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  1. I enjoyed this manga very much, but this is how I imagine it was pitched:“We’re gonna do a manga about a kid that gets saved from suicide by an angel, and the angel gives him special powers.”“Sure, I’m with you.”“And the first thing he does is go to see his aunt and uncle, who took him in after his parents died, and _____.”“Dude, that’s messed up. So we’re talking lots of drama here, okay. Go on.”“Then he finds out he’s in the running to become God, against a bunch of [...]

  2. I read the manga very quickly and I totally love the concept (really cool angels!) and the artwork!!!!! Chinese article about this new series: hk01/%E5%A5%BD%E7%94%9

  3. I kind of have a love/hate thing going for Ohba and Obata but the covers for this series are pretty and I'm a sucker for stories with angels.There's probably going to be some twist that makes me throw my iPad across the room, but I'm willing to take that risk.Also, if you've read or seen Mirai Nikki this story will seem familiar. Not a bad thing.

  4. Nuevo manga del dúo de Death Note. Vuelven los argumentos super-elaborados y los juegos mentales. Esto va a molar mucho

  5. A depressed youth is saved by a morally ambiguous angel who gives him supernatural gifts that he must use as a candidate to become the next "god".Platinum End has a pretty epic start but I'm not entirely confident in it's future. At this point it may decide to go straight into battle fantasy manga, rather than really focus on the story, and that would be a shame. But, we won't know for at least 2 volumes. There was quite a bit of explanation on how this fantasy system works and what the rules of [...]

  6. I was mesmerised by its artwork, no wonder these mangaka are legends. The plot was okay, I was intrigued at 1st, but too bad it went downhill a bit. I like the main character, he's much kinder than the characters in Death Note. However, I don't like where the story is going. I will continue to read this though, 3.5 stars!

  7. Actual rating: 4.5 starsOkay, I tried to lower my expectation since Death Note and Bakuman are masterpieces. BUT, of course I can't help expecting great things from this series. It's Tsugumi Ohba, after all!At first, I was afraid that this series will disappoint me because it's like a lighter version of Death Note isn't it? I'm afraid that Ohba is trying to repeat the success of Death Note by using an alternate version of shinigami, angels. BUT, I am extremely happy to announce that Platinum End [...]

  8. Ich kann euch gar nicht sagen, wie sehr ich auf diesen Manga hin gefiebert habe! Gerade nach Death Note erwartet man von diesem Duo nur noch Höchstklasse und was soll ich sagen Platinum End hat mich definitiv nicht enttäuscht! Einfach tolle Story und hyper mega Zeichnungen! Ich liebe es einfach qq

  9. Ser deus é um evento cíclico, até o cansaço pesar nos ombros e levar ao seu afastamento. Com o lugar vazio, treze anjos podem disputar entre si o acesso à divindade. Anjos nunca serão deuses, mas assegurarão poder absoluto se a pessoa que escolherem sobreviver ao processo e transcender a sua humanidade. Sob este cenário, uma anjo algo inexperiente intervém para salvar a vida de um adolescente deprimido. Ao fazê-lo, são ambos lançados neste jogo de poder de consequências fatais. Para [...]

  10. **Actual review 4.5**So, I loved this. I got distinct Death Note vibes from it but not in the plot just how dark it is. Our main character Mirai is unhappy to the nth degree. He lives with his abusive aunt, uncle and cousins, is forced to do all the chores and lives in a storage company. When he's finally ready to give up fighting an angel appears offering him a chance at happiness. But it's not as simple as it sounds. Mirai is one of thirteen humans chosen as candidates to become the next godbu [...]

  11. Guter Auftakt Band, auch wenn er sich an manchen Stellen ein wenig zieht, aber gewisse Dinge müssen einfach erst mal erläutert werden XD Die Zeichnungen sind auf jeden Fall ein Traum und ich freu mich jez schon auf den nächsten Band, weil mir die Reihe einfach Spaß macht! :D

  12. The art is fantastic, the storyline is? I expected more from Ohba. The concept is interesting and maybe it will be become better, but so far I expected something more subtle and less "drama".The main character seems a disgunstingly good person so far, I kinda missed Light. XD

  13. Have you ever looked at the world around you and thought, “Wow, God’s not doing a very good job.”? Perhaps you have even succumbed to hubris and thought you could do a better job if you, personally, had God’s power. As it turns out, God’s retiring and has assigned thirteen angels to seek out candidates for the open position. Each will be able to give their candidate special powers, and there will be a 999-day competition period, at the end of which the new God will be chosen. Special r [...]

  14. 3.2/5Being quite the fan of the Ohba/Obata duo, I was eager to buy this volume when I happened upon it in my local bookstore. They don't waste any time establishing that this is going to be a dark story when the first three or four pages depict the attempted suicide of our hopelessly depressed anti-hero, Mirai.Therein lies my first problem with this story. Once Mirai is saved by an angel named Nasse, she becomes a sloppy exposition-spouter who talks about Mirai's backstory, why she's there, what [...]

  15. I've been looking forward to this one as it is by the same team who did "Death Note". The artwork, as one would expect, is awesome with detail and beauty even in the violent scenes. The story is somewhat similar to "Death Note" as well only here we have an angel visiting a person who has lost hope and gives them powers: wings which give them flight and the ability to move faster than the eye, red arrows which make someone fall in love with you for 33 days and white arrows which kill instantly bu [...]

  16. 4,6 von 5 SternenDie Story ist wirklich interessant und ich kann mir vorstellen, dass sie auch über mehrere Bände spannend bleibt. Es geht hier um Engel, die sich jeweils einen Menschen auswählen den sie in den Wettbewerb schicke, der neue Gott zu werden. Jeder Auserwählte reagiert darauf und vor allem auf die damit verbundenen Fähigkeiten/Kräfte anders. Die Hauptperson des Mangas ist sehr sympathisch, aber einige andere der Auserwählten nutzen ihre Fähikeiten zur Manipulation und gar Mo [...]

  17. Le côté surnaturel m'a juste énormément tapé dans l'oeil. Ce principe d'anges choisissant des candidats dans l'optique énoncée dans le manga (et que je vais taire), ça me plaît.À la fin la situation qui s'engage est compliquée, je m'y étais attendue, mais je suis curieuse de voir comment les choses vont se dérouler. Les dessins sont très agréables, les pages de présentation des chapitres flattent particulièrement l’oeil.Mon avis complet : bloggalleane/2017/

  18. Soy un fan acérrimo y reconocido de las dos obras anteriores de los autores de Platinum End. Death Note, y en especial Bakuman, me parecen dos obras maestras del comic que todo aficionado debería tener, así que no es de extrañar que me comprar la siguiente obra de los mismos autores nada más salir.Y aquí estamos, cuatro meses después (maldita pila de post listos para salir XD) comentando algo que me leí en marzo.Platinum End nos cuenta la historia de un chico de instituto japonés, un ch [...]

  19. since this is the third Ohba x Obata manga series, i can't stop myself from comparing it to their earlier works, Death Note and Bakuman especially to the former. the idea of gaining special abilities and possibly becoming god gives off that Death Note feel to this series and at the same time that Angel-character and the overall art somehow makes me think of Bakuman.'s Reversi which is literally the first thing that came to my mind when i saw this seriesory-wise, i'd say that it's really interest [...]

  20. I picked this on up at my local manga store, because 1. it's by my favourite manga duo 2. the cover is really shiny and beautiful and 3. the story sounded really interesting. In this manga, we follow a boy named Mirai, who is saved by an angel when he tries to commit suicide. He is then given wings (freedom) and arrows (love) to make him happy and give him the strength to keep on living. But them some things happen and he discovers his life has turned into some survival game.The story has defin [...]

  21. La vita di Mirai è così terribile che il giorno del diploma il ragazzo decide di suicidarsi buttandosi dal tetto della scuola, ma viene salvato da un'angelo, Nasse, che gli fa dono di ali per volare e di frecce che possono far innamorare le persone. L'angelo dice di voler aiutare Mirai a trovare la felicità ma in realtà Mirai è entrato a far parte di una lotta per il potere, dove 13 angeli hanno donato i suoi stessi doni a 13 umani ma solo uno potrà vincere e diventare dio. Io non vedevo l [...]

  22. This book is rated Mature. If you are offended with nudity, death, alternative views of Christian ideology, sexual situations, and/or suicide then you might want to be weary of this series which is created by the same team that created the Death Note series. If you are still interested then get ready cause I have a feeling this ride is going to start with a whisper and grow into a ROAR as destinies cross and the body count rises.Every human being is born for the sake of being happy. Every human [...]

  23. This is not my favorite of Tsugumi's work, first being Death Note and second being All You Need is Kill, nor is it my favorite angel manga even though the whole "angels aren't good guys" thing is cool. The beginning actually seemed like the series was going to be a dark tale similar to many horror manga's with angels instead of demons, ghouls ,ghost, psychopathic teenagers with megalomania,zombies, etc. Ahh the classic zombies.Instead the reader is introduced to a weak love connection, some okay [...]

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