Quit Calling Me a Monster!

Quit Calling Me a Monster The talented creators of I Will Chomp You brilliantly frame the struggle to buck stereotypes and learn empathy in this monster s hilarious lament Floyd Peterson is so much than shaggy purple fur and p

  • Title: Quit Calling Me a Monster!
  • Author: Jory John Bob Shea
  • ISBN: 9780385389907
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The talented creators of I Will Chomp You brilliantly frame the struggle to buck stereotypes and learn empathy in this monster s hilarious lament Floyd Peterson is so much than shaggy purple fur and pointy monster teeth why can t people just see him for him Jory John and Bob Shea have struck gold in creating a knee slapping, read it again story that will startThe talented creators of I Will Chomp You brilliantly frame the struggle to buck stereotypes and learn empathy in this monster s hilarious lament Floyd Peterson is so much than shaggy purple fur and pointy monster teeth why can t people just see him for him Jory John and Bob Shea have struck gold in creating a knee slapping, read it again story that will start a valuable discussion about how we treat others and how it feels to be seen as different.

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    1. A must read before bedtime story that will ease the children's fears, if there are any issues regarding monsters under the bed. I know I had to make sure my daughter's closet was closed before I left the room at night. Not sure if she gained that fear before or after Monster Inc. But, it traveled with her into her young teens too. This monster has feelings, and he wishes to be called by his real name even though he looks like a monster and has monster parents. Thanks again to the children's libr [...]

    2. Hilarious! Floyd Peterson does NOT like being called a monster! Even though he technically is one Good fun for all is had in this great book for storytimes.

    3. With all the concern currently about stereotypes and all that happens to perpetuate them, it's refreshing to see a take on the subject that is so very enjoyable. Floyd Peterson is very clearly a monster (even he admits it at one point in the story, although very reluctantly). He looks like a monster, he sometimes behaves like a monster, although he claims that that is inadvertent. But despite it all, he does not like being called a monster. In a hilarious narrative, Floyd explains that he doesn' [...]

    4. This is a fun picture book that gives young readers a glimpse of how a monster might feel about everyone screaming at him and calling him a monster. Floyd Peterson is technically a monster, since he has horns, fangs, wild eyes, purple fur, clompy feet, long toenails and a huge, toothy smile that glows in the dark. But he gets his feelings hurt when people call him a monster, scream, and run away from him. The lively, humorous illustrations make this a great choice for a read aloud for young chil [...]

    5. Yay! Great and funny book perfect for storytime or just one on one. Introducues one pissed off monster admonishing the reader to stop calling him, well, a monster. It's rude, don't you know, and he starts detailing all the rude things he could say to annoying little children. Yes, he IS a monster and his folks were monsters but declaring that he is a monster (even if he is snoring under your stupid bed) is just not done in polite society.It is a scream. Read it.

    6. This book was hilarious and right on time for Halloween! I loved it and will add it to my fall collection of story time books! Did I say I loved it? I literally could not help myself from reading this book out loud on the desk and then laughing hysterically with my co-worker. I will use this book - be sure of that!

    7. Floyd Peterson is a monster who doesn't want to be labeled a monster. A high energy first person monologue that gently reminds the reader that name-calling isn't nice.

    8. Love books that have such a good voice, you just fall into it as a read aloud. This monster insists he isn't one despite all that points to him being one, then reluctantly has to admit he is one, but since no one likes monsters, he'd just like to be called his name, he's an individual. :)

    9. There's a good moral in here and enough jokes to amuse both parents and children. I got this as a gift for a friend's daughter.

    10. A monster doesn't want to be called a monster. Even though he fits the description of a monster. He wants to be recognized as in individual. Cute concept. Right group of toddlers or preschool.

    11. When is a monster not a monster? When he prefers to be called Floyd and wants you to stop making him feel bad by calling him a monster. Just because he has scary teeth, and roars, and hides under the bed or in the closet; none of this makes him a monster and he would like you to stop calling him one. This book is full of full bleed page illustrations, the paper is a thicker matte stock and the illustrations themselves have a wonderful sloppy finish which I think makes them look better than somet [...]

    12. I read this story to Kindergarten and First grade. I don't think they learned much about empathy. They did enjoy the story. We talked more about how something scary can be less scary if we give it a name. First graders thought it was hilarious to say monster every time the monster said "Quit calling me a monster." So much for empathy. They all agreed that children and humans make a strange noises when they sleep. This is a noisy book, if you have teachers who believe libraries should be quiet, n [...]

    13. Although he possesses many of the characteristics of a monster--you know, horns, fangs, wild eyes, crazy hair--Floyd Peterson wants to be known by his name and not just as a monster. As he directly addresses readers, he makes his case for being so much more than a monster. The illustrations are bright and colorful so that it would be hard to be scared by this particular monster. By the time he heads into his closet for a snooze in a child's bedroom, there is little to fear. After all, as an adul [...]

    14. The alleged not-a-monster who narrates this delightful picture book is one of the most winsome horned fanged, clompy-footed, howling fellows I've encountered in a while. In spite of all his roars, screams, cackles, and howls, this shaggy purple creature with the blue tie wants to make it clear that his feelings are hurt by accusations of his monstrosity. However, he may not be the most reliable of narrators. The words of this book are expressive and full of personality. The illustrations by Bob [...]

    15. Monsters are people too, well not exactly but this monster feels discriminated against based on his monster status. Or maybe it is some kind of identity crises but the monster falls prey to his own trap in defending his good monster manners and has to acknowledge that he is indeed a monster but he would rather be called by his name Floyd Peterson. I love this name. This part makes the whole book for me! And spoiler alert the ending is great when a Dad calms his child who is afraid of the monster [...]

    16. A funny and endearing way to address the idea of kids fearing monsters. In the vein of Monster's Inc Floyd Peterson is fed up with humans labeling him as a monster JUST because he happens to have fur and fangs, and wellhis parents are monsters. Floyd would rather people get to know him and treat him with respect, before just assuming that he's your typical "monster". This is a perfect read-aloud for bedtime or even storytime with friends.

    17. Quit Calling Me A Monster has just the right touches for a favorite monster book. It starts out a little bit scary as you gaze at the monster's jagged teeth and claws. But, before long it becomes obvious he's a sensitive monster, "It really bothers me when you call me a monster without even thinking about it." His expressive eyebrows and bright yellow eyes and anxious personality become endearing by the end of the tale. Kids will love the action, expression, and, fun ending.

    18. Floyd Peterson really would prefer we all stop calling him a monster. Even though he has the claws, fur and large glow-in-the-dark teeth, it doesn't mean he's a monster. Not even when he growls.Ok, maybe it does mean he's a monster. But he doesn't like the title. So stop it!This will be a storytime hit!

    19. (Nominated for North Carolina Children's Book Award.)I can see why Jory John has won the E.B. White Read-Aloud award several times--this book is just so perfect for reading aloud. Shea's illustrations exactly match the tone of the story--and the teeth really DO glow in the dark (I had to check, of course)!I can't wait to share this one with children!

    20. *I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher through my district library services*3.5 stars This book will be a fun group readaloud, because it is colorful and silly. For a lap read, you might want to proceed with caution if your kiddo is afraid of monsters, but otherwise they'll probably enjoy it. I guess the takeaway could be that we should be careful how we label people, but I think it's mostly just a fun book.

    21. What do you call a monster who doesn't want to be called a monster? This picture book is about a purple furred creature with horns, fangs, and wild eyes - but don't say monster! Each page, he describes his spooky and frightening characteristics to the reader. The colorful and cartoon illustrations mean that this book is very funny and only a little scary.

    22. Just because he's technically a monster doesn't mean he likes to be called a monster. It hurts his feelings. Please just call him by his name.The pictures are fun. This is a great book about stereotypes and not judging people by their outward appearance.

    23. Okay, this child's picture book was actually amusing to read. The two-year-old in our household enjoyed it, and I enjoyed reading it, more than once. There's a good idea in here, about not judging people by their appearance, that is well-carried out in the pictures and the words.

    24. Learning to accept others is important. Monsters have feelings too and can be a bit over sensitive if always seen in a negative way. Get to know the monsters in your life and then things will go much smoother in future interactions.

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