Come December

Come December A sweet holiday short story about opening yourself up to magical possibilities Natalie is new to town and feels invisible and painfully aloneuntil a mysterious stranger in a cemetery changes everythi

  • Title: Come December
  • Author: Holly Schindler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A sweet holiday short story about opening yourself up to magical possibilities Natalie is new to town, and feels invisible and painfully aloneuntil a mysterious stranger in a cemetery changes everything.Come December is part of the Forever Finley Short Story Cycle, a series of stand alone short stories releasing once a month throughout 2016.

    One thought on “Come December”

    1. Well written and a cute little short story. I could see this being stretched into a made for tv movie and turning into a fun rom/com.

    2. Sweet, short readOh. My. Gosh. I absolutely loved this short read! It reminds you of magic in the world and that guardian angels are real. Thank you, Holly, for this beautifully inspirational short story!!!

    3. What a sweet short story about a girl who feels invisible to the world around her but then finds purpose and meaning in her life through the kindness of a stranger. Short stories usually leave me unsatisfied because I want to read "more" of the characters. While I wouldn't have minded COME DECEMBER being a longer story I thought the author quite satisfactorily told the story without leaving me hanging or unsatisfied about where the characters were heading in the end. COME DECEMBER left me with a [...]

    4. A compelling, lovely short story.This story pulled at my heart strings. It's about a young woman who has moved to a new town and is feeling lonely. It was apparent quite early in the story who George was. Even though the book was predictable, the story was well written and compelled me to continue reading it. A lovely short story, indeed.

    5. This was such a sweet little story! The only thing was, I would've liked it to be longer--she could definitely have added more detail, which would've shown us events as they happened, instead of just telling us. I want more of these characters!

    6. Well written , positive little note. Enjoyed the concept. Could be fleshed out into a bigger production.We'll! Written; a positive little note. Enjoyed the concept. Didn't want it to end.Could be fleshed out into a bigger production.

    7. Natalie is a loner. When she meets a handsome stranger in a cemetery, whom she’s eager to meet with during her daily walks, he persuades her into living life to the fullest. There’s a sweet, magical twist at the end. This is a great romantic short story for the holiday season.

    8. PredictableGood story. But it was very predictable. I would like to see more of a curve ball ending. It was still very sweet and Natalie was relatable

    9. This is a sweet story about how attitude strongly influences us for both positive and negative. a little touch of the mystical, and a hint of romance.

    10. Beautiful storyIt was a quick read. But the ending was kind of easy to predict. I was nicely written. Enjoyed it.

    11. Touching short story that may change your attitude about the power of positive thinking and and self affirmation. Mystical and a touch of romance. A quick read

    12. Not impressed.Strange story. Didn't quite follow it while reading. However, the ending was unexpected, it was a strange way to get there.

    13. This just plain out sucked. Don't know what Schindler was thinking when she wrote this - it's confusing and all over the place, and so predictable. No thanks!

    14. Quick readCute but predicable, enjoyed the whimsy but not enough description for me to really get into it and imagine much

    15. Was wonderfulStarted bout great and I had to keep reading till the end. I'd like there to have been more to the story. But ok read over all

    16. Not my type of story, but I didn't entirely hate it. Really short and simple and probably something you'll like well enough if you're into romance.

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