Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #2

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur B F F Devil Dinosaur seems to like Moon Girl just fine but a guy s got to eat What are New York s newest tourists the Killer Folk going to do next And when prehistoric thunder lizards roam Times Sq

  • Title: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #2
  • Author: Amy Reeder Brandon Montclare Natacha Bustos
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • B.F.F Devil Dinosaur seems to like Moon Girl just fine, but a guy s got to eat What are New York s newest tourists, the Killer Folk, going to do next And when prehistoric thunder lizards roam Times Square, a whole lot of shakin s goin on

    One thought on “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #2”

    1. I'm deducting some points because the killer-folk are kind of silly, but not in a good way. They managed to learn a new language and human behavior in seemingly one day. Kind of lame villains for an inhuman and super awesome dinosaur.

    2. Who says girls don't read comic books?My 9 yr old daughter is completely smitten with this series. It's her gateway into a love for comics and graphic novels. This is why representation is so important.

    3. The ongoing struggle between Lunella and Devil Dinosaur is hilarious. DD carries her by his teeth around NYC. He's not exactly a knight in shining armor, but he is keeping her safe from the cavemen. The Kree projector brought these prehistoric troublemakers out. So Lunella's quest for knowledge just may get her killed!

    4. This second issue didn’t impress me much. There isn’t much story progression. Luna and the Devil dinosaur are still likable characters, but it’s like having an overly intelligent girl with a weird dog. Then you have the monkeys just learning human behaviour and language easily. And that really disappointed me. The art work is still good. I’ll probably keep reading. You never know. This might get better.

    5. This one was better than the first to me. Hilarious and moved in a way that didn't require much text. And DD is just too cute.

    6. We learn why Lunella is looking for the Omni-Wave Projector and how important it is to her research. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't something more "dramatic", but I get it, not knowing what kind of changes will happen is scary. Other than that, the entire issue fell a little flat with no real story progression. Devil Dinosaur and our cavemen friends wreak havoc in Lunella's town and we end with Lunella being in grave danger. I adore our main character and will contin [...]

    7. This fun series continues in this issue #2!Issue #2 finds Devil Dinosaur, who still has Lunella, causing all sorts of havoc in the city where Lunella lives. At the same time, the 5 cave guys are causing their own havoc in the subway and then with a couple of policemen. I don't want to spoil anything here, but Lunella finally gets away from Devil Dinosaur only to be captured by the cave guys you'll have to read the comic to find out what happens. The story slowly starts to develop in this issue. [...]

    8. Lunella is literally being carried away thanks in no small part to the device she found and the Devil Dinosaur.So the Devil Dinosaur has grabbed Lunella and seems uninterested in what she wants.The Killer Folk are on their trail though. I have to say there is only one new thing to report and I'm not spoiling that for anyone who has yet to read the issue. Hopefully the next issue is better.2.5 out of 5 stars

    9. This issue really explained Lunella's intelligence and why she is the way she is. Other than that it was a really short filler, so that's why I'm giving it a 3 stars, and because nothing much happened, but I think it would probably read better as a full volume.Pick it up, give it a go and enjoy! ^^Gén

    10. Ok, I'm liking it much better this time. Cute story, good art, I want to know more and see how it turns out now.

    11. Story still a bit all over the place but overall a great way to introduce younger kids to graphic novels.

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