You're the One

You re the One This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B L II AY Chanticleer Short Stories and Novellas Award NomineeWhen schoolteacher Natalie meets chess grandmaster Adrien at the Bistro La Boh me the connec

  • Title: You're the One
  • Author: Alix Nichols
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00L2II2AY.Chanticleer Short Stories and Novellas Award NomineeWhen schoolteacher Natalie meets chess grandmaster Adrien at the Bistro La Boh me, the connection is immediate and real Romance is in the air until life makes a move to test how well they know their heartsIs this book for you This delightful story will make youThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00L2II2AY.Chanticleer Short Stories and Novellas Award NomineeWhen schoolteacher Natalie meets chess grandmaster Adrien at the Bistro La Boh me, the connection is immediate and real Romance is in the air until life makes a move to test how well they know their heartsIs this book for you This delightful story will make you sigh and giggle in equal measure.The La Boh me books are romantic comedies with an edge, a good deal of spice, and a lot of heart.In addition, each book is written as a no cliffhanger standalone that follows a different couple This means you can read them in any order you like Hey, who says you can t have it all Gentle reader, don t listen to naysayers You absolutely can, because you re worth it.

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    1. Super cute!It was a pleasant surprise to come across such a lovely book. This was my first time reading this author’s work and I had a really good impression of it. Honestly, I have no idea that a ‘professional chess player’ hero would be this endearing! I always have a soft spot for nerdy heroes, and in this novella, Adrien’s nerdiness and straightforwardness just simply melted my heart. Well, in this book, we meet Adrien Aubert, an international grandmaster, and Natalie Legrand, a nurs [...]

    2. njkinny/2014/08/boNatalie has her life all planned out. She lives with the man she loves and wants to have a family with him. So what, if Fred is a self-absorbed man who takes Natalie for granted and has set rules about not talking about a future and a family with her!Adrien is a world class chess player and a complete nerd. He is happy in his baggy home made sweaters that his Mom made and can be seen at the Bistro La Boheme competing with his computer in a game of chess and enjoying the cafe's [...]

    3. Une très bonne découverte J'ai pris plaisir à suivre les aventures de Nathalie et Adrien et du héros de cette série Le bistrot La BohèmeUn seul regret, que ce soit si court :/ (mais les prochains tomes m'attendent) J'ai beaucoup appréciée de passer d'un personnage à l'autre pour les découvrir cela rend la lecture fluide, l'humour y est présent tout comme la romance, on rencontre également les protagonistes des prochains tomes, mais très brièvement ce qui ne gène donc en rien l'ord [...]

    4. Natalie and Fred are living the life in Paris--or at least Fred is. Natalie is sadly grateful to have such a handsome man in her life, even though he has no interest in marriage, real estate, or starting a family. But Natalie knows she has to be grateful for such a handsome man, even with the fact that his work hours have lately expanded so much.Her friend Marie suggests to her that maybe Fred doesn't take enough interest in her, but Natalie is not receptive. Marie knows better than to give unwa [...]

    5. Natalie is a 27-year old woman in a relationship with Fred a 29-year man who she believes to be her ideal catch. They been together for 3 years & she wants more from their relationship but Fred doesn't want anything to change. When Natalie phones Fred's office at 6 pm to speak to him she discovers he isn't working late like he says he has been for some time. She decides to find out what is happening & follows him to La Boheme Bistro. While there she see him flirt with a blue hair waitres [...]

    6. I recived You're The One as a gift. However, My way of saying thank you; Is by leaving a review of my opinion of this story. I was immediately drawn to Natalie and Adrien. While Natalie is seeking the truth about whether her boyfriend is two-timing on her. She meets Adrien. Sweet and caring man that is, starts talking to Natalie. She's not at the Café at meet up with, who will later become everything to her. Even, discovering that Fred was indeed cheating and confronted the mistress. She decide [...]

    7. This is a very lovely written story like a contemporary romance that takes you into the lives of a woman with a two timing boyfriend. She then finds herself on a journey that makes you really care for her feelings and want her to find happiness. Does Natalie find the happiness? Well since I don't like to give away spoilers in my reviews I guess you have to read this book to find out that answer. I was really happy with the way this book was written and I never got to a point where I wasn't follo [...]

    8. You ´re The One by Alix Nichols is a lighthearted novella.Natalie wants a family and a child with her boyfriend Fred. But Fred does not. He comes home later and later at night and Natalie gets suspicious. She spies on him and watcheshim with another woman, a waitress in a bistro. There she meets Adrien Aubert a chess grand master. Confronted Fred begs for forgivness and proposes. Natalie accepts. Yes she accepts but left him later and searches for Adrien.This book is part of The Boheme series a [...]

    9. 5 Amazing StarsI received this book for my honest review.I so so loved this book. It was the first time I have ever read anything by this author but let me say this that the popping of the characters was like nothing I expected. Going into this read I was a little hesitant at first but then the characters just somehow reached out to me and brought me into their own little world. This is a great short read but I admit I wanted more of the bookMajor KudosHappy Sexy Reading

    10. Oh how wonderful it would be to find someone like Adrien to share one's life with. Sigh.This was a delightful and quick read and reads like a dream.Also the kind of story that I wish would be followed up on and another book showing how well their lives turned out to be together - it could only be good!I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    11. Another in the La Boheme series and another that I read in one sitting. Has me on pins and needles for the next book. Has been my favorite series this year by far. Adrian is a sexy lovable chess nerd and Natalie will strike a cord with any woman who has had those moments of insecurity in a relationship.

    12. What a great story! Loved it! I love this series! This book grabs you on page one and never slows down. Extremely well written super easy read! A super quick read and a wonderful story. Take the time to read this book and the others in this series.

    13. I really enjoy the Bistro La Boheme series! This one is no exception, a fun romantic and sweet read! I especially liked the characters in this one (Natalie and Adrien) although I believe that is one of Alix's best writing skills.her characters are always terrific!!

    14. 4-Stars! This was a very engaging story. The city of Paris was an unusual setting for me, and it was handled beautifully by the author. The hero and heroine were so likable! I wish it was a little bit longer, but the epilogue made me smile. I'll definitely read more by this author!

    15. This a free book (Novella) that I received from the author.I loved the story and the story line.I hope that Alix continues with a series with these characters.

    16. I <3 Natalie! She loves romantic comedies just like I do. My favorite part in this short story was her and Adrien's first kiss :)

    17. Arc review For honest review. When Natalie follows her boyfriend Fred and finds him cheating on her e meets Adrian a chest player. This story is of Natalie finding herself. Very good

    18. This was a sweet contemporary romance that has the beautiful setting of Paris. She is a school teacher that loves her job and the children. Sadly, her long time boyfriend treats her as a servant and door mat. It all changes when she meets a handsome master chess player. I received a complimentary copy of this book in the set: You and Me in Paris and chose to write a review. I look forward to reading more books in the future by this author.

    19. *I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book. All opinion stated are solely my own and no one else's*You're the One was a sweet yet fun read and I really enjoyed it. The characters were likeable, realistic and funny especially, Natalie. She goes to a lot of trouble buying a wig to spy on her boyfriend Fred. I liked Adrien; he was sexy, yet down to earth. I loved the epilogue but wished they had more interactions together before the book came to an end.

    20. This is a sweet romantic read that takes you into a warm cosy place. You get a build up to the plot with a great background to the characters lives and you really understand the turmoil and feelings Natalie is going through as well as the sadness of an affair and the effects that has on all concerned. This is the first book I have read by the author and do look forward to reading more, great short read.

    21. I was bored. The storyline mostly focused on Natalie trying to catch her cheating boyfriend in the act. Afterwards she shows herself to be a weak female character lead. I'm not a fan of anyone who accept cheating. It's disgusting. Her relationship with Adrien was barely there. Their love story took a backseat to Natalie figuring out her life. Their connection and chemistry didn't come across well on paper.

    22. Andrew is a chess master who usually spends time playing with his computer in La Bohème.Natalie is a schoolteacher who goes to La Bohème following her husband.A short, sweet and enjoyable, easy to read story that makes you smile when you finish reading it.I received this book as part of La Bohème Box Set

    23. Not quite what I was expecting. Alix Nichols is a new author for me. This was a cute read for just starting to get to know what is on the writers mind.

    24. Quick contemporary romance. Cheating "boy friend" is outed by his girl friend. She discovers there is love.

    25. Wonderful story! Humor, a little heart break and a whole lot of love! Realizing you are with the wrong person and finding "the one!" Quick read. Don't miss!

    26. Fabulous story. Really heart-warming. Natalie eventually made right decisions and Adrien was just so thoughtful, caring and passionate. Thoroughly recommend.

    27. Nursery school teacher Natalie wants a baby, but her boyfriend of three years, Fred, does not. She decides to work harder on pleasing him so they can move on to the next stage of their life together.Adrien is a professional chess player who is ready for a little more in his life, only he doesn’t know where to find it. When he meets Natalie in a café, he’s determined to make something of the relationship. What he doesn’t know is that Natalie is only coming to the café to spy on Fred once [...]

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