The Risen

The Risen New York Times bestselling author Ron Rash demonstrates his superb narrative skills in this suspenseful and evocative tale of two brothers whose lives are altered irrevocably by the events of one long

  • Title: The Risen
  • Author: Ron Rash
  • ISBN: 9780062436337
  • Page: 302
  • Format: ebook
  • New York Times bestselling author Ron Rash demonstrates his superb narrative skills in this suspenseful and evocative tale of two brothers whose lives are altered irrevocably by the events of one long ago summer and one bewitching young woman and the secrets that could destroy their lives.While swimming in a secluded creek on a hot Sunday in 1969, sixteen year old EugeneNew York Times bestselling author Ron Rash demonstrates his superb narrative skills in this suspenseful and evocative tale of two brothers whose lives are altered irrevocably by the events of one long ago summer and one bewitching young woman and the secrets that could destroy their lives.While swimming in a secluded creek on a hot Sunday in 1969, sixteen year old Eugene and his older brother, Bill, meet the entrancing Ligeia A sexy, free spirited redhead from Daytona Beach banished to their small North Carolina town until the fall, Ligeia will not only bewitch the two brothers, but lure them into a struggle that reveals the hidden differences in their natures.Drawn in by her raw sensuality and rebellious attitude, Eugene falls deeper under her spell Ligeia introduces him to the thrills and pleasures of the counterculture movement, then in its headiest moment But just as the movement s youthful optimism turns dark elsewhere in the country that summer, so does Eugene and Ligeia s brief romance Eugene moves farther and farther away from his brother, the cautious and dutiful Bill, and when Ligeia vanishes as suddenly as she appeared, the growing rift between the two brothers becomes immutable.Decades later, their relationship is still turbulent, and the once close brothers now lead completely different lives Bill is a gifted and successful surgeon, a paragon of the community, while Eugene, the town reprobate, is a failed writer and determined alcoholic.When a shocking reminder of the past unexpectedly surfaces, Eugene is plunged back into that fateful summer, and the girl he cannot forget The deeper he delves into his memories, the closer he comes to finding the truth But can Eugene s recollections be trusted And will the truth set him free and offer salvation or destroy his damaged life and everyone he loves

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    1. People don’t have to be dead to be ghosts.A body has emerged from a riverside grave, exposed by a lifetime of erosion, and revives decades-old questions about just how the dead woman had met her end. In Ron Rash’s latest novel, The Risen, broken, alcoholic Eugene is thus prompted to look back over forty six years to the seminal summer of his life. Ron Rash1969 was a special time for the Matney brothers in Sylva, North Carolina. After Sunday services, sixteen-year-old Eugene and his four-year [...]

    2. this is the second fairly quiet novel in a row from ron rash, after 2014's Above the Waterfall. i wouldn't recommend either of them to first-time rashers, because compared to some of his other books, they're a bit spare in terms of story, but for people like me, who've already gorged ourselves on his meatier stuff and can appreciate this lighter touch more for knowing what he's capable of when he lets loose, or for people who prefer their books a little wispy, it will still satisfy.i liked this [...]

    3. It's 2015 in Sylva, a small town near Asheville, NC. and a family tale unfolds as Eugene, an unsuccessful professor of literature, an alcoholic whose wife and daughter have left him, takes us back 46 years to the summer of 1969. It's also the story of his brother Bill, now a successful neurosurgeon. The story moves back and forth between these times and focuses on what happened that summer when a care free , wild girl named Ligeia beguiles them and introduces them to drugs, alcohol, sex . She se [...]

    4. It might have been the summer of love in most of the country, but 1969 in this small town was mostly passed over. But for two brothers, Eugene and his older brother Bill, this summer would change everything.First love, first sex, first drink, for young Eugene it was a summer he would never forget. The magic of this author is not just the southern settings which he is known for but that he gives his characters situations and problems that could be for anyone, anywhere. This is written very simply [...]

    5. Our lives are shaped by the choices we make, and by the ensuing consequences. This is true in any walk of life. The path Eugene has taken has led him to drink. Indeed, he is well acquainted with the bottoms of any number of whiskey bottles. As a result, he has failed miserably at his chosen profession of writing, lost his wife and daughter, and is just a tweak away from becoming the town drunk. Flashback to the summer of 1969. These are lazy days for Eugene, spent fishing and swimming in the riv [...]

    6. I don’t want to write this review because it means this book is read, over. I guess that’s the biggest testament I can give; I wish it didn’t have to end. My personal recommendation is to read this book, don’t bother with reading any reviews, including mine. Just read it.I haven’t read that many of Ron Rash’s earlier works, the first book of his I read was “The Cove,” then “Serena,” and “Above the Waterfall” more recently, and now “The Risen.” I’ve enjoyed them all, [...]

    7. A high 4 stars! This was my second Ron Rash read, and as I said when I reviewed Above the Waterfall, it won't be my last. This a short novel, but Rash seems to be very skilled at packing a lot into few words. Set near Asheville, North Carolina, the story focuses on two brothers -- Eugene and Bill -- something that happened between them in the summer of 1968, and the reckoning between them nearly 50 years later. The story is told from younger Eugene's perspective, as he moves back and forth in ti [...]

    8. I worship and adore Ron Rash, but I have always felt his true calling (aside from his masterpiece “Serena”) is the short story. Now I am rethinking everything because THIS BOOK!!! I have seen some lukewarm reviews on this one and while I will agree it is not up to his usual standards on breathtaking prose, he has constructed a very taut and gripping little gem that had me on the edge of my seat until the perfectly crafted and moving end. I don’t want to give too much away here, even the pl [...]

    9. The Perniciousness of Pot, Prophylactics and an Appealing PoolRash's Homage to DostoevskyThe setting here alternates between 1989 and the summer of 1969 in rural appalachian North Carolina. The latter was during the sinful Summer of Love, and brothers Eugene and Bill are on summer break from high school. About a hundred yards downstream from their regular swimmin' hole, a teen siren mesmerizes Eugene, the novel's narrator, avec toute sa splendeur naturelle: "Her long red hair set off her aqua ey [...]

    10. Thanks to a friend for the gift of Ron Rashes latest book.Eugene Matney, a struggling alcoholic writer, relates this coming of age story and precautionary tale about he and his older brother Bill, a renowned neurosurgeon, growing up in a small South Carolina town, with their widowed mother and disciplinary and influential, though pretty steely Grandfather the local physician and keeper of the small towns secrets. Things start to go awry when they meet a visiting free spirited girl Ligeia Mosely [...]

    11. Ron Rash proves once again he is a master of southern fiction (as if there was any doubt) in his latest book "The Risen."When erosion reveals human bones alongside Panther Creek in a small North Carolina town, brothers Eugene and Bill relive the fateful summer of 1969 when they met the wild and mysterious Ligeia. While the novel is fueled with questions of "who dunnit?" and "what the heck happened?" its true strength is in its character study of two very different brothers, their tyrannical gran [...]

    12. A shocking newspaper article brought the alcoholic writer, Eugene Matney, back 46 years to the summer of 1969. He and his older brother, Bill, were spending an afternoon fishing in a stream when Eugene met his first love. The beautiful, manipulative teenager (who assumed the exotic name Ligeia) was sent to stay with religious relatives in the boonies of North Carolina. Her parents were trying to keep her safe since she had recently run away to a hippie commune. While Bill could see that she was [...]

    13. This felt more like an expanded short story or novelette than an honest-to-God novel. The characters were wooden and I couldn't make myself care about any of them. The story was interesting, but nothing special. The one true villain in the book, the grandfather, could have given Serena a run for the money, but was never fleshed out with motives or mysteries to explain his evil ways. I did like all the literary allusions, especially the Thomas Wolfe connections. The setting of the small town of S [...]

    14. 3.75★A bit longer than a novella but shorter than a novel, it was just right.It did not pack quite the punch that his other works usually deliver but if you love his writing it’s an enjoyable read. If you still haven’t developed a Rash (starts with J ends with an A), I would definitely point you to his Burning Bright or perhaps Serena or The Cove as a starter if you want the ultimate in literary enjoyment from the man’s works.For me this really falls under the three star/I liked it ratin [...]

    15. A tale of two brothers, bewitched, bothered, and beguiled one coming-of-age summer by a beautiful girl who likes to think she's a mermaid. But she's something else. One brother catches on; one stays under her spell. One brother goes on to become a successful surgeon; the other a drunk. Any correlation? Ultimately, what happened that summer altered their lives forever.It's an evocative tale you will want to, and can, read straight through. Rash ensnares you with his words and then mixes things up [...]

    16. I love Ron Rash better than butter. His works are amazing. Maybe with a bar set so high, disappointment was inevitable. Let me get past my woeful reaction, and maybe Ill jot more details soon. Until thenThis is still lovely in its writing, but the bad guy here did not have the depth and nuance I have come to expect in Rash's villains. My favorite was the murderer who was sweetly diligent in trimming his elderly mother's fingernails, in buying her favorite candies, and making sure she had a chill [...]

    17. 3.5 starsThis meager review is going to sound a little bitchy (which will hopefully be offset by my 3.5 star rating) but while I completely enjoyed Ron Rash's almost novella-length novelThe Risen, I can't help but feel I've read it before. If you've never read Rash's ethereal North Carolina-centric grit-lit before, this would probably be a good place to "get your feet wet" with him. Rash fans, though, might have trouble with its overt similarity to portions of The Cove,Above The Waterfall, (what [...]

    18. Another great story by Ron Rash taking place about 30 minutes from my home, in a town my grandfather was born.The Risen is a coming of age story during the summer of 1969; a story of love, relationships, and mystery.It is best to go into this book without reading the blurb about it, as I feel it gives away too much.I enjoyed this short story by Rash -- it's my second and I'm looking forward to reading more of his work. He's a wonderful storyteller!A high 4 stars!

    19. This is my first book by Ron Rash and perhaps this wasn’t the best one to start with. I’m left feeling that this book failed to demonstrate the author’s talent that I’ve heard so much about. It was a page-turner, which is always a good thing. I read it quickly and found it to be fairly enjoyable overall but that’s about it. I didn’t really know any of the characters by the end and therefore wasn't invested in their fates. In particular, the girl Ligeia felt like the caricature of a y [...]

    20. This book suffers some by comparison to Rash's other novels. Perhaps that is it's greatest fault and it might have been praised more if it came from a new or unknown author. I did enjoy it and I never quite suspected or anticipated the ending. That to me is the mark of a truly great author.

    21. Well, the "rash" is back. After a likeable but not great read with Above the Waterfall, I really liked this new novel. The relationship between the brothers reminds me some of the set of brothers in East of Eden. But I also thought Serena and Cathy/Kate were similar in nature. This is a book to definitely chew on for a little bit. I'm thankful I can talk about this one with On the Southern Literary Trail group. The pace is quick and I was not disappointed.

    22. The Summer of Love was a couple of years past its Use-By date when it reached the hollers of Appalachia. In fact, if it weren't for bad girl Ligeia, sent by her parents from Daytona Beach to cool off with a staid aunt and uncle in small-town North Carolina, Eugene Matney might never have discovered The Doors. Maybe he'd've been better off. Maybe Ligeia would still be alive. But 46 years later, the details are a little fuzzy, particularly rendered in the mind of a has-been alcoholic writer. The R [...]

    23. This is my third or fourth Ron Rash and one thing I have learned is that he does not write stories with"happy" endings. His stories my end with redemption; with justice; with reconciliation, but usually not with happiness. This latest effort is a case in point. In the late sixties, two teenaged boys living in a small town in North Carolina fall under the bewitching spell of a young girl who is visiting from the Florida coast. A full-fledged member of the counterculture which is sweeping the coun [...]

    24. This book centers around a summer in the 1960's when brothers Bill and Eugene meet the sexy and wild Ligeia at the creek where they fish. Both boys become involved with the girl and, years later, it tests their relationship. Memories are dredged up. Questions are asked. Fingers are pointed. Suspicions are raised.The greatest thing about The Risen is that it is fodder for a great conversation. What really happened? Who really is to blame? What is real? There is a great mystery at the core of this [...]

    25. A willed innocence masking the world's injustice and evil, even the town's name a nostalgic turning away from reality, some might say. There would be some truth in such a view, but Sylva's residents needn't look beyond their own town to know injustice and evil. As Sheriff Loudermilk noted, small towns have a way of giving up their secrets.What a truly fantastic and satisfying read! If I was a writer, I'd like to write the kind of story that Ron Rash so eloquently delivers here. His sparse, yet i [...]

    26. While swimming in a secluded creek on a hot Sunday in 1969, sixteen-year-old Eugene and his older brother, Bill, meet Ligeia. A free-spirited, rebellious teenager from Daytona Beach banished to their small North Carolina town, she not only entrances the two brothers, but lures them into a struggle that reveals the hidden differences in their natures. Eugene falls deeper under Ligeia’s spell as she introduces him to the thrills and pleasures of the counterculture—but just as the movement’s [...]

    27. This was superb on many levels. It's one of those stories where there isn't a ton of 'action' per se, but it is completely enthralling and I literally couldn't put it down, once I had started it. A study on the dark side of coming of age blended with the dark side of family obligation and what makes families turn against each other, the story is disturbing, but ultimately beautiful.

    28. Une très belle écriture, une histoire émouvante et des personnages attachants. Une belle découverte !

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