The Tree Watcher

The Tree Watcher This story draws inspiration from the author taking his son Samuel on a walk to the park He noticed how amazed Samuel was at everything there was to see especially the trees that towered above him W

  • Title: The Tree Watcher
  • Author: Christopher P. Stanley
  • ISBN: 9780997042009
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • This story draws inspiration from the author taking his son, Samuel, on a walk to the park He noticed how amazed Samuel was at everything there was to see especially the trees that towered above him With artwork depicting these trees that forged such awe in young Samuel s eyes, The Tree Watcher takes the reader along on this wonder inducing walk.

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    1. The simplest things, the things around us, the things we fail to truly notice as adults when we lose our sense of wonder at the world become a bonding moment for a father and son. The majesty of trees, as seen from the ground, the opportunity to realize all they truly are, the rustling of their leaves, the opening arms of their branches, the quiet giants who stand tall around us, all seen through the eyes of a child is magical. The eyes of the father are re-opened to the mysteries of the lives t [...]

    2. This story captured my attention from the very start because the pictures are amazing. They are done in an almost dream-like quality that really make me feel like I was lying on the ground, staring up at a tree on a lazy day.The book is shown through the viewpoint of a child and how he must see the world around him, especially this big tree. It took me back to a time when I was small and the world was so big--I wondered about so many things.I love the nostalgia that is incorporated in these page [...]

    3. The Tree Watcher, written and illustrated by Christopher P. Stanley, is a celebration of trees and, in a sense, the passing of time that they mark. Many of us walk past trees all the time. See them towering outside a window or flickering past us on the way to work. But, like many things in life, we take them for granted — until we see them anew through the eyes of a child. Inspired by his son Sam, Mr. Stanley’s simple, gentle story is of a parent introducing a toddler to the magic of trees. [...]

    4. I have to start by saying that this book really touched my heart. As a mother, I have always prided myself on pointing out the beauties in nature to both my boys. Whether it was a beautiful sky, a unusual bug, the night sky or one of my beloved wonders in naturea strong, large, stretching tree. Living in Wisconsin we get the pleasure to see a tree grow and chance through the seasons. The Tree Watcher follows a young boy and his father has they walk in the park and the subsequent wonder he see in [...]

    5. I’ve always loved trees. Loved to lie on the ground and peer up through the branches. Hear the leaves rustle in the wind. And even loved rolling in them when the trees shed their leaves for the winter.Do you remember doing that? Do you remember being buried in a pile of leaves, breathing their earthy scent? I do to this day.This book is like taking a walk into the past. To those younger years when everything seemed so large and miraculous.The delightfully colorful illustrations in the story bu [...]

    6. He takes an approach which is at once both realistic and magical. The images for the story carry this duality glanced at briefly, they seem quite photo-realistic some of them almost look like actual photos. He captures the essence and details of different types of trees quite well. However, looking at them more closely, I see the slight unreality to them, the way the leaves swirl like wet paint.The clouds and the grass have the same effect, like heat waves rising from the pavement, a desert mira [...]

    7. This tale of the wonders of the trees is an intriguing look at some things we may take for granted. It speaks to the child in the story, Sam, asking him if he has ever stopped to just look at the trees. It then talks of the trees growing strong, the presence they have and the beauty they possess. This is all written out in an interesting way that also mirrors Sam's life and what he wants to become. It's filled with pictures of nature that are given a unique, surreal look and add to the beauty of [...]

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