Christmas with Anne of Green Gables: and Other Stories

Christmas with Anne of Green Gables and Other Stories Come celebrate Christmas with Anne of Green Gables and many of your other beloved friends from Prince Edward Island Collected here are twelve wonderful holiday stories from a better simpler time Each

Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories L M Aug , Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories is a heartwarming collection about the real spirit of Christmas, a quality that hopefully will never go out of fashion It is highly recommended to fans of L.M Montgomery s short stories Read people found this helpful. Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories by L.M Sep , Share Anne s delight at receiving the dress of her dreams, the joy of a young woman reunited with her long lost brother on Christmas Eve, and the surprise of a trio of sisters who inadvertently end a family feud by arriving at the wrong uncle s house for Christmas dinner. Christmas with Anne by L M Montgomery Fantastic Fiction Christmas with Anne by L M Montgomery book cover, description, publication history. Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories ThriftBooks Share Anne s delight at receiving the dress of her dreams, the joy of a young woman reunited with her long lost brother on Christmas Eve, and the surprise of a trio of sisters who inadvertently end a family feud by arriving at the wrong uncle s house for Christmas dinner. Christmas with Anne And Other Holiday Stories by Lucy Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories . out of based on ratings reviews callmejacx on LibraryThing months ago This is the perfect book to get you in the right mood for Christmas It leaves you with a warm heart and a longing for a back home traditional Christmas when presents really did come from the heart. Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories by L.M description The story of Anne Shirley has endured generation after generation and catapulted L.M Montgomery into the ethos of literature Here, Dreamscape presents a collection of holiday stories featuring Anne and other characters. Christmas with Anne of Green Gables and Other Stories short Christmas stories, the first two from L.M Montgomery s most famous series Anne Of Green Gables If you had only read the first book in the Green Gables series you might not want to read the second short story because it does spoil Anne s story a little of the stories were different and refreshing compared to most of the stories. Christmas With Anne Walmart Christmas With Anne Average rating out of stars, based on reviews Write a review Berneis, Susie Walmart This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out Tell us if something is incorrect Christmas With Anne.

  • Title: Christmas with Anne of Green Gables: and Other Stories
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Come celebrate Christmas with Anne of Green Gables and many of your other beloved friends from Prince Edward Island Collected here are twelve wonderful holiday stories from a better, simpler time Each story provides plenty of scope for imagination L M Montgomery s writing is witty and wonderful Spend the holiday season with her and her delightful characters.

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    1. With both Christmas and New Year's stories, this book contains charm aplenty. Yes, the endings are a little predictable and everything feels a little too sugary but at the same time, sometimes that's what you need in a collection of short stories. Without further ado -Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves: An excerpt fromAnne of Green Gables. Anne spends her first Christmas with Matthew and Marilla. Despite all of the trouble she's gotten into, Matthew really, truly wants to buy her something specia [...]

    2. I truly adore most of these sweet L.M. Montgomery Christmas stories, and actually try to reread Christmas With Anne and Other Holiday Stories every December. That being said, I have never all that much either liked or even approved of the fact that editor Rea Wilmshurst has chosen to include two Christmas episodes from the Anne of Green Gables series (a chapter from Anne of Green Gables and an episode from Anne of Windy Poplars). For while I (indeed) absolutely love both of these novels (and hav [...]

    3. Vďakabohu, že som včera túto knižku iba tak spontánne vytiahla z knižnice a začítala sa do milých, vianočných, krátkych príbehov od Lucy M. Montgomery.Už dlho som túžila prečítať si niečo, čo by vo mne navodilo vianočnú atmosféru a nieslo by "pravého Ducha Vianoc". Každopádne zistila som, že s novodobými vianočne ladenými knižkami a mnou to nefunguje veľmi ideálne. Až Vianoce s Annou zahrali u mňa na tú pravú nôtu.Bolo to prekrásne! Každý jeden príbeh [...]

    4. I read half way through this collection and found most of the tales sweet (sometimes overly so) and seasonal. But they are not up to the standard of LMM's novels. However, this can be understood when we realize that most of the tales were written earlier than her novels and that she was writing to be published and thus had to conform to the standards of the magazines (i.e these were labors to earn money, not labors of love). Thus, the overly didactic style and sometimes cookie-cutter characters [...]

    5. The perfect read for the Christmas season! Though her stories in this book weren't of the same calibre as her other books and stories, I really enjoyed this collection. They definitely made me feel Christmassy, and the stories were all very sweet (sometimes a little bit too sweet, so I didn't read it all at once). I recommend it to everyone, but especially to any Scrooges (haha!) because they're full of Christmas lessons about helping the less fortunate, forgiving old grievances and spreading Ch [...]

    6. Sweet Christmas stories - for me, they were best enjoyed with space in between, only reading one or two in one sitting. Otherwise, it was sweetness overload. I'd imagine that big fans of LMM will want these in their collection.

    7. I haven't read anything about Anne and the family in a Looooong time but I still really enjoyed these cute Christmas stories that gave me the feels.It was a great time to read it as it is relevant right now but I love that it is in Canada and that they moved west like me lolGood Read!

    8. A sweetly nostalgic collection of Lucy Maude's Christmas and New Year's stories, but the theme of reconciliation and inability to have enough at the holidays for one's family was just a bit repetitive. I enjoyed it enough but not enough to reread.

    9. A collection of Christmas and New Year stories written by L.M. Montgomery in her days before becoming a successful novelist, when she wrote short stories for magazines. These stories were discovered and edited by Rea Wilmhurst, who has also brought out other volumes of Montgomery's short stories.The Christmas stories are sweet, sometimes even too sugary, but I think this is understandable considering that she had to write what the magazines were expecting of a Christmas story. Most of the time s [...]

    10. Aww, how can you not love ANYTHING that involves Anne of Green Gables? if you've read any of her books, you know what to expect, but this is short little nuggets of stories, not all of which involve Anne. The cultural and historical setting of the stories is fascinating, and the tone is so sweet and wholesome, and yet completely unpretentious or preachy that I couldn't put the book down. I read the whole thing in one day. It reminds me of a little box of freshly made cookies. it's hard to stop a [...]

    11. These are delightful stories about the true meaning of Christmas written by a well-beloved author. They are few familiar characters and many new ones. Some are similar to each other but that doesn't detract from the enjoyment of them. Children and young people learn that giving to others is more pleasant than receiving. Other families are reunited after years of discord. This is a book I want to return to in the future.

    12. I love the feeling I had while reading this collection of short stories. I led discussions in a book club and in a book group online about the stories in this book. If you're looking for a collection of old-timey, feel-good books, then this one is for you! There are beautiful stories of love, friendship, family, forgiveness, gift giving, redemption, etc.

    13. Such a heartwarming, cozy little collection. I really enjoyed reading the short stories and it is a perfect book for the season.

    14. Sometimes around the holidays, a little light reading is best to take one's mind off of the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year's day. But light need not be mindless. A book *can be* fun, light, and yet engaging and thought provoking. It can warm your heart, and challenge you to think of certain moral issues, such as gratitude and helping others. The book that accomplished this for me is the collection of short stories entitled, *Christmas With Anne and Other Holiday Stories*, by L. M. M [...]

    15. This was a very sweet Christmas/New Year short story collection. The only other books I have read by L.M. Montgomery are the Anne of Green Gables series, and it was interesting to read these short stories and come across ideas and character names which she had used in the Anne series! It is definitely a heart-warming read, full of good cheer and Christmas spirit.

    16. Absolutely charming series of Christmas stories, including the puffed sleeves and Katharine Brooke's visit chapters. Winters and small happinesses absolutely come to life in her writing, as well as the joys of kindness and generosity (both in gifts and in spirit). I always feel cheered after reading this!

    17. 4.5 The stories were cute and heart warming and I always enjoy Montgomery's writing style. However, the stories did seem to become repetitive after a while.

    18. Such a sweet collection of short stories for the Christmas season! Each one is easy to read and has a moral of giving to others which is such a breath of fresh air around the holidays!

    19. While these stories were sweet and very heartwarming for the season, I was a little annoyed because the majority of the short stories are not about Anne at all - and the ones that are about her are not stories at all but chapters from two of the books in the Anne series. I was expecting a set of tales set in Green Gables at Christmastime featuring Anne and her friends.Of the remaining stories that were not Anne related (most of them) they were fairly formulaic and fell into two main categories: [...]

    20. I have read this before, during a previous Christmas season, but I needed a book right now, and 'tis the season, so I am reading it againAFTER: Ahhh, the escape into the world that makes me want to write. Montgomery has that ability to really push me to write anything and everything, create characters that live and breathe and dream and dance and have friends and troubles and traumas and joys. Every story she writes is like a little glimpse into a chapter of Creativity. This was a nice festive r [...]

    21. I loved this book.I have not read the entire book yet.It is short stories of Christmas throughout Canada. I read a few and saving rest for next Christmas.I loved the first story of Anne and the dress Matthew had made for her.Another favorite far is Aunt Cyrilla's Basket. Nice story of Christmas spirit and kindness. Looking forward to finishing the stories Christmas 2017.

    22. because it's the season. and i'm an addict. and it's the book of the month in the l m montgomery groupOn finishing, it's a somewhat uneven collection. Some, like Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket, I really liked. Others were significantly weakerbut they were all by LM Montgomery, so let's be honest, I liked it.

    23. This was a wonderful, feel-good selection of stories centered on the Christmas themes of good will, self-sacrifice, joy in the simple things of life, God's provision through people, distress turned to delight.

    24. Trite and painfully simple, but wholesome and enjoyable. Most of these short stories came from a Sunday School circular with heavy emphasis on morals. No surprises and no complex plots.

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