Tate's Torment

Tate s Torment When a rare day out goes disastrously wrong the men have to fight for the survival of one of their own Their actions spark an appearance by the Conclave leaving the Avanti s future in the hands of t

  • Title: Tate's Torment
  • Author: HannahWalker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a rare day out goes disastrously wrong, the men have to fight for the survival of one of their own Their actions spark an appearance by the Conclave, leaving the Avanti s future in the hands of those who choose to destroy them Tate will give up everything to save his friends, even if it means losing Dariux and a love he never imagined he would find With half the coWhen a rare day out goes disastrously wrong, the men have to fight for the survival of one of their own Their actions spark an appearance by the Conclave, leaving the Avanti s future in the hands of those who choose to destroy them Tate will give up everything to save his friends, even if it means losing Dariux and a love he never imagined he would find With half the conclave determined to punish the Offworlders, they have to rely on new found friendships The question is, will it be enough to overcome the trouble that seems determined to take them down May your journey be swift and uneventful, may you all get one step closer to your truemates and may good triumph over evil Remember love conquers all This book contains relationships and sexual encounters between two men

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    1. Lots going on in this oneLordy things went a bit bonkers in this one but in the best way with Tate and Dariux fighting their growing attraction and secret plotting going on all over the place.The political intriguing is more rounded out in this one, with the baddies not quite so pantomime as in book one. There's some new characters introduced and more pairings set up for future stories.I like where this series is going even if it's not perfectly polished.

    2. My goodness I LOVE this series!! Hannah Walker is an amazing Author. With the perfect blend of friendship, humor, love and family, she has created a world I would gladly live in! Plus, we finally get to see Tate get his!!! Bwahahahahaha

    3. A hot mess! Not the good kind of hawt either. I'm really disappointed. If you read my review of the first book in Avanti Chronicals series, Corin's Chance, you'll see that my only real problem with that story was the author relying too heavily on constant verbal declarations of love for everyone and everybody. This book though. Ugh! Not only do we have love redundancy still but we now have proofing errors and severe continuity problems. The continuity issues are not only with the previous book b [...]

    4. This was an amazing read. I didn't think I could love book two more than I did book one, but I do. This story weaves us deeper into the world of the Avanti. Tate becomes such a loved character. A man who hides his pain through humor and jokes, but finally has to come to face his pain and his past. The action and fight scenes are realistic, and I feel as if I'm really sitting there watching everything happen as I read. The Avanti are a group of men like no other, and as we read, we are drawn deep [...]

    5. Absolutely loved this book and this author!This book has everything you could possibly want in a book; adventure, action, suspense, comedy, and don't forget romance (hot, hot!). Seeing Tate dealing with the ghosts of his past was heartbreaking as well as heartwarming. Another fantastic book in the series. This author is definitely on my list of must reads.

    6. I absolutely loved this book. This is the second book by this author that I have read and so far my favorite I absolutely fell in love with Tate in the first book and even more so in this his well-deserved story. I loved reading this book and I cannot wait to continue the series.

    7. **Grammar**The MCs of this 2nd book are Tate and Niko's master of arms/Best friend, Dariux. The plot continues where the first book ended. Tate is still fighting his feelings, he was too badly hurt in the past and he doesnt want to give his heart away anymore. He cares only about his Avanti friends and Corin and doesnt want to add another person, someone he could lose, to the list, not even if he feels a pull towards the other man that is hard to ignore.Dariux is sad, and is losing all hope of m [...]

    8. So I'm I WAS looking forward to Niko and Bell, perhaps even Tir and Hunter but I just don't know if I can do it This was so fucking whiny and cry baby that it just kind of fucked up the whole masculine aspect of it. I don't normally cuss like this but I can'tTakeAllTHECRYINGMan up damnit! Oh, and what the ever lovin do we know how to say MORE than 'his man' cus that phrase is just used left and right and 20 ways to sunday

    9. Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars!I freaking adore this series. Reading this book reminded me how much I love the world Hannah created in this series. It’s so rick and complete. There’s so much thought put into how the clans interact, the politics and rules, the animals and the scenery. It’s like I’m right there in that world. I would gladly visit this world and meet these people. The way she describes things are effortless and you don’t have that info dump feeling wh [...]

    10. Tate's Torment is one of my favourite books out of the Avanti Chronicles, mostly because Tate is one of my favourite characters in this series. In the first book, Corin's Chance, Tate's character is very much the 'class clown', he has crude humour and doesn't seem to take anything seriously. It is true that this is very much Tate's character, he likes who he is an doesn't want to change. However, this story gives a depth to this seemingly annoying character revealing a deeper understanding of Ta [...]

    11. This book was such a awesome addition to this series!With this book we get Tate and Dariux. Tate is fighting his feelings for his True Mate Dariux due to the fear that he will leave him like others he has loved in his life have done to him. Dariux knows Tate is his true mate and does not understand why he would fight their mating. You get to see a lot of the characters from the previous book in this series so I would not recommend reading this book as a stand alone because you also get a lot of [...]

    12. **COPY RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEW**REVIEWING FOR ONE CLICK AHOLICS BOOK GROUPWow ! So i loved the first book in this series and was excited to read this one telling Tate & Dariux's story. Of finding out what it is exactly that happened in Tate's past to make him feel he's "not worthy of love". This really was quite an emotional one and Tate really is such a complex character. As well as being complex though he is fiercely loyal and protective which is a trait that is shown all throughout the [...]

    13. I loved tate's tornment it was a amazing story.Tate and ree have such a strong intense will tate let himself love ree or will he continue to push him away and carry on fighting his love for reeTate is stubborn he jokes alot and plays pranks on his friends. oh tate is also sex mad but is so fun and there is never a dull moment when he's around Tate also hides alot of pain and hurt behind his smiles and fights for the ones he loves even if he's willing to sacriface his self to protect ree and his [...]

    14. I really love this series and in this installment we get to know Dax even more. We learn that behind the jokes and games Dax is hiding pain from abuse, neglect and rejection he's experienced throughout his life. He is fairly insecure and because of his past his convinced that he is unworthy of one such as Dariux. Dariux is steady, loyal and patient. We get an opportunity to see the development of their relationship. We also see to what extent Dax is willing to go to save his friends/family and D [...]

    15. 4 Stars. Not quite as good as Corin's Chance but close enough for 4 stars. If you enjoyed the first book in the series you'll enjoy this one and I am definitely reading the rest of the series.I do have to agree with one reviewer though that the constant declarations of love, protectiveness, devotion, brotherhood, self-sacrifice, etc. does get awfully repetitive. I found myself flipping past those parts to get back to the story. You all love each other and would gladly die for each other. Got it. [...]

    16. I Wish We All Had TruematesI can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed and Love these books. The world's that Hannah creates are phenomenal, the characters are so rich and vibrant you can't help but wish they were real. If you haven't already begun this series, then you should really start now.

    17. A lot was going on in this bookI didn't quite connect with this book as well as I did with the previous one. At times it felt like there was too much going on in this one and it could almost have been split into two with a smoother result. But overall, I like the direction that the story, as a whole, is going and I'm eager to continue reading the next books in the series.

    18. Love this series!!!!I love this series.The story line is amazing as well as the characters.Tate was so ok funny and lovingd Ree is perfect for himn't wait for the next book!!!

    19. Great second book!A great second book en totally funny. If you haven't read the series you need to do it. You have to do it in order so you could understand everything that it's happening! Grab your copy now and read it. Happy reading!

    20. I liked this sequel in Avanti Chronicles slightly better. The main storyline developed fast and was full of humor. The romance between Tate and Dariux was predictable and way to poetic. Still it was okay.

    21. KUI loved the first book. This one was too much. Too much over the top drama, too much forced humor, too much emotional immaturity, too much unreality, too much boring sex. Just too much of everything. I'm going to read the next book and hope it's better.

    22. The story was so good, I finished the first book and jump to the second, the characters are well-drawn, the plot is unique and I can't wait for the next book in the series.

    23. What to say? The story plot was okay. The main couple Tate&Dariux were good together. The reading was little bit more fun compare to the first book.

    24. Same as book one, syrupy sweet, hallmark moments all around. There is blood and war fare in this book and the first one but the sweet stuff over powers it all.

    25. Loved itTruly as beautiful as the first story, it made me laugh out , cry till my eyes burned. Truly a story worth reading.

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