Garfield Takes the Cake

Garfield Takes the Cake Garfield is a fast talking late sleeping cynical lovable cat He hassles Odie Jon and Nermal and enchants kids of all ages Riding the crest of four big best sellers he s back better fatter and

  • Title: Garfield Takes the Cake
  • Author: Jim Davis
  • ISBN: 9780345449788
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • Garfield is a fast talking, late sleeping, cynical, lovable cat He hassles Odie, Jon, and Nermal and enchants kids of all ages Riding the crest of four big best sellers, he s back better, fatter, and funnier than ever before

    One thought on “Garfield Takes the Cake”

    1. 3.5 stars. Book 5 in Garfield's continuing quest to find the perfect pan of lasagna (without having to work too hard to get it). Along the way, he torments Odie, Nermal Jim and the rest of gang in classic Garfield fashion.

    2. Lies!!! There is NO cake.Garfield has a mean grandpa.Garfield and Odie dissolve into laughter.Garfield tries dating but attracts the wrong species.Not as funny as I expectedSleep solves all.Nap attack.I'm feeling drowsy nowThe good ones :Cat gets hijackedGarfield providesMovie criticLoving PookyThe meh ones :Garfield tries dietingHeart attacksThe philosophical ones :The mouse is a parent, the mouse goes to church, respecting fellow creatures,Planting chickensPooky is a one cat teddy bear.Not bad [...]

    3. This was an action packed comedy adventure with garfield and crew watch as they go on wacky adventures even escaping in from prison. I would recomend this to anyone. Great book.

    4. I don't ever remember laughing at Garfield. Reading it was like re-watching an episode of a sitcom you've already seen ten times and know all the plot threads and punchlines. There's a bland comfort to it and, for a stretch in early Middle School, bland comfort was preferable to none.I consumed all the Garfield books in the Middle School library, idly wondering when something new would happen to shake up the Groundhog Day-esque loop in which they lived their lives, for a character to maybe grow [...]

    5. What i thought about this book is that it was funny and its a great book for people who like comedy this book is also a variety of funny bits there are many bits that are hilarious and its so funny because Garfield is always having problems with eating everything he sees. this book is a type of book that makes you laugh like for example eating tips dont eat anything on fire !!!!!!this book is static I liked this book I think if you read it you will find out if he fixes his disorder of eating.

    6. Now entering a relative of Garfield's, some potential female companions, and more dieting. Garfield is spunky in this installment. Still in a never ending contest to eat as much food as possible. Jon attempts to get Garfield to stand up to his mousing duties but that doesn't happen. Another book of joy. Love Garfield!

    7. One of my favorites. It has great humor and it's clever. I think children will enjoy this very much because who doesn't love Garfield?

    8. Garfield Takes the Cake is another fun-filled book of Garfield the cat comic strips. Garfield up up to his usual hi-jinx messing with Jon and Odie. Arlene is a nice addition to the cast as Garfield finally has a female cat to play against. It is great that she doesn't fall for all of the things he tries to pull. And poor Lyman . . . where has he gone. He is barley in this book. He is fading away . . . fading away . . . fading away . . . fading away . . . There were quite a few times I let out a [...]

    9. I want one. Not just a ginger cat not all ginger cats are Garfield's, no matter what people say. And whatever that thing was in the movie that certainly wasn't a Garfield not sure what that monstrosity is but it ain't no Garfield. And can someone also please tell me what those things are in The Magic Roundabout movie? Because is all I saw when I watched it was a desperate ploy, immature sales tactics and a bunch of corporate pigs paying for hookers with our children's money is nothing sacred? No [...]

    10. Garfield Takes the Cake is a funny comic strip about a cat with a huge appetite. Throughout the comic Garfield tries to steal the cake from in front of his owner. He tries every way he knows how and eventually succeeds. I gave this comic a 4 out of 5 for its humor and funny illustrations. I feel that this material is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed and understood by anybody in the world. I really appreciate Jim Davis's humor and find it funny that you can predict what happens next.

    11. I loved Garfield when I was in middle school. I had several of these collections, and I read them all again and again. I'm giving three stars based on the way I felt about the book when I read it the first time (or should I say the first 10 to 15 times?). Now I can't imagine reading any one of these books one time.I can barely believe how many of these collections exist.

    12. Let me tell you something, Odie gives him the business about every other page. And this cat has a real passion for pasta.Good book, Jon's Geek-itis around veterinarian Liz Wilson and Garfield's fat jokes with Arlene make for fun banter. I wish he would just find someone who would accept him for him.

    13. This book was funny.This book is funny. I don't remember everything that happened. When I read this book it was with a lot of other Garfield books. I love these comic type books because they are easy to read, and quite funny. I think everyone should read these books. So read them now! ~Bookworm~

    14. I used to actually worship Garfield. I mean that I used to pray to Garfield before I went to bed. I used to be weird. Not anymore. My mom used to come in my room thinking that I was wailing and crying, I was laughing so hard when I read these. Now I am a comics snob and find Jim Davis soo boring.

    15. I was addicted to these as a kid. I drove my parents insane following them around demanding, "Read this one!" I'm sure that my Dad regretted owning a bookstore. As an adult, I foster cats, and every foster kitten has a picture taken in a box labeled "to: Abu Dhabi." None of my two personal cats are obese, but one is especially adept at tossing chihuahuas off furniture using only one paw

    16. In this book it is Garfield is having is 14 birthday I think and I really like this book I liked all there funny jokes and pranks. This book made me feel good because I was laughing while reading this book this is like all the other Garfield books! I recommend it to everyone who like comic books!

    17. In Garfield Takes The Cake, you get the humorous scene of Garfield being his natural self. You'll find humor with food, relationships and various other things. If you're a lover of Garfield or you just need a good laugh to brighten up your day then this is a comic book you need to read.

    18. Another collection of Garfield strips, with his usual laziness, wit and cynicism. We see Jon’s grandfather, Garfield’s less-than-serious relationship with the witty Arlene, and Garfield’s reaction to all of Jon’s fat jokes.

    19. My sister loves these books, apparently—she's been borrowing them from the library for a while now. And we both love this Garfield-style humour, so we started reading them together, sometimes aloud. Voice acting and family bonding time 101.

    20. Garfield is always a fun, easy comic where you can leave your brain at the door but enjoy plenty of snickering at the felines' bizarre and selfish antics. A cute book that's fun to look through.

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