Release the Stars

Release the Stars Can love be measured in percentages After her girlfriend leaves her for a man broken hearted novelist Charlie Cross moves from New York to Los Angeles to work on a TV show based on her books Charlie

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  • Title: Release the Stars
  • Author: Harper Bliss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: ebook
  • Can love be measured in percentages After her girlfriend leaves her for a man, broken hearted novelist Charlie Cross moves from New York to Los Angeles to work on a TV show based on her books Charlie vows to never date any woman who isn t a hundred percent certain of being a lesbian But when she is seduced by gorgeous bisexual cooking show host Ava Castaneda, whom she sCan love be measured in percentages After her girlfriend leaves her for a man, broken hearted novelist Charlie Cross moves from New York to Los Angeles to work on a TV show based on her books Charlie vows to never date any woman who isn t a hundred percent certain of being a lesbian But when she is seduced by gorgeous bisexual cooking show host Ava Castaneda, whom she s had a celebrity crush on for ages, Charlie is forced to review her belief in percentages because true love could very well be on the line.

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    1. Charlie is over-the-top unlikeable. She makes bad decisions that hurt people she supposedly loves, and she focuses every conversation with her friends on herself. As much as I enjoy alcohol and being with people who enjoy alcohol, Charlie clearly has a drinking problem. Other than being the main character in a book, it’s not clear why her former lover, her friends, and Ava all love her, want to spend time with her, and have such faith that she is a wonderful person. She consistently treats the [...]

    2. Release the Stars by Harper Bliss I have just reread this book again for the fifth time if not more and just realised that i hadn't actually put into words how much i enjoyed it the first time i read it. My Synopsis Charlie is coming out of the worst break ups imaginable Not only has her girlfriend left her but she's left her for a man The ultimate betrayal in Charlie's eyes. Charlie is a writer and is given the opportunity to move from New York to Los Angeles to work on a TV series that is base [...]

    3. How would you behave if the woman you have lived with for seven years dumps you for a man? In Charlie's case, not so great. She's reeling from the betrayal. Good thing she has a couple of solid friends who refuse to let her wallow in her misery. Over (many) drinks she rationalizes her convictions that she will from now on only date gold star lesbians. She's learned her lesson.When she is introduced to celebrity chef Ava at a party, a woman she has had a crush on for years, she is enchanted and c [...]

    4. I laughed, I cried (almost, I'm not really a crier per se), I got so freaking angry I wanted to reach into my Kindle and smack Charlie across the face. All in all an amazing first novel from an already favorite author.I really enjoyed the premise of this story; girl gets left by girlfriend for a man. Now girl won't consider dating anyone else unless they are 100% lesbian so as not to get left for a man, again. Harper's stories always come off very realistic to me. I could absolutely picture all [...]

    5. Ok, did any of you actually like Charlie? I didn't. She wallows in self-pity, is over the top jealous, insecure, self-centered and more times than one a real pain in the ass.God, I wanted to slap some sense into her more than once. What does Eva see in her? This is a sentiment that repeatedly crossed my mind while listening:Dear Eva, obviously you're a much better person than I am and you have infinitesimal more patience and more forgiveness in your heart than I probably would have.But hey I did [...]

    6. This book pissed me off beyond measure for the first half or so. Charlie is obnoxious with her "must be 100% lesbian" rule and I wanted to give up. However, I always like Harper Bliss so I stuck it out and I'm glad I did. Everyone around Charlie knows her rule is stupid and it's great to see when she figures it out too. My only other beef is that I want more of Ava and what she's thinking. Full review here: thelesbianreview/relea

    7. Ugh. Okay. As a story, I'd probably give it 3.5 or 4 stars. The writing is good, the characters are complicated and complex, and it tackles hard things and pushes the characters, emotionally. It's not really a great romance novel, though it's instalove followed by lots of angst and drama, and Ava is too perfect and too accepting of Charlie's general horrible-ness. I had a hard time believing anyone would find Charlie worth dating, given the way she treats people. But most of the romantic relatio [...]

    8. Normally I thoroughly enjoy the books I read by Harper Bliss who has written one of my all time favorite series French Kissing Series Box Set: Seasons 1-3.However I had a really hard time finishing this novel. Charlie in my opinion really is a horrendous human being and I really don't understand how Ava could forgive her so easily and take her back after the way Charlie treated her. It makes me wonder if Ava has some self-esteem issues.Also speaking as a bisexual woman, the bi phobia in this boo [...]

    9. The wonderful part about picking up a Harper Bliss book is that you know you're in safe hands - a Bliss book is never going to be a one or two star read.With that said, this is one of those books where I really struggled to know what score to give it - because I found the lead character and our main lens, teeth-gratingly annoying and this really impacted my enjoyment of the book at the wholeIn any book with romance as one of its main storyline backbones, you have to want the romance to happen an [...]

    10. Well!!!Harper has done it again. Whenever I start reading one of her books I find work of all kind and communication with people further from my mind. Harper yet again grabbed me from the first to the last word. Unable to put it down. Loved it. It's an excellent story funny, interesting and a very enjoyable journey. Thanks Harper for yet another great read.

    11. 4.5 stars There’s no denying Harper has the gift of the gab when penning lesbian erotica. I have read and enjoyed many of her short stories. When seeking out well written lesbian erotica Harper is my go to author, and the scenes in this story did not disappoint! Early on I thought she was going to venture into something I’m not a fan of in ‘short’ FF stories. However, by the end of the story I was going – do it, do it, do it. And when they did, wow holy shit cakes. Thank goodness I hav [...]

    12. Lets Get CookingMs. Bliss has challenged herself to writing a book a month for a year. This is an amazing goal to set but she is off to an excellent start with Release the Stars. Charlie is a successful writer whose books are being made into a TV series. Feeling betrayed, Charlie is trying to get over her ex who left her for and married a man. She is obsessed with finding a girlfriend who is 100 % lesbian. One day her BFF Nick takes her to a dinner party hosted by Charlie's celebrity crush and a [...]

    13. Addictive! That's the only word I can use to describe Harper's writing style. I thoroughly enjoyed the flow of Release the Stars, even if it was hard not to want to smack Charlie sometimes. Honestly, I loved this book because I fell in love with the character Ava Castaneda. Everything about this character was captivating. Her chairisma and outlook on life made me want to change my own perspective on love itself. Awesome read.

    14. I’ve only started reading Harper Bliss’s books recently, and I’m really, really enjoying them. This is as well written as any of them, but I found Charlie a touch unlikeable (though also very realistic and believable, so that’s another testament to good writing).

    15. Really enjoyed this story. The main character Charlie is very flawed but her friends are a great support for her and she learns a lot about herself and her flaws. Even with her flaws Charlie is very likable.

    16. I have been a big fan of Harper's work for a while now and this is definitely my favorite story by Harper so far. I loved it!

    17. I was so excited to read this book, and I think that this is another superb book written by Harper. You actually get lost in with the characters so it's like you can feel what they're going through and all of their thoughts.Charlie is now working in L.A after having finishing with her girlfriend as she left her for a man, all she wants to do is to get away from everything that reminds her of her Ex Jo. She currently is writing a script for a TV show which is based on her books, the one thing tha [...]

    18. I loved this story so much that I kept gravitating back to it. Forget dishes, forget chores, I had to see what was happening with Charlie and Ava. I tried to stay away. I'm horrible at writing reviews, but I found this book sweet, sexy and a little angsty. It's everything I enjoy reading in a story and a lesbian story at that! I wish we had more lesbian movies like this.I'm tired of lesbians being portrayed as artsy, edgy and extremely angsty. Believe it or not there are lesbians that are happy [...]

    19. Charlie is flawed but likeable and I found myself really cheering for her and Ava. There’s some angst along the way as you would expect and with the love, support and honesty of her friends I hoped she would get where she wanted to go.The premise was nice although at times I wished there was more depth to the characters and relationships, but this really was a book I enjoyed reading. Harper’s writing style is quite enjoyable and engaging so definitely have a read.

    20. I’ve lost count of how many stories I’ve read by Harper Bliss, but I do know that Release the Stars is one of my favorites. Charlie is the type of character you want to knock some sense into. And she’s in need of a reassuring hug. Ava is the type of woman many of us dream about. Watching them collide is a wonderful ride, with lots of ups and downs, and some blistering hot sex scenes. Well worth a read.

    21. This book was just "ok". Nothing amazing. I found I really disliked the main character, "Charlie". I cared more for the poor women she came in contact with. Charlie is neurotic, self loathing and her own worst enemy. I should have known by the cover that this was butch/fem fiction.

    22. Not the best lesbian romance I've read but definitely not the worst. Initially there were so many stereotypes and jokes about being a lesbian I thought maybe Harper Bliss was trying to pull off some meta satire of LGBT stereotypes (e.g. there's a lesbian softball team and a sassy gay man who drinks Cosmos and that's just for starters). Also like some readers note I was half expecting for Charlie to admit she had a drinking problem by the end of the novel. Despite the queer lady Pride & Preju [...]

    23. At first I didn't like this book much, however writing about anxiety, getting over someone and self-doubt is difficult, so kudos to the author. I get that it's difficult to click with someone that carries herself with so many weird standards but the journey of Charlie is very telling about how to get over someone when things end badly. Also getting past all the hurt, the doubts about dating someone are greatly portrayed, she can be seen as whiney but each person has their own way of dealing with [...]

    24. Nice ReadThis is a very nice love story. Charlie and Ava are the perfect couple with so much love. I enjoyed their love scenes. Charlie was so crazy in the beginning but when she got it together, they made me want that relationship.

    25. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Release the Stars is the latest standalone F/F romance from bestselling author Harper Bliss and is a story set in sunny California. Charlie Cross is a New Yorker who moves to LA to oversee the writing for a television series based on her bestselling book series. Her last relationship left her jaded and with her ex moving on with a man, Charlie doesn't want to have anyth [...]

    26. It's really hard for me to rate this book because I don't want to give people the wrong impression: it is a good story, it is well written and it has sweet romance, good sex, nice banters It just did not reach out to me. I couldn't feel for the characters or what they were going through. Especially Charlie and her "fears". I could not relate, I could not feel empathy for her. So I had trouble getting hooked by the book in general. But it's probably just me and most people would enjoy this story. [...]

    27. Thoroughly enjoyed another Harper bliss novelCharlie would have to be the most excruciatingly annoying character so far in all of the Harper bliss books I have read. She was full of self pity and I loathed her for the majority of the book. This just shows how well Harper can write and pull you into the emotions of her characters. I could easily appreciate and sympathise with Nick and how he reacted to this sad sorry case of a woman. I hope there will be another edition to this book I'd love to s [...]

    28. By far one of my favorite lesbian romances to date. I loved the character development of Ava and Charlie. I feel like they had good depth and you really got to care for each of them. I absolutely couldn't put it down! I'm beginning to have trouble picking out my favorite books with this author because with each one I decide its the best! The feel of the story is amazing sexy, erotic, romantic, really takes your breathe away!

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