Frey Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B EIO C Frey s life is a lie She doesn t remember being bound from magic She didn t intend to get entangled in Council business But she did And now

  • Title: Frey
  • Author: Melissa Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B005EIO02C.Frey s life is a lie She doesn t remember being bound from magic She didn t intend to get entangled in Council business.But she did.And now she s on the run As the Council trackers pursue her, Frey discovers a world beyond their lies With the aid of a stranger, she fights to reclaim her true identity before tLibrarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B005EIO02C.Frey s life is a lie She doesn t remember being bound from magic She didn t intend to get entangled in Council business.But she did.And now she s on the run As the Council trackers pursue her, Frey discovers a world beyond their lies With the aid of a stranger, she fights to reclaim her true identity before the others hunt her down If they find her, she will burn.

    One thought on “Frey”

    1. To sum it up: The plot is very weak and the characters are not well fleshed out to carry the weight of the story. Furthermore, I think this book has a weak heroine with some degree of autism that reflects in her inability to talk and relate to the other characters of the book. This, for me, ruins it all since every interaction is beyond weird. (To clarify, this book is not about a female lead with autism which might have been quite interesting to read, it is simply a badly written lead that make [...]

    2. I bought this book for two reasons: the summary on the page, which seemed interesting, and the very reasonable price on . I didn't pick it up immediately, but being on vacation and having finished another quick read, I turned to FREY.My main issues with the book lie with the main character and the plot. First off, I found it very hard to sympathize with Frey (or Freya), mostly because she shows a lot of tendencies toward being, well, a killing machine with zero compassion. She kills a bird and [...]

    3. I didn't know that books could be this bad until I read book one of the Frey. I really wanted to like this book because:1. It was free.2. I had seen so many positive reviews of it on as well as .For me, this book was basically unreadable. I kept going in hopes that it would get better, but it was so boring that I couldn't push far past the 1/3 mark. How should I explain? The best way that I can put it is that this is a book where nothing happens.At the start of the book, the main character does [...]

    4. *Copy provided in exchange for an honest review* I. AM. OBSESSED. Melissa has successfuly created another world for me to give up my real life for. This book is mostly about elves but we get to see other creatures as well. Our main character, Frey, is in possession of one of the most amazing powers I have read about. It's incredibly badass and it makes her out to be a pretty complex character. We all love one of those, right?? Because I do! I could feel her pain and struggle to grasp the secrets [...]

    5. I really tried with this book. I got about half way through it before I had to stop. NONE of it made any sense. The book is told in first person by Freya, and through her first person narrative we find out her magic has been bound, she's an elf, and she lives in a tree with her aunt. In the beginning of the book she's going to take a magic lesson, and her magic starts to show up, and apparently it's the dark kind. That sucks. Then, this mysterious "watcher" person shows up and watches her, and s [...]

    6. DNFed at 50%I hardly ever DNF a book. I hate to. I always want to figure out what's gonna happen no matter how bad a book is written, because there's still a story to learn and finish. But this book is just a whole different matter. It's asking to be DNFed. There's no character or world development. The writing sounds awful. It's jumping, it's rushed, IT MAKES NO SENSE. I'm reading the book and 12 FREAKIN THINGS HAPPEN IN ONE SENTENCE. It sounds like a talented, fifth graders work. Let me sum th [...]

    7. Nothing makes any sense until the last 5%… I'm not exaggerating. There's like five bombshells of revelations and then, bam. book over.I kept waiting for it to get good, was so ready, but there was no character development. None. No world building, just lots of variations of fog. Bullshit. Why did it get 2 stars? There were only two editing errors. The language was mostly understandable. I do want to know what happens next I just don't know if I could handle more nothing for 500 pages; all for [...]

    8. The writing was too amateurish for me to get far, so I can't speak for the story side of things. Just couldn't get immersed.

    9. Let me start out by saying that Frey was an amazing story. It takes a wonderful mind to come up with the many situations, twists, and turns that this author gives the reader. From the get go, I was enthralled. Elfreda is an elf who doesn't fit into the small village she lives in. We immediately know she is living with an aunt and that her parents are dead. I felt immediate sympathy for Frey. She has endured a great deal and is forced to live with an aunt who enjoys being cruel. I knew the author [...]

    10. It's taken me ages to get through this book. I think the idea of the story was good, not overly original, but I like fantasy stories, so that didn't bother me. The execution could've been better. I felt as though the descriptions were lacking so much in this book. For example, when Frey was traveling, we'd get an idea that there was water or a mountain, but that was it. No pine needles lining the forest floor, no smells, no tickle on her skin or biting wind there was nothing that made me feel li [...]

    11. This could have been SO great. It is the type of thing I would normally like a lot. As it is, it was sorely lacking something. I could see the potential, I really could, which made the let down so much worse. Most of the characters were only 'alright-ish' nothing I would write home about. (Not that I do that kind of thing, haha!) Some I liked and ended up feeling sorry that they were in this book. It was their ruin, they deserve so much more. Some I found myself asking why they were even there. [...]

    12. I tried several times (unsuccessfully) to win this book when it was offered as a giveaway. So when I discovered it for free on Barnes and Noble I downloaded it immediately. Unfortunately, it was difficult to get 'into' this book, so it took forever to get through it since I would put it down and read other books and come back for a little more torture before finding something else to read lather, rinse, repeat. I did finish it, finally two months later.I was so put off by the main character, [...]

    13. First of all, I received a copy of this book signed from the author so my thanks to Melissa Wright! *Spoiler Alert.*This is the best kind of story: action packed, a little bit of sexual tension, and a heroin who has yet to find herself. Literally, in this case. Fraya, Elfreda, Freyis is our main character! But she doesn't know who she is. And she doesn't know that she doesn't know who she is because all of her memories have been stripped from her. The story starts in a small Elvin town,(Yes, thi [...]

    14. Original Blog Review: myescapebookscoffeetea.wordprMy Instagram: instagram/blogescape/ My Twitter: twitter/BlogMyEscape Buy this book on The Book Depository: bookdepository/Frey-MeActual Rating: 4.5 Stars* The author of this book sent me this paperback copy in exchange for an honest review, so don’t expect less than that, I will always give my honest opinion, like it or not *First of all I have to say that I really really enjoyed this book !As you probably know, I am that kind of person that d [...]

    15. I reread this (originally read in Dec 2011) in preparation of reading the rest of the series, as book 3 is due out very, very soon. This book is even better the 2nd time around!!!Here's my original review:This story is told completely from Frey's point of view. It's very effective as much of the book deals with the mystery surrounding Frey. It's extremely frustrating for a curious bird as myself, but not bad frustrating, it's more like being tickled: aggravating and fun at the same time.As the s [...]

    16. This is a fine example of why I dislike first person POV. We're in a story, of what, I don't really know because the character doesn't know and cannot be bothered with asking good questions to find anything out. It's frustrating. On top of that, it's just paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of what Frey is doing, where she's going, and what she's thinking. There isn't any kind of witty banter to break up the monotony of not knowing what is happening or where the story is leading. I grew bo [...]

    17. I would have given this book four stars, or perhaps even five if it wasn't for the slack-jawed, drooling idiocy that seemed to befall the lead character every time the lead male was around. The story was interesting, but the first chapter almost turned me off completely, and her absolute compliance drove me mad. I understand that she had her magic bound, but she still should have retained some common sense, like occasionally wondering where the hell her watcher was dragging her off to, or why he [...]

    18. Not a bad story, but not something I would continue reading. She wasn't very sympathetic and I didn't enjoy her killing the way she did. I can see why her aunt hated her.

    19. Cover Thoughts-It's perfect. The cover is so eye catching and colorful and the the next one in the series is like it too. The cursive leaves a bit of an antique and free feeling like the story. I also love the idea of putting Frey on the cover with a nature scene like that because throughout the whole book she is in the wilderness.First Thought-I'm expecting some sort of wizard or magic people? The summary sounds alright. What I liked-I loved it. As soon as I was done I went and bought the secon [...]

    20. The plot behind this book is sound enough, but what really turned me off to it is how uninteresting the main character is. She is completely inept at basically everything, which isn't always a bad thing, but she also has no other redeeming qualities to make her likable. In addition, some chapters are entirely devoted to training scenes which do not forward the plot. The trope of hiding information from the protagonist (and therefore the reader) is stretched out way too long without enough hints [...]

    21. I very much enjoyed the beginning of the book, despite having to re-read many sentences due to improper comma usage (it confuses me when pauses are in odd places). Once Frey was driven out of her village, I got very bored with all the(brutal)training of Frey by the band of elves who were supposed to be helping her, and because I was no longer dazzled with the pretty idea of cute little elves living in trees, the commas became even more tiresome. I have abandoned it for now. Maybe I will come bac [...]

    22. Too many holes in the story and the heroine just doesn't ask questionse goes along with everything. The characters aren't developed completely so I need to step away for a bitI'll try again in the future.

    23. This wasn’t bad but the main character was kind of emotionless and blah at times. She didn’t ask enough questions or demand explanations about anything and that bugged me. It wasn’t so much that she was naive, innocent or too trusting as much as it was that she just seemed disinterested and introverted.It was also a bit slow at times with the only interesting bits found while reading a stolen diary. I was also kind of confused as to why the northern people didn’t hate her, as it seems th [...]

    24. First Thoughts:The cover is so gorgeous, the colors that were picked are just beyond amazing, everything about this cover screams; READ ME. And so with no other encouragement (except for the rain falling outside, creating a deep rhythmic sound) I dug into this book and into a world like no other.At first it took me a bit to get really into the story, it was interesting enough but it lacked something to really hook me into its grasp. But as soon as a few ideas were introduced and the action reall [...]

    25. It's difficult to rate this one as I did enjoy it but for 3/4 of the book I didn't know what the plot was - and that was really annoying. It needed to be explained properly and it wasn't, obviously whoever did editing and proof reading were familiar with the plot and didn't notice. This really needs to be fixed asap and reissued. Otherwise, the characters were good and world was described in detail, but definitely more information was required.I think it's worth reading book 2 and will look for [...]

    26. This book has WOW factor and then some! If you like fantasty stories with elves, fairies and magical powers, then this book is for you! Although it started out a little slow for me, it picks up quickly and draws you in. In a nutshell, life has dealt Elfreda (Freya) a cruel hand. After the horrible death of her mother by the hands of The Council, she is sent to live with her aunt who isn't shy about letting her know she doesn't want her around. As events start to unfold around Freya and secrets a [...]

    27. This is the first book in a series. Frey is unhappy. She lives with her aunt, who does not like her,in a village full of elves who have magical powers. Frey does not have magical powers and that makes her not fit in with everyone else. Every day,she goes to study with her tutor to see if she can learn magic (or find the magic within her). One day Frey meets a stranger who comes from the North. He intrigues Frey and she decides to see if she can find more information on him and the Northern clans [...]

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