Walks The Fire

Walks The Fire The Indian thumped his chest and repeated Know God here Opening the fist he touched his temple Need God here Missionary say this book teach God You teach Captured by the Lakota Sioux on a Nebraskan

  • Title: Walks The Fire
  • Author: Stephanie Grace Whitson
  • ISBN: 9780785279815
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Indian thumped his chest and repeated, Know God here Opening the fist, he touched his temple Need God here Missionary say this book teach God You teach Captured by the Lakota Sioux on a Nebraskan prairie, Jesse King wonders how she will adjust to life among the Indians But as she prays for a sustaining faith, she discovers God s tender mercies in her friendshiThe Indian thumped his chest and repeated, Know God here Opening the fist, he touched his temple Need God here Missionary say this book teach God You teach Captured by the Lakota Sioux on a Nebraskan prairie, Jesse King wonders how she will adjust to life among the Indians But as she prays for a sustaining faith, she discovers God s tender mercies in her friendship with an Indian woman and in her love for the Sioux brave, Rides the Wind.Finding an unexpected peace and sense of belonging with the tribe, Jesse learns that the Lakota Sioux have a beautiful culture And in learning to love the culture, she becomes forever divided between two worlds.An extraordinary chronicle of a pioneer woman who loves, hurts, and triumphs in her faith, Walks the Fire takes you from a prairie schooner to a teepee, from a frontier fort to a growing young state capitol The first in a series, Walks the Fire is a tender and beautiful love story, as well as a thrilling adventure.

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    1. This book, and the other two books in the trilogy.So beautiful!. These books were gifted to my mother 13 years ago. After my mother was finished with them, she gave them to me. I think I've read the whole trilogy about 4 times, if not more. I absolutely love these books. I love the story, and the history, and the characters. I love Jesse, and I rejoiced with her, and mourned with her and hoped with her on her journey in life. I love Rides The Wind, and Two Mothers, I love Old One, and Prairie Fl [...]

    2. 3.5 stars really.The best thing about being in a book club (especially one where the members take turns choosing the book for the month) is reading a book you really wouldn't pick on your own. This is one of those I would have passed by, if for not other reason then my to-read list is to long as it is. In my pre- days I read a LOT of "inspirational" or Christian fiction and I sort of got tired of it. I was ready for a different genre and I have pretty much stayed away from it since (with a few e [...]

    3. Library copy. Took a few pages to get into it, now it is hard to put down! Wagon train from Illinois to Oregon in the 1800s. I'm liking the way the author wrote this book so far This book is a fabulous read! I love the way the author blends history, character, faith, and a few other things (no spoilers). Taking my time reading it, to absorb it. There is nothing predictable about the story.And there was nothing predictable to the very last page. This is one excellent book! I took my time reading [...]

    4. i think i tried reading this a few years earlier, and couldn't do it, because the storyline, well,it suckse's a widow.i mean wthk why i bother with inspirational-aka dry-romancek why christian/ inspirational romance books instantly means boring, dry and humorless. but it doess funny they don't go into detail-at all-about things and yet we gotta read about her nursing the guys child.um, gross! you go into disgusting detail about that but not about what we actually want to read about.&what kin [...]

    5. Sweet, yet realistic historical christian fiction set during the late nineteenth century. Characters experience the Indian wars from various perspectives, and put their trust in God for reconciliation. great read.

    6. First of a trilogy. All the books are well written, warm, family centered. Gives a positive sense of the hope for man.

    7. Christian historical fiction, primarily based on the American prairies. She's a good author and a kind, intelligent individual who knows how to make a story's characters well-rounded and loveable. Count this as a review for this whole series. Her quilt series is also excellent, I just happened to enjoy this series' setting a bit better.

    8. SUMMARY: IT WAS AN “IMPOSSIBLE” RESCUEWhen a buffalo stampede overruns her covered wagon, a terrified young pioneer woman finds herself alone on the prairie—until she’s rescued by a Lakota Sioux brave.The last thing Jesse King expects to find among the Lakota Sioux is peace, a sense of belonging—and love. But when ‘Rides the Wind’, the warrior who rescued her and expects her to help raise his motherless child, finally gives her his heart, Jesse is forever divided between the world [...]

    9. "O homem branco não 'falar' do que tem no coração? Então ele deve ser bem triste."Ler esse livro é uma das coisas mais chocantes que fiz na vida. Minha mãe e eu não concordamos em quase nada, na questão literária. Há poucos livros que ela gosta que me instigam. Quando ela me ofereceu esse para ler, eu logo fiz cara feia. Mas fui surpreendida. Ok, a estória se passa na época do velho oeste, mas o foco não é aqueles filmes de ‘faroeste’. A principal seria Jesse King, uma garota q [...]

    10. The first book in the AWESOME American Indian/white woman romance series. The four books tell an amazing story, and the characters are so well developed, you will remember them long after you finish the series.Too Much Of A Downer For My Tastes!, December 7, 2008 By C. HallThis review is from: Walks the Fire (Prairie Winds Series, Book 1) (Paperback) I tend to avoid known tear-jerkers in my choice of movies and books, and if I had known this book is so sad, I most likely would have avoided this [...]

    11. This is a book about the a pioneer woman (Jessica King), with tremendous faith, who loses her child and her husband as they travel west. After a stampede she is found by a Lakota Sioux Indian (Rides the Wind) and starts to learn the Lakota ways. Jessica and Rides the Wind's common bond is the bible and she eventually fall in love with him and starts to raise his child who had lost his mother. Rides the Wind eventually dies never knowing that Jessica is pregnant. Jessica becomes friends with many [...]

    12. While it isn't an amazing book, I will admit to being moved to tears on more than one occasion.The story didn't go in the direction I expected (and wanted), (view spoiler)[what with my favorite character dying so early in the book (hide spoiler)] but I still found myself liking it, despite the fact. I really, really liked Rides The Wind, and the relationship between him and Jesse.I was extremely reluctant to continue reading after the first half, convinced that I wouldn't like how it ended, but [...]

    13. The Indian thumped his chest and repeated, "Know God here." Opening the fist, he touched his temple. "Need God here. Missionary say this book teach God. You teach." That was not what Jesse King expected to hear from the Lakota Sioux brave who captured her. However her faith was the anchor she needed as she adjust to life and love in her new world, and then again when she was ripped from that life back into the world of "her people." I was thoroughly taken with this story and the insights it brin [...]

    14. This book gave me an appreciation for family history work and the importance of finding the details of a persons life, not just finding the facts. This is the story of a woman's life from a young mother up until her death. She loses a son and a husband and then in an interesting set of events finds a new family only to be forced to leave it behind. She is then faced with finding a way to care for herself and her infant without support of friends or family. It pulls at many emotions, but was very [...]

    15. Much too SAD for my taste! By the middle of the book I was thinking she was maybe going to end up happy but afterSADter sad still didn't end very happy:(. I think the author is VERY talented, and I KNOW the pioneers had HARD, hard, livesbut this book was MUCH too sad for me to enjoy. I do NOT like to be depressed after I read a book. I will not read anymore from this series, but I would like to read something else from this author.

    16. A woman and her husband, and son head out west to try their luck on the frontier. But, tragedy befalls and she is taken in by the Dakota tribe. Slowly, she begins to heal and in doing so finds love. Then, tragedy strikes again and she is thrust into the world of the whites with her new born child. She has come to love the Dakota's and their way of life, can she carry that with her as she tries to survive life in civilization again?

    17. This was not what I expected, and I enjoyed how the story flowed. There was history entwined into this to hold your interest. Don't want to give a spoiler ending. Lets just say it was good and leads you towards the second book in the series. Could see how people were treated and it made sense, as it was the custom. Not that much left to say w/o giving away the plot. I enjoyed this and am reading book 2.

    18. My mother gave me this book and I am glad she did. It is a christian historical novel. I am pleased that it is more historical than I expected. Each chapter starts out with a bible verse and the character Jesse, holds on to her habit of daily bible reading where ever she is. She prays to be led by the Lord as the way west into the prarie is fraught with danger and sorrow. This novel is perhaps a more realistic story than other christian historical novels I have read.

    19. This is one of the best books I have ever read. It is the beginning in a three part series and each book is so fulfilling. I can say it honestly hurt my hear to read this as I love these characters and when things go wrong and they face sorrow, I seemed to hurt as well. I keep going back to these and re-reading them once a year.

    20. This book was fabulous! I love historical fiction, especially about pioneer life and/or native americans. This combined both elements. I had a hard time putting it down. It was just a random book I was given by a friend of my mother in law, but I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading the next 2 books in the series, and possibly more books by this author. I definitely recommend this book!

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Jesse King is found injured on the prairie by Rides the Wind and taken back to his village. Over time, Jesse adapts to living in the village, and falls in love with Rides the Wind. They share a happy life together until tragedy strikes, and Jesse is kidnapped by another brave and sold off to a white man who returns her to live among her own people.

    22. This is a wonderful first book to a series.The story draws you in and keeps you reading from beginning to end. The characters are dynamic! The love and bravery of the main character is breathtaking. The Christianity is placed tenderly throughout the novel. After reading it I couldn't wait to get my hands on the next book.

    23. I only give this one 3 stars, mostly b/c I don't remember all the details that well, just remember loving it as a child! My mom was friend's with the author so I had to read it, but I loved the series - couldn't put it down! As an added bonus, it had some fun Nebraska history in it too :)

    24. Wowis book has it all, especially for those who love historical fiction dealing with pioneers, indians and includes romance and faith.I am definitely reading the 2nd one, Soaring Eagle. A talented writer!

    25. This was a really interesting book about a woman captured by Indians, then marrying one. There are quite a few turns along the journey of the story. I appreciate the advice given to the daughter in this book. It was quite realistic and yet exciting.

    26. A pioneer woman finds herself among the Indians and comes to live with them. I loved seeing the transition she experiences in culture and the rivalries that existed in that time between the white and Indians. Good historical fiction.

    27. I enjoyed it. It doesn't end with a wedding instead that is only the halfway point. It's not heavy handed reads fast.

    28. Compelling storyCompelling story, it is also fantastic tt the author weaves bible verses that really relate to each chapter. Enjoyed it.

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