Zombies versus Aliens versus Vampires versus Dinosaurs

Zombies versus Aliens versus Vampires versus Dinosaurs When a highly sophisticated race of alien insects arrive to exterminate mankind mythical creatures from human lore turn out to be real than anyone imagined It is an epic battle for the preservation o

  • Title: Zombies versus Aliens versus Vampires versus Dinosaurs
  • Author: Jeff Abugov
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a highly sophisticated race of alien insects arrive to exterminate mankind, mythical creatures from human lore turn out to be real than anyone imagined It is an epic battle for the preservation of our planet, and no one is left out Oh, and some of them fall in love.

    One thought on “Zombies versus Aliens versus Vampires versus Dinosaurs”

    1. Let the absurdity abound.When you have run out of Dr. McNinja books to read or have a long airplane ride ahead of you, download this book! This book is a beautiful mash up of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jurassic Park, and Starship Troopers. The final battle is the melee you have been waiting for and never knew you needed. Zombies and dinosaurs have never been so human or so heroic.

    2. Ok, this was fun.My first reaction was, interesting title, how is he going to pull this off? But Abugov does, expertly setting up the four adversaries (the dinosaurs show up at the end. Makes sense, little dialogue) and not only does the narrative remake sense, he has fun with it. The protagonists include a vampire slayer who is also the First Lady, the alcoholic veep who's a general (comes in handy), a by the book devout Baptist M.P. sergeant, a helicopter pilot malcontent, the king of the vamp [...]

    3. This has probably been my favorite book this summer! It was a fun read, there was no mushy love story, things got blown up, the good guys weren't who you expected them to be

    4. This really workedWhen it was first suggested on one of my FB sites, I thought it was a joke, until I followed the lin to and the book. What the heck, I downloaded it and thought I'd peruse it briefly then put it on the back burner with my 200 plus other books I need to get to. Boy was I wrong!! Yes it has vampires and a vampire slayer of course, alien bugs (possible spoilers) who inadvertantly create zombies and open a wormhole into the past, thus the dinosaurs. How does it all work you say, a [...]

    5. Loved itIt was a pretty good story. The title pretty much says the story. Pretty exciting. As you are reading about certain things happening, you are wondering how this is going to play out in the story. Then the author cleverly pulls it all together. Also the ending was funny. This might make a great movie!

    6. This book was so ridiculous. This book is basically a series of completely impossible events that lead to more impossible events. I was very entertained and loved it, but can't say that it was written well. I CAN say that Jeff Abugov has a pretty crazy awesome imagination and I'll probably read more of his books! Kudos!

    7. The Title Tells it AllWhat a wild wacky ride. This is fan-fiction of the highest order, a genre blender of popular pop-culture. It's The Walking Dead/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/War of the Worlds/Jurassic Park crossover you never knew you needed. Nonstop action with a sense of humor about itself. A fun read.

    8. Alien versus WorldTalk about a mixture of humorous mayhem and laughter, this book has become a movie yet to be made. Independence Day had Will Smith but this has a larger cast of every Grade B movie popular on Saturday matinees. All characters are unbelievable in their roles and it truly makes a good read as you try to find the solution to each stage of the battle.

    9. Mars Attacks meets Buffy meets The Walking Dead meets Jurassic ParkThis is the craziest thing I've ever read,but in a good way. It starts with an invasion of insect-like aliens, quickly escalates into war, and then gets really weird. If you like your sci-fi with a touch of dark humor, this is for you.

    10. WOW!! This was a lot better than I thought!! Lots of action and very likable characters. Some how the author made it work!!! I would definitely read another book from the author. Happy Reading :)

    11. A fun adventure! I know the title can be a put off. I mean really? This reminds me of the 1996 Tim Burton movie "Mars Attacks!" starring Jack Nicholson and a host of others. It is campy, spoofy, and darn good actually. One thing it is not, is horror, despite its name.This is an action adventure with a rapidly rising body count. Don't get too comfortable with many of the characters. There is palpable tension throughout, heroism, surprises, cliff hangers, and a good serving of comic relief. This i [...]

    12. Surprisingly entertaining!When I first saw the title Zombies versus Aliens versus Vampires versus Dinosaurs I thought, in the words of Eastman from The Walking Dead, " What a load of horseshit!". Then I read the sample, and was shocked to find that it was actually quite good. So I bought it, and found myself reading it cover to cover nonstop. When I was done, I was a bit disappointed, not because it was in any way lacking, but because it was over! I really hope that Author Jeff Abugov writes mor [...]

    13. This book is a romp through multiple genres that will keep you reading and laughing. If you ever thought why aren't their zombies and dinosaurs and vampires in Mars Attacks; then this is the book for you. The title alone seems silly but the book is actually well written, the story unfolds logically and the science and technology are well researched. As the story begins a man approaches a beautiful, but out of place young woman in a bar. Except he's no mere man he is a vampire and his nibble on h [...]

    14. OMG! Independence Day meets Jurassic Park meets Dracula and The Walking DeadI jUst love stories like this! This author writes wonderfully. And not to make fun of his last name, but I love the pun of it. I highly recommend this book. The editing and formatting are superb. I won't go into the story, because it would give away the plot. This is only the second book that I have read that is like this (the first one had a zombie werewolf albino armadillo with an attitude, but that's a whole different [...]

    15. Strange enemies uniteThough a strange title and premise, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Somehow the author merged all theses characters into an enjoyable read. The human interactions were interesting and to see the characters interact with one another was a nice touch.

    16. The title certainly caught my eye, and overall it was an enjoyable read. Yes, the author really did work zombies, aliens, vampires, and dinosaurs all into one action-packed work. Clearly the book aimed for zany, with more than a little tongue-in-cheek. However, I thought it fell a bit short, hitting the "just plain silly" mark a little too often.

    17. CREATURE FEATURE IT ISHello, great, great and more great. Felt like I was watching a movie rather than reading a book. Don't try to take this too seriously, just sit back, get a pinch of snuff, and enjoy. I wish Mr. Abugov would write some more of these. Damn fine stuff. Thanks.

    18. 3.5* It was ridiculous and absurd and plain ole fluffyn zombies or aliens or vampires or dinos be fluffy.but it was just fluffy fun for those times when I had a minute to read, but needed something that it didn't matter how long it had been since I read the last page or two.

    19. Just like the title saysThe title tells you exactly what the is about. Most of the humor is in the subject. It's not British humour but American humor. If you want an action story with some humor then it's a good read.

    20. Will mythic icons work together to save humanity?A great romp, T Rex zombies vampires a vampire slayer in heels all join in the fight to save humanity from aliens. Its a fun book with a clever ending. Great book for beach or plane.

    21. FunThis was one fun book, really enjoyed it. Author did a great job putting it all together. Thanks love to read another like it

    22. Surprisingly good!I won't give out spoilers. This book had Fast paced action, great characters and actually brought a tear to my eyes at one scene.

    23. Absolutely fun!Just a very fun read! Lots of humor with exactly what the title suggests. Well worth the time to burn through it quickly!

    24. The book with the funny name turned out to be a 'cool' read through Z, A, V, and D!!!! Go ahead and read this book--you will enjoy it!

    25. Darn goodDespite the silly title this turned out to be a great read. Highly enjoyable and highly reccomened. I read it in a few days, hard to put down.

    26. Cult or Crap?It's so bad it's good. Just about every single trope from SF, vampire fic, and zombie fic has been included. Plus dinosaurs!

    27. Fun!Slapstick silly and just plain fun reading. Zombies aliens vampires dinosaurs and unlikely human heroes all in one zany entertaining story.

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