After the gloomy memorial the formerly pampered characters mourn the loss of Aryl Sullivan Claire now a pregnant widow is too devastated to cope and withdraws from the group delving into a de

  • Title: 1930
  • Author: M.L. Gardner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: None
  • After the gloomy memorial, the formerly pampered 1929 characters mourn the loss of Aryl Sullivan Claire, now a pregnant widow, is too devastated to cope and withdraws from the group, delving into a deep depression Caleb drowns his own sorrow in a bottle of whiskey, and Jonathan becomes obsessed with finding the true cause for the boat s explosion And Ava anxiously awaitAfter the gloomy memorial, the formerly pampered 1929 characters mourn the loss of Aryl Sullivan Claire, now a pregnant widow, is too devastated to cope and withdraws from the group, delving into a deep depression Caleb drowns his own sorrow in a bottle of whiskey, and Jonathan becomes obsessed with finding the true cause for the boat s explosion And Ava anxiously awaits the birth of their child As the family and friends come to grips with Aryl s death, the struggle to survive both emotionally and financially strains everyone in different ways.So it s up to Maura to see them past the worst of it, but she faces setbacks of her own when complications arise in her pregnancy The new sheriff, Marvin, is working both sides of the law and takes advantage of Caleb s state, getting him involved in bootlegging that threatens the business and his family A concerned Patrick tries to help him, but stubborn as a mule, Caleb won t listen.But the gears of life slowly start to move again, and new friends are made and old enemies return Claire finds refuge in Gordon, a widower, and the two find a common bond, finally allowing her to move on and accept her new life.Until she s met with a shocking surprise.

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    1. I've now read the first 3 books in this series -- my review for every book is/will be the same. (I wrote "will be" since I know I'll keep reading to the end of the series.) In a nutshell, these are books I love to hate. The storyline is engaging, and I definitely want to keep reading to see what happens to all the characters. Having said that, there are SO MANY historical inaccuracies that it's almost, but not quite, enough to make me walk away. Other readers have pointed out some of the obvious [...]

    2. I don't typically do "series" books. but I have to say, I am in love with this series! The time frame is very appealing to me and the initial plot about the stock market crash in the first book 1929 had me completely enthralled. I have bought (and I never buy books when I can get them free) the next book in the series the second I finish the one I am reading. I am completely invested in these characters and I am anxious to see how it all wraps up. They are easy reads with a good amount of predic [...]

    3. This is the third in an odd series of books that are only tangentially connected. The first was about three wealthy couples who lost everything in the stock market crash. The second was about a man in an asylum who fell for another patient. He ultimately had peripheral contact with a couple of the characters from the first book as did his love interest, but there was an element of life beyond death that was annoying.This one goes back to those three couples and their friends after one of them ha [...]

    4. Flat charactersI didn't really care for this book. Possibly it's the genre that I don't find appealing. But I believe more research could have been performed in order to provide a more realistic feel for the time period. Perhaps more work would have provided the reader with an education into the time period.The characters seemed two-dimension and easily predictable. I admit that I skipped parts of the book where it seemed as if nothing was there. I can't recommend this book.

    5. Didn't enjoy this one as much as the first. Found quite a few editing errors that I hope the author will go back and fix. There definitely comes a point where you have to wonder how a group of friends can be SO unlucky. Still, I plan on reading the next book when it comes out.

    6. Loved the continuation of the story. Can't wait now for 1931 to come out. Currently reading Elizabeth's Story, which is supposed to clear up some events in 1930. Can hardly put it down!

    7. This is really book #2 of the story line, as 1930 picks up about where 1929 leaves off. The extra book between is a side story, which I found easy to skip. I read this second book because it was given to me as a gift, but am going to figure that this book's ending is good enough to call a halt on the rest of the series.In my review of 1929, I mentioned that I really did like the premise a group of friends finding their way through life after the crash of the Great Depression wipes out everything [...]

    8. Why this series keeps pulling me in, I do not know. I could relate to both book because what the characters had experienced, I had experienced in some measure both small and large. In book one, the characters lost their financial security. I have been there once or twice. There were hard drug issues with some mob involvement, I suspect. Yes, I was trapped between the police and some drug dealers in a raid one time. One of the main characters was lost at sea. I have been lost in the dark in a boa [...]

    9. Third in the seriesThe story shifts back to Rockport and what happens to the friends during the months that Aryl is gone. Caleb, consumed with survivor's guilt, crawls into a bottle. He gets talked into storing bootleg whiskey and opium in his barn by a crooked deputy, who then blackmails him. Claire, Aryl's wife, is pregnant with their child. She begins seeing Gordon, the local dairyman, and consents to marry him so the child will have a father. Meanwhile, Jonathan struggles to hold together th [...]

    10. Dead or aliveA romance, a wedding planned, babies on the wayWhat could go wrong? The deputy is crooked as crooked can be. But who will he drag down with him? And who shows up to surprise everyone? But is it a good surprise or not? Everyone prayed and hoped for the best, but the crooked reached far and deep. Bootleg hooch, a fire destroys a house and almost a family, and more heartache hits the friends and families we have grown to love.

    11. I read this entire series after purchasing the first one. I returned number 1 and read the entire series. The series takes place in 1929 and takes us through the depression. The market crash in 1929 and while fiction the actual crash did result in many people commiting suicide as they lost all there moneyMultiple characters react differently and the author does an excellent job telling the story

    12. 1929 series, I enjoyed this series, M. L. Gardner did a fine job capturing the life styles of the rich to rags turbulence of the fall of the stock market on people's lives.I enjoyed this series, M.L. Gardner did a fine job capturing the life styles of the rich to rags turbulence caused by the fall of the stock market.

    13. Loved the characters in this book. I thought the way in which the turmoil of the people's lives were told was on point. it made me feel as if I was listening to my grandparents telling me how they might have lived and seen those times threw their eyes.

    14. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    15. This series is drama starting with the crash of 1929. Not a really deep read, but gives a good sense of family, friendships and life during a "simpler" time.

    16. I still like the series especially when it is telling us about the original characters and the aftermath of their friend's "death".

    17. Families Divided By StrifeThis is a book which I would not recommend to read, I did not enjoy reading it but maybe other people have a different opinion so be it.

    18. Still enjoying this series. I have already begun reading Book 4.Falling in love with little Jean more and more, sad for poor Gordon right now, and disgusted with Arylnda hoping Claire ends up alone and a famous artist. Out with one villian and in with the next - just as bad or possibly worse than the first. A good rotation to keep things fresh. Loving the end of this one and how Aryl is being dealt with by his buddies. Hope it works out. Back to my reading, the sooner I get to the answers, the b [...]

    19. I felt this moved at a much quicker pace than the first book, which is a bit disappointing since I waited a whole year to read it (!) and it was over in a flash. It definitely needed to be much slower, especially with (yet another) cliffhanger, and this one practically mid-sentence. I was satisfied with a certain antagonist's death and by the increasing intrigue with Aryl, but I am not happy about being rushed through the story. For instance: the three whole sentences describing four months pass [...]

    20. Well, rats, this was Book 3 of the 1929 series, so I read it out of order since I'd read the first. Still, I'd remembered most of what got them here, the characters involved and was somewhat shocked at the turn of events that involved Aryl. Jonathan, having been greatly humiliated by the crash in which he lost his fortune and that of his parents, friends, and a LOT of clients has become somewhat subdued; no longer his previous cocky self. His closest buddies, Aryl and Caleb along with their spou [...]

    21. This second book was filled with the same magnificent characters as the first book. The author kept the characters well within who they were when I left off at the first book. This book was good and an enjoyable read; that being said I was a little bit disappointed. This book didn’t address the ending of the first book until towards the end, and then it really didn’t give much more than what we got in the first book. My biggest disappointment was waiting over a year for the second book to co [...]

    22. This Book Two in the Jonathan’s Cross trilogy. Everyone searches for ways to handle the death of Aryl Sullivan. Aryl's pregnant widow, Claire, is overcome with grief. Caleb becomes withdrawn from everyone and turns to the bottle for solace. Meanwhile, Jonathan privately sets out to find the true cause of and reason for the boat explosion that took Aryl's while he and Ava await the birth of their child. Maura once again is there to help them all get through. Maura insists that Claire meet Gordo [...]

    23. It appears that some readers were let down by this book in the series simply because it did not hold the same gravitas as the first book in the series.  They may well have a valid point but I wanted differences in the lives of these great characters.  To that end, the author has delivered.  I thoroughly enjoyed the continuation of the saga.  It is trues that there is nothing ethereal in this book.  However, the plights of these folks continue to show just how difficult their lives, and thos [...]

    24. I enjoyed reading this book. The author has a way evoking the reader's feelings through her characters. Her pick-up timing is good. Her mechanics of good writing leave something to be desired due to so many grammatical errors. Those errors cost her a fourth star. Her characters' actions sometimes border on the asurb. The three male protagonists are good, law abiding, solid men involved in illegal activity that could land them in prison. It could cost them the lives of their families and their ow [...]

    25. First of all, the beginning of the book starts like the next page of the last book. There is no refresher on who the many characters are. I had to struggle through a lot of the beginning trying to recall who each of the individuals were. Secondly, I agree with another reader who stated that these are books I love to hate. My reasons are a little different, though. While I find the writing somewst hengaging, I find the plot so overly dramatic and extreme and the characters and storylines to be so [...]

    26. The second book in this series set during the Market Crash/Depression, does not disappoint. The struggling lives of the 3 formerly pampered couples, along with their family and friends, continues. Hardships, unexpected and those to be expected during 'these times' are endured and conquered, by supporting one another and not giving up. Good times while rare are still hoped for and enjoyed when gotten, the relationships persevere, change and strengthen. There are unexpected twists in this book and [...]

    27. Continuing with the 1929 Series.Like in the first two books in this series, I found the characters to be very well developed and ever so likable. I will be sorry to say goodbye to them when I reach the end of it. Fortunately, there is still more of the story in the rest of this tale of friends who work, play, love and struggle against all odds in the wake of the stock market crash of 1929. My only complaint is that at times, some of the plot twists seem to be a bit too pat. If you want to read t [...]

    28. I was really hoping this would pick up where Elizabeth's Heart left off, however it completely skipped that whole story line and picked up where Jonathan's Cross left off.I did enjoy getting reacquainted with Jon, Ava, Caleb (although I spent a lot of the book wanting to smack some sense into him), Claire and the rest of the gang. (I really wished Arianna had a little more page-time particularly with her children in the story).The story kept me interested and engaged. I'm looking forward to fini [...]

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