No Mercy, Vol. 1

No Mercy Vol A group of US teenagers on a pre college service trip are stranded in a remote part of Central America after a horrible accident Things get worse from there Collects NO MERCY

  • Title: No Mercy, Vol. 1
  • Author: Alex de Campi Carla Speed McNeil Jenn Manley Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A group of US teenagers on a pre college service trip are stranded in a remote part of Central America after a horrible accident Things get worse from there Collects NO MERCY 1 4.

    One thought on “No Mercy, Vol. 1”

    1. I made a mistake initially and started to read the third volume of this series, and then, what the heck, I just finished it,not liking it that much. But then I read the first volume and though it was good:It's a nasty, darkly funny little survivor comic with a not very original premise: A group of students planning to attend Princeton in the fall go to Mataguey in Central America to build houses. Rich, pampered kids doing a service project, right? Clueless kids with no practical skills lost in t [...]

    2. The clue is in the title: this is a compellingly cruel disaster/survival horror comic, clearly built for a limited run and determined to have as much sadistic fun as possible on the way. A busload of teenagers meets catastrophe in the Mexican desert, and the calamities keep piling up. Alex De Campi starts the kids off relatively unsympathetic and clueless - the first issue is a garish blob of late-millennial markers - then gradually humanise them (well, some of them) as the pressure starts to bu [...]

    3. Rated 4 stars because, the story kept me wanting to read more and more. It's not like it's something WOAH, but damn, it keeps you on your toes.Really like what Alex de Campi is doing here, very NOW-times setting, teenagers being stupid and stuff, a bunch of them before college, going to a trip and then Alex throws the bus over a cliff. HA! It all starts from from issue 1, no flashbacks no his life is like that and her life was like that, none of that bullshit that I mostly hate. So that was REAL [...]

    4. I won a free copy of this book in a First Reads giveaway.I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up liking this. In the beginning I was afraid it read a little too young for me, but the story was good and I got over it. I liked the characters and the pop culture references, and there was a sense of foreboding established early on. I am a big fan of foreboding. It was obvious that some horrific shit was going to go down, but there was also clever dialogue and humor. And I liked the art to [...]

    5. I read the first two issues of this FOREVER ago and was really curious to see where it would go. It's not supernatural, by any means - the story follows a group of teenagers who survive a bus crash in Mexico, several of them badly injured, while they wait for one of their chaperones to return with help. Things go terribly wrong and are in the midst of going even wrong-er when this volume ends - so I am excited to see that volume two is out and I can continue the story without having to wait arou [...]

    6. The book started off pretty great, but around page 60/part 3, it just went downhill. Instead of sympathizing with the characters I was just shaking my head at their stupidity. I also felt like the plot was a bit confusing. [spoiler]Not only do we have the survivor theme, but we also have some drugs which will cause trouble. It didn't really fit, and I was actually not looking forward to that. I came for the survivor stuff, not for the OMG drugs + mexico stuff. [/spoiler]The first half of the boo [...]

    7. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog.*** 3.5 stars ***While No Mercy by far does not possess the best or most original story out there, it's  interesting and once I started, without meaning to, I kept flipping the pages until there were no more left. Therefore, I can definitely say that it was a pleasurable read.No Mercy basically represents every survivor story ever written: a group of people, in this case student volunteers, go on a trip, they have an accident and are left to fend for the [...]

    8. This shouldn't be so fun but it is. The title really says it all. When a group of privileged students are involved in a bus crash in a fictional Latin country the characters face unsympathetic odds and no one is safe from the writer's hand. The story hooked me right away and I couldn't stop reading until I was finished.

    9. Very well done, and I couldn't put it down -- I ended up reading it standing in my kitchen when I was supposed to be cooking dinner. But it was a bit unrelentingly depressing for my tastes, and I'm not sure that I'll read the rest of the series.

    10. Not bad but not great. None of the kids are all that likable so I don't really care if they get killed off.

    11. Eu comprei o primeiro número de "No Mercy" em floppy e ainda não tinha lido nada assim. Um grupo de estudantes americanos do secundário foram em visita de estudo a Mataguey com o objectivo de construir uma escola - fica sempre bem num currículo de candidatura ao ensino superior, retorque Lily, a mais vocal das personagens naquelas primeiras páginas.A interacção dos adolescentes era credível e, se bem que dependente de alguns estereótipos, engraçada. A história começa a estabelecer no [...]

    12. This is a review for the first 3 volumes. Spoilers, probably.Seems like a common enough premise--bunch of teens on a humanitarian trip in the jungle who get in an accident and struggle to survive. What made it unique was when the story split the group up and followed the characters through some very different sets of circumstances, getting rescued at different times, responding differently to what had happened to them, etc. It's pretty ambitious, trying to effectively characterize all those indi [...]

    13. I was actually quite surprised by this graphic novel. It’s not that I went into it thinking I’d hate it or anything. But I didn’t expect to like it as much as I ended up liking it. Great storytelling, intriguing plot. There’s really nothing to not like here.The art is great. Fantastic coloring and landscaping, doesn’t get in its own way. It’s simple yet vibrant and tells a story all its own without contradicting the actual plot. It’s brutal where it needs to be brutal and unapologe [...]

    14. Some people call Alex de Campi the new Alan Moore, some people are wrong.Most strikingly she lacks the full, lavish, magnificent beard and almost just as evident, this story is written in a completely different style. But both remarks are in no way demeaning: so Alex isn't a bearded lady (can live with it) and she spins an unique type of yarns (can certainly live with this!).No Mercy! is a bit deceiving, it's not what you expect it to be. I read the first few pages and somehow I thought I got th [...]

    15. A well told tale of young spoiled Americans stranded in a remote part of Central America after a horrible accident. Many of them are learning about hardship for the first time.

    16. As the title suggests, this book can be brutal. It starts off innocuously with a group of teens going on a volunteer trip to Latin America. The early portion of the book plays up the fact that these kids are preparing to move onto college and might just be going on this trip to make themselves look good. Their guide once they arrive is a nun, but even with her help they end up stranded.The creators do a nice job easing into the crux of  the story. I think it would have felt like a very differen [...]

    17. Nic moc nového. Zábavné, ani zajímavé to příliš není - možná dvěma hvězdičkami ještě mírně nadhodnocuji.

    18. A fresh departure from the futuristic dystopia flavor of the day, No Mercy is story that dwells in the possible, digs its heels in and never stops reminding you of its plausibility. DeCampi avoids the trap of portraying teens as one dimensional quip machines, shaping each intricate character from panel one. That authenticity plants the seed for wild anxiety once things start to go wrong. The characters are truly diverse, and their personal struggles are as twisty and dangerous as the terrain the [...]

    19. Read til issue 10.There's enough problems in the story and characters, but it's taken some very interesting turns(enough to keep me reading at least). It just seems all over the place at times, I hope it gets to explore something more deeply. There's plenty of room for it. The art is beautiful. Breathtaking at times.I don't know what else to say. Hope I get to read the next few issues I hope it gets a conclusion too.

    20. So this review is heavily influenced by the fact that I bought this as a librarian for teenagers. Just fyi.I really wanted to like this. I was hoping it would be a great addition to feed into the last Hunger Games movie crowd. The art in the previews looked good, and the summary was exactly what I was looking for. Alas.The pros:*The art is great. *The characters are interesting*It's all survivalist-y which is what I was looking for*The first third is awesome. The second third is okay.*Cute shout [...]

    21. The setting of No Mercy is surely interesting, the school trip ending in a disaster. A group of American kids are on their way to Mexico, when the bus they are on falls from the cliff. Only a handful of them survive and they are in the desert on their own and try to survive. It's not just survival though, but they all have secrets and mental stuff going on making this quite intriguing. The beginning of the comic is a mess. This kind of thing would've needed a better start with character introduc [...]

    22. Ok, so, I picked up this book on a whim today. Mostly, if I'm being honest, because I couldn't find a copy of Edward Scissorhands Volume 1: Parts Unknown by Kate Leth but still wanted to pick up a new series, preferably with at least 1 woman on the creative team (because supporting underrepresented creators is important).That said, I am super glad I picked this up. It is insanely well written and illustrated. The characters feel like real people from page one and there are parts throughout the 4 [...]

    23. Probably one of the sharpest, most savage and on-the-nose comics out there at the moment, also the most firmly grounded - its horrors feel real and mundane, from a bus plunging off a mountain road to a pack of coyotes attracted by the smell of dead bodies to someone taking a drink downriver from a pair of rotting buffalo carcasses, and all the more unmanageable and difficult to overcome because of that. A mixed group of US students on a trip to remote village in South America to build homes and [...]

    24. We certainly like to kill our teenagers, don't we? Between The Woods, Morning Glories, Hunger Games, and this, killing off teenagers is a favorite tendency, and this book follows the formula; introduce a number of teens, kill off a percentage of them in an opening sequence, then focus on the rest as they struggle to survive. This is a more real-world instance of it, as a bevy of pre-Frosh Princeton students in Mataguey go off a cliff 20 miles from the nearest town. They're ill prepared for the s [...]

    25. I think this book is just a little too mean-spirited for me. The art is really vibrant, and the pacing is quick enough that you can gloss over the fact that none of the protagonists are very likable. Alex de Campi is great at building suspense, but I think there's too much set-up in this first volume -- drugs, weird backstories, coyotes, and I don't even think everyone knows each other's name yet!Honestly, I'm fine with the gore and the deaths, whatever, but the characters feel a little too 'lol [...]

    26. I remember Alex Di Campi making a bit of a splash back when I read Newsarama religiously back in the in the early 2000s. If I remember correctly, she walked away from writing a superhero comic because she objected to how bad the artists was and how bad the pay is since then it appears that she has managed to maintain a great career in writing comics, so I'm glad she's still writing because she writes good stuff. No Mercy is about as hip as the new Waid/Staples Archie but with a much darker story [...]

    27. I like No Mercy because it is a solid drama. Part of me wants to call it The Walking Dead if the zombie apocalypse was a bus crash in a Central American country. The plot threads are woven with care and highly dramatic. What really draws me to this book is the art by Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee. The structure of each panel adds gravitas to the script. The angles and focal points are the kind of storytelling that makes any amateur filmmakers jealous. The coloring is some of the best th [...]

    28. via NYPL - A group of college-age kids travel to Central America to do charity homebuilding and find themselves injured and stranded when their bus goes off a high mountain road. No cell reception, little food and water. McNeil draws the hell out of it - a great looking book. The script is one of de Campi's best, chock full of narcissistic, unlikable brats balancing between entitlement and survival. The emoji/phone stuff gets tired incredibly quickly (thankfully the phones are mostly all dead no [...]

    29. High school drama meets survival horror as a bunch of varyingly naive and annoying first world teens on a volunteering trip to Central America find themselves without 'phones, passports, water, or much of a clue, stranded in the wilderness, with bad people and hungry wildlife after them. If you like any of the kids, this is probably pretty involving; if you don't, it's just plain fun watching them all fuck up. Oh, humanity.

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