avoid the war and destruction of her nightmares. I felt her frustration as every plan she made to save her people failed at the last moment. All seemed doomedAnd then there was a sharp intake of breath when began the last chapter. No spoilers but its a great ending.I also [...]

    9. In this second installment of Helen of Sparta, Helen has been found by her family and returned to Sparta. As a daughter of Zeus, she was given the gifts of beauty and foresight. With her knowledge of the future, she tried to avoid war by escaping to Athens with her beloved King Theseus. However, with Theseus caught in the Underworld, Helen was left vulnerable. Back in Sparta, the King wastes no time marrying off Helen so an heir for Sparta is set. The games are underway and many eligible men are [...]

    10. The story of Helen and Paris is an ancient tale blended with Greek Mythology. When I read the first book Helen of Sparta I couldn’t imagine how Carosella could bring a fresh take on the story or characters for that matter. But she did and delighted up all with a new look and By Helen’s Hand surprised me more than the first book. I was really taken back a little by Paris. Carosella gives a fresh take on him. At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to work but it did. You see I’ve never ca [...]

    11. BeautifulWhat a remarkable story of Helen. Easily could be from original mythological tales. I was enthralled as if I were there witnessing the events unfold.

    12. A very interesting and creative conclusion to the story of Helen of Troy. You will be surprised, and will have a good time getting there! If you have not read the first book, you should.

    13. By Helen's Hand is the second and last book in the Helen of Sparta series by Amalia Carosella. After escaping to Athens with Theseus, Helen is forced to return to Sparta. While her suitors compete in games to win her hand, Helen searches new allies to avoid marrying Menelaus and causing a terrible war. Will she succeed?I think Carosella did a splendid job with Helen of Sparta, so I was very excited to read this book and see her take on the Trojan war. I was expecting something different and orig [...]

    14. Source: Free copy from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours and Amalia CarosellaRating: 5 stars for excellentSummary: With divine beauty comes dangerous power.Helen believed she could escape her destiny and save her people from utter destruction. After defying her family and betraying her intended husband, she found peace with her beloved Theseus, the king of Athens and son of Poseidon.But peace did not last long. Cruelly separated from Theseus by the gods, and uncertain whether he will live or [...]

    15. +++ MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS +++After waiting nigh on a year for this sequel to Helen of Sparta, I squealed with joy when my preorder arrived on my doorstep, eagerly ripping the package from the delivery man's startled grasp (he's used to that, so no hard feelings). I was not disappointed.This is one of those reads where, after just a few pages, one feels right at home in. Instead of sitting in my comfy armchair I glided through the halls of the Spartan palace, wining and dining with demigods and ki [...]

    16. By Helen’s Hand picks up where Helen of Sparta ended. After Helen had tried to thwart the prophecy, she finds that her fate of causing the Trojan War seems imminent. When she arrives back home, she finds that many suitors, including her intended husband, Menelaus, are competing for her hand. Meanwhile, far away in Troy, Paris, a shepherd's son, has plans to steal Helen away and make her his lover. Could Helen find a way to prevent her nightmares from happening? Helen is a much more sympathetic [...]

    17. I received a free copy of this book from NetgalleyAfter reading the first part of the series last year I hoped for a sequel and "By Helen's Hand" certainly did not disappoint. I think everybody knows the basic story of the Trojan war and Helen's role in it, but very few novels and movies deal with what came before. Carosella did a great job with some of the lesser known myths surrounding Helen and her contemporaries and giving this well-known story her own twist.The best part of the novel is und [...]

    18. If you are considering reading By Helen's Hand without first reading Helen of Sparta, I would like to strongly discourage it. I've seen another reviewer or two mention that it was not necessary, however it truly is. The depth and breadth of Helen's heartache can not be fully appreciated without experiencing the first installment. Having said that, this is certainly not an altogether depressing story so please do not be scared off. Where to begin.Amalia Carosella is a master at character developm [...]

    19. After failing to thwart the will of the gods in Helen of Sparta, the beautiful and equally determined Spartan princess, soon-to-be queen, must face even more challenges against her and those she holds dear. Her small grasp of happiness torn from her and her hero Theseus said to be lost to Hades, she must use her wits to maneuver through suitors, the madness of Menelaus, and the Trojan prince from her nightmares.So let’s be honest, I was a little anxious when I finished reading Helen of Sparta [...]

    20. I received an advanced copy of this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. My full review is available on my blog at wp/p7sdib-2EFor my first encounter with her writing, I am mostly pleased. Carosella did a beautiful job of writing a fictional story with a classical feel to it that was elegant without being pretentious or too stuffy. This novel offers much for the reader to enjoy. You have all the action and adventure and meddling of the Gods one would expect from a book with a [...]

    21. Ok, so, I've been teaching the Iliad and Odyssey for eight years, and with block scheduling, I get to read these texts -- at minimum -- twice a year. Within the last four years, I've added Book 2 from the Aeneid (this is the book in which Aeneas recounts the fall of Troy). I've always viewed Helen's story as part of Paris's, which -- for all intents and purposes -- is part of the gods' plan to take down Priam's rich citadel. Carosella stays true to this: the gods' will MUST be satisfied. I appre [...]

    22. Well written and well researched, but it didn't draw me in as strongly as the first in the series. Maybe it would have been better to go back and re-read the first immediately before delving into this one? The story picks up right where the first left off, with Helen in the company of her brothers, fleeing Athens for Sparta. The story continues to be told through several characters' perspectives, though only Helen's segments are narrated in the first person. This book follows Helen as she scheme [...]

    23. What a fabulous version of what might have happened to Helen. I love the Iliad. Love everything about the classic novel. Amalia Carosella has taken everything good about Helen's tale and enhanced it. She's brought the characters to life. Helen is no squirming little twit, as she's been portrayed in film, but a strong lead character. I must admit, I see Paris in a different light after reading this book. I've always thought him a bit of a coward. Well, thoughts can change. I believe this is part [...]

    24. This book was a pick up cause I LOVE Mythology lore. It was a major help that it was Greek Mythology which is my favorite. The book tells the story of Helen from Helen's point of view. Trust me, in all my reading the author's make Helen out to be some vain childish woman. This book did not do that. Helen was a strong independent woman in this telling. The things she had to do & handle just to survive & try to avoid war was amazing. If you like stories about strong independent women then [...]

    25. This book killed me. I finished the first and bought this on kindle an hour later. I cannot even form words, knowing the story of Helen makes this even harder to read because you become emotionally attached to her. The writing is excellent and it really brought the story to life in a way that isn't always easy to do when the myth is so well known. It's like watching a slow moving train wreck because I'm your mind everything Helen is doing is for nothing. But the ending!!!! I honestly cried, it w [...]

    26. This was a good book. It had a completely different feel from the first book because it was no longer focused on Helen finding Theseus' love, rather it was focused on giving herself up in order to try to prevent the war of her nightmares. I appreciate the author's development of the main characters and fully agree with the creative license taken at the end.

    27. Read this if you know the story of Helen and want more- Carosella has done a great job bringing one of the most famous figures to life. Read this if you DON'T know Helen's story because it's a great one. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this ARC. Tales of the ancient world are a terrific way to spend time as they are timeless.

    28. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this look at Helen (of Troy)'s life before the Trojan War. Written seemingly effortlessly, this book flows magically, telling of Helen's separation from Theseus and her unwillingness to marry Menelaus. Ms. Crosella offers a portrait of a strong, determined woman, the story of Helen before Paris. Outstanding!

    29. I did like both books and think they are well worth a read for anyone interested in Ancient Greek mythology. They offer insight into what proceeds the Trojan War, providing real substance to the face 'launched a thousand ships', a portrayal of the woman who truly deserved to be known for more than just that. Full review at:greatreadsandtealeavesspo

    30. I'm a fan of mythology, so I was predisposed to enjoy this novel, and I did. I especially liked that Carosella's Helen is strong—not the way she is usually depicted in retellings of the Iliad.

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