Richard I

Richard I In this assessment Gillingham looks afresh at the achievements and failings of the king and at the verdict of history a restless fearless individual with a love of war and a genius for it or a mona

  • Title: Richard I
  • Author: John Gillingham
  • ISBN: 9780300079128
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this assessment, Gillingham looks afresh at the achievements and failings of the king and at the verdict of history a restless, fearless individual with a love of war and a genius for it, or a monarch who neglected his kingdom, his citizens and his succession The account also considers the history of the Third Crusade.

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    1. John Gillingham describes his book on King Richard I, one in a series of biographies of English Monarchs by Yale University Press, as a political biography. In his preface to the book he stresses that he is not attempting to analyze Richard Plantagenet the man, but rather the political legacy of King Richard I, and he explicitly excludes from his discussion Richard’s “inner life.” He does not look at him as a son, husband or brother, but only in the context of his effectiveness as a ruler [...]

    2. This summer (2016) I went on a J-1 to America to work for two months at a creative and performing arts camp in sunny secluded Connecticut surrounded by a swath of green leafed trees and rugged wildlife. All in all, camp life in America was an interesting experience although one I am decidedly hesitant to repeat. However, one of the events I enjoyed immensely at camp were the weekly day trips in and out of the camp grounds and into the wider world (Seriously, getting a lift in and out of camp was [...]

    3. A fantastic, in-depth look at one of the most famous medieval kings.There are several chapters that deal with Richard's reputation through history, and in popular culture, as well as turning the tables and looking at him from the Muslim perspective during his crusade. This book is a slightly more academic look at Richard and some of the chapters are a little heavy on the detail, but most of the writing as approachable and interesting.The author presents positive and negative views of this famous [...]

    4. For quite a few decades now the scholastically renowned Yale University Press has been publishing fabulous biographies as part of their Yale English Monarchs. In 2001 the expensive hardback of Richard I came out, then in April a more affordable and easier to handle paperback was published.The author is John Gillingham, formerly a professor of medieval history at the London School of Economics and is currently the leading authority on Richard’s reign; who better to write an extensive biography [...]

    5. Richard IJohn GillinghamRead it in Hardcover in 378 pagesThe Lion Heart, the first King of England to participate in a Crusade. Long before he was the Lion Hearted though, he was a third son of Henry II of England (Plantagenet Dynasty) and was widely responsible, as Count/Duke for his mother's demesne of Aquitaine and its surrounding Duchies once he came into his majority. Gillingham does a thrilling job at depicting Richard in his youth, troublesome management and revolt(s) against his father i [...]

    6. John Gillingham is a great historian but a less than riveting writer. His history of Richard I -- the Lionheart -- is less written for readers interested in this fascinating character than it is for other historians, living and deceased, who have made a royal mess of scholarship on the subject. Thus much time and energy is given to recounting what others have written about Richard and how much of it is incorrect. It is easy to get bogged down in what is not a very long book on a very exciting li [...]

    7. This biography of Richard I is imminently readable and very engaging, an excellent introduction to Richard's life and times. Gillingham takes a number of liberties in glossing over points of debate about Richard and his legacy, but his efforts are well within the rights of any biographer who must condense a man's life down to one book. I think that this book would be very enjoyable for anyone who is interested in medieval English history, the English monarchy, or even general Anglophiles. Traine [...]

    8. Un análisis espectacular no sólo de la vida de Ricardo, sino de los años centrales del Imperio Angevinoaliza los años finales del reinado de Enrique II y, a través de todo el libro, va anunciando la traicionera y débil actitud de Juan que llevaría, una vez muerto Ricardo, al principio del fin del Imperio Angevino. Se lee muy bien y, en ocasiones, parece una novela donde la enemistad y rivalidad entre los dos monstruos políticos del momento, Ricardo y Felipe Augusto, marcan todo el lo el [...]

    9. Czytając tę i inne książki dotyczące wczesnośredniowiecznej historii Anglii zawsze zazdroszczę Brytyjczykom: prawie tysiącletniej przewagi nad nami jeśli chodzi o historyczne źródła. Mam nadzieję, że więcej książek z serii English Monarchs wyda u nas Wydawnictwo Astra. Historia Ryszarda Lwie Serce jest bardziej fascynująca niż te płytkie i naciągane jej motywy obijające się w popkulturze. A przy tym dobrze napisana.

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