Woman of the Hour

Woman of the Hour StoryWorld TV brings real life stories to its viewers But it s at the station where the true dramas are played outLiz Lyon is Head of Features at StoryWorld TV It s exhilarating and sometimes glamorou

  • Title: Woman of the Hour
  • Author: Jane Lythell
  • ISBN: 9781784971205
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • StoryWorld TV brings real life stories to its viewers But it s at the station where the true dramas are played outLiz Lyon is Head of Features at StoryWorld TV It s exhilarating and sometimes glamorous work, but as a single mother with a demanding career, her life is a constant balancing act.Then simmering tensions erupt at the station, trapping Liz in a web of rivaStoryWorld TV brings real life stories to its viewers But it s at the station where the true dramas are played outLiz Lyon is Head of Features at StoryWorld TV It s exhilarating and sometimes glamorous work, but as a single mother with a demanding career, her life is a constant balancing act.Then simmering tensions erupt at the station, trapping Liz in a web of rivalry, manipulation and deceit If she trusts the wrong person, she could lose her job But with everything she thought she knew crumbling around her, can she even trust herself A twisty drama of secrets and lies in a London TV station, this is the first book in the StoryWorld series from the acclaimed author of The Lie Of You.

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    1. Meet Liz Lyon; single mother to fourteen-year-old daughter, Flo, and charged with massaging the egos and pandering to the whims of the family behind StoryWorld TV, sofa TV with the cringe-inducing slogan, "Real people, real life, real stories live". Often the punchbag for the unassailable Julius Jones, programme director at StoryWorld, Liz Lyon has spent seventeen-years at the station and has seen her star rise from junior researcher to that of head of features. Bloody and brutal when it all goe [...]

    2. I was rather excited to get an ARC of Woman of the Hour as I've read and enjoyed Jane Lythell's previous two books. This one is a slight departure in a way, as it isn't a dark psychological suspense but more a fascinating insight into the world of one woman and her struggle to maintain the balance between her home and work life. Liz works at StoryWorld, a daytime tv magazine style programme and what a backstabbing, vicious world to work in it appears! Full of ambitious two faced people, who all [...]

    3. A very different offering here from Jane Lythell who has previously written two cracking psychological thrillers - this tale of life in television is equally compelling. A really addictive drama with some great characters.Full review to follow next couple of days (when its not so late at night and I can be coherent)Loved this though.

    4. The author's previous books were psychological thriller stories, Woman of the Hour moves away from that genre and looks at the life of a woman working as a TV producer, dealing with the stresses that go with it.The story is structured very well, and allows the reader to have an insight into both of Liz Lyon's worlds. Narrated by Liz from two locations; the StoryWorld studios on London Bridge and then from her flat in Chalk Farm which she shares with her teenage daughter Flo.Jane Lythell expertly [...]

    5. Although this novel is a departure from Jane Lythell’s previous books it in no way disappoints. Woman of the Hour is a tale of workplace intrigue and how a single mother - Liz Lyon - juggles her private and professional lives under a number of increasing pressures. The fact that Liz’s work environment is set within the heady world of daytime television adds a fascinating insight into the day-to-day machinations and stresses of those who bring such programmes to our screens. The story is peop [...]

    6. I really enjoyed Woman of the Hour. Although different to the author's previous books it is just as compelling. The story centres around a daytime television studio called StoryWorld and is written in such an authentic way I wasn't surprised to find out Jane Lythell has experience working in this field. I loved the main character, Liz. She's level headed at work but her personal life is a different story as she juggles single motherhood with such a full on job. Jane Lythell writes the comparison [...]

    7. Just brilliant. I liked Woman of the Hour because it was so different from The Lie of You. Woman of the Hour is about StoryWorld a favourite morning show. All different types of people are interviewed and there is their own agony aunt Betty. Rather bizarre in a meeting the presenters are told that they now have to wear pastel colours as dark colours say misery. Meet Liz Lyon respected TV producer stressed out executive guilty single mother, who loves going home to her Chalk Farm flat to her daug [...]

    8. 4.5 StarsAt the point that I read this book it has been classified as a mystery, both on Netgalley and on , but having read this, I think it is a brilliant piece of perhaps women's fiction, but if you are expecting a big mystery then you will be disappointed. There is very little mystery in this, some intrigue and secrets, some potential for blackmail, but not really a mystery. That being said I really enjoyed the book, and found it a very entertaining and gripping read. Liz Lyon is in charge of [...]

    9. 3.5 starsLiz Lyon is the woman in Woman Of The Hour who showed me the other side of what we usually see on our tv screen. A job at a television station is something that seems galaxys away from your ordinary joe’s life, it speaks to the imagination, something one can only dream of and seems nothing but exciting, glitzy and glamerous but is it really all glam and shine? I believe that you’ll have a much more realistic image of the tv world after finishing this novel.Liz is a woman trying to h [...]

    10. **RATING 4.5**WOMAN OF THE HOUR by Jane Lythell is an exceptionally well-written story of a highly driven TV executive who is desperately trying to balance her career with her role as a mother, all the while handling the myriad of issues, some more serious than others, that is involved with working behind the scenes at StoryWorld TV. Liz Lyon shines at her workplace where she protects and looks after every person on her team, and puts her heart and soul into her job. There is only one other area [...]

    11. Woman of the Hour is a fantastically entertaining peek into the ‘glamorous’ world of daytime television peppered with an array of fascinating characters – good, bad and ugly. The narrative unfolds through the eyes of producer Liz Lyon – epistolary style – who superficially appears to (almost) have it all: a fabulous career, intelligence, good looks, a gorgeous, if sometime stroppy teenage daughter, a handsome lover.Of course, the truth is somewhat different and therein lies the drama. [...]

    12. They say write what you know, and Jane Lythell has done just that. If you have ever wanted to know what it's like to work behind the scenes at a busy TV station, well this books for you. I'm not sure what genre this would be - contemporary drama, I think covers it. It is contemporary and dramatic with a story line that slowly racks up the tension. Liz Lyons is a great character, with plenty more to offer. Really enjoyable read.

    13. I’ve loved both of Jane Lythell’s other books – The Lie of You and After the Storm – but I think she hits new heights with ‘Woman of the Hour’. This is a departure from the tense psychological storylines in her first two books, to more of a women’s fiction feel – although my husband is reading the book now, and loving it too, and there are still plenty of deeper themes around the complexity of family and working relationships.I really liked the first person writing in this novel [...]

    14. The best kind of book, I totally lost myself while reading it. I was immersed in Story World - the book is written almost like a diary or a chronicle, first pov the whole way through so you're deep inside. It's not my usual book and I'm not sure why I downloaded it, perhaps the cover or the title - but I'm so glad I did.It's a chance to walk in the shoes of some one whose life you can imagine, but then you become invested and it's that thing - other people's lives, decisions, loves, losses and b [...]

    15. I found this book quite steady and not what I was expecting. I did enjoy it to a point but didn't find it amazing. Thank you for the ARC in return for a honest reveiw

    16. Meet Liz Lyon: respected TV producer, stressed out executive, guilty single mother.Liz works at StoryWorld, the nation's favourite morning show. The opening section of the book concentrates on how Liz struggles to juggle that holy grail of the work and life balance. She lives with her teenage daughter; a fraught and strained relationship which means home is not always that much of a sanctuary after a long challenging day managing egos and office politics!At work Liz is responsible for turning re [...]

    17. ‘In the world of TV, the real drama happens behind the scenes…’Woman of the Houris a novel by Jane Lythell that was published in the summer of 2016 by Head of Zeus. Described as ‘a gripping story of workplace intrigue, inspired by the author’s own experience of working in the glamorous world of live TV', Woman of The Hour is the first book in a new series, with ‘StoryWorld Two’ from Jane Lythell out soon.In the meantime, here is my review to whet your appetite….We are all used to [...]

    18. Woman of the Hour is a behind the scenes look at a TV Station. All of the pressures, power struggles and petty rivalries are laid bare in this entertaining and absorbing novel. Liz Lyon is pretty much at the top of her game, having worked her way up at Storyworld, she manages to hold down a demanding job on top of being a single Mum to her teenage daughter Flo. I take my hat off to her! I believe that this book is the first in a series and I will be delighted to find out more about our delightfu [...]

    19. Woman of the Hour is an intense fictional look at what goes on behind the scenes in the pressurised world of live morning TV. It's certainly not as glamorous as people are often led to believe.In places, Woman of the Hour reads more like memoir than fiction, providing an honest and realistic account. Jane Lythell clearly knows her subject, having worked in TV for years, and this shines through in her writing with so much detail described - in terms of setting, daily lives and people's rising emo [...]

    20. This book was an interesting, easy read, which gave me a fascinating insight into the world of TV politics. I liked the protagonist, Liz, because her management style is so human and she wants to do things right. This is juxtaposed with the management of her teenage daughter at home, and many readers will identify with the issues the author highlights. The plot was fast-paced, and although I felt there was a little too much unnecessary back story, I wanted to read on to find out how/if Harriet w [...]

    21. A rather pedantic writing style not really suited for the 1st person present-tense style utilized, IMHO. You need to have a flair for language and description to really get away with that. Despite that, it kept me interested.

    22. I listened to the audiobook version of this story. Really enjoyed and the narration was superb and had me listening to the end. Recommended.

    23. Behind the scenes of a TV morning show. The tensions and backbiting lead to lots of stress. The Characters are well written and believable.

    24. Disappointing EndingThe book held my attention right to the end but what a letdown. Thought there could have been a more dramatic conclusion.

    25. Woman of the Hour is the third novel from Jane Lythell and a breakaway from her previous two thriller based novels. As a former TV producer for 15 years, Jane has now turned her attention to writing a fictional account of life at StoryWorld TV and the behind the scenes accounts of the personal dramas being played out.Liz Lyon is Head of Features at StoryWorld TV and for most of us it must seem like the ultimate job in television but in reality for Liz it is a daily battle of stress and strain an [...]

    26. Well if this is what life behind the scenes in TV land is like, I'm glad I've never had to work there, but it certainly makes for fascinating reading. Written from the perspective of Liz, a hardworking features producer on a daytime TV show , juggling a hectic career with being a single mum to newly stroppy teen this could have been a fun frothy read, but it turned out to be much more. Liz loves her job and the team she works with, but the arrival of a cuckoo in the nest in the form of a probati [...]

    27. I knew of this author through a Facebook group called Book Connectors and then I was lucky enough to meet her at a little local event called the Guildford Book Festival back in October. Hearing Jane talk about both herself and her book, Woman of the Hour, I was intrigued, so I was delighted when she very kindly offered to send me a review copy.Woman of the Hour is set in the fictitious television world called StoryWorld, a popular morning show with features, celebrity guests and other topical co [...]

    28. A superb novel based around the machinations of a London based Independent TV Channel and its Morning Features Producer, Liz Lyon. She is in charge of producing a version of "This Morning". The author, Jane Lythell, knows her stuff and it shows. The story line flows flawlessly between the TV Studios and Liz Lyon's home (Chalk Farm) and is narrated from her perspective. Her personal and business lives are seamlessly linked together. The novel rotates around everyday life at StoryWorld: its operat [...]

    29. Solid 4.5 stars.This is a delightful character driven book. I believe it is the start of a new series and it definitely read like that as I found it to be quite "continuing drama" in nature. The story revolves around Liz who is the Head of Features for a TV show called StoryWorld. She is basically responsible for pretty much everything, well, that's to say she gets the blame for anything that goes wrong so, to say that she has to juggle all the many hats she needs to wear is an understatement. A [...]

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