Comrade Corbyn: A Very Unlikely Coup: How Jeremy Corbyn Stormed to the Labour Leadership

Comrade Corbyn A Very Unlikely Coup How Jeremy Corbyn Stormed to the Labour Leadership None

  • Title: Comrade Corbyn: A Very Unlikely Coup: How Jeremy Corbyn Stormed to the Labour Leadership
  • Author: Rosa Prince
  • ISBN: 1849549966
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Comrade Corbyn: A Very Unlikely Coup: How Jeremy Corbyn Stormed to the Labour Leadership”

    1. REVIEW UPDATE Lucky I’m not a gambling man or I would have lost a considerable amount of money on the referendum. Like 90% of the nation – including the people who voted LEAVE – I completely expected to wake up to no change last Friday. Instead, I woke up to the house falling down – Britain out of Europe, Scotland likely to become independent, prime minister Cameron resigned, and a full scale putsch against the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.This Labour catastrophe – has any major politic [...]

    2. Regardless of what you may think about Jeremy Corbyn, this book goes a long way to showing that his dedication to politics and to improving the plight of people is unquestionable. Refreshingly, his journey into politics has no semblance of calculated career planning, something that no doubt helped him resonate with many voters. The clarity of his stance, which some may criticise as stubborn, also shines through in this narrative and his many years' parliamentary service mean that at the very lea [...]

    3. Rosa Prince's biography of Jeremy Corbyn contains a story about the Barking MP, Margaret Hodge, travelling to Corbyn's Islington constituency in the run up to the 2015 general election. After an absence of nearly three decades, Hodge notes "what really absolutely hit me was that this was the same speech he had made thirty years earlier". This story alone should give anyone pause for thought. In those thirty years the world had been fundamentally re-ordered, first by Thatcherism, then by the coll [...]

    4. A decent, easily digested, chronological journey of Jeremy Corbyn, from middle class rural schoolboy raised by socialist parents to hackneyed yet principled politician. A man who, by having principles based in humanism and being hugely popular with his constituency voters seems to have always been unpopular with the 'politocal class' Beit Tory or the centre leftism eschewed by Blair et al.No major shocks in the story, but plenty of evidence supporting what we suspected.The question is whether a [...]

    5. It's written in a breathless, tabloid journalism-type style by someone who's not interested in or doesn't understand the underlying ideas and principles of left wing politics i.e. the ideas that animate her subject. Too many unattributed quotes by anonymous MPs with axes to grind so soon after the 2015 leadership contest. Too much repetition of negatives e.g. that Corbyn is "tardy" and McDonnell is "divisive." Overall, I didn't find the book particularly anti-Corbyn or pro-Corbyn and the author [...]

    6. The author states that she is not out to do a hatchet job, and she just about succeeds in that, but only just. She cannot quite conceal her dislike for Corbyn and his circle at times, her downright scorn even, but she does attempt to understand, especially by the end. She is quite good on Corbyn's opponents in the Labour party, but not too well-informed on Corbyn's friends. Plus she tends to give credence to several nasty stories doing the rounds. Still, this is a gripping read. Not as gripping [...]

    7. Initially purchased after his appointment as leader of the Labour Party. Read after the 2017 election when, despite expectations to the contrary, he led the party to win many more seats than predicted. In between times he had also successfully defeated an attempt to oust him as leader.What this biography does is provide the background for his successes which have come late in his political life. Throughout the account Corbyn comes across as a principled individual who in many respects is the ant [...]

    8. An astonishingly fast read for a political memoir! (3 hours)The story of Jeremy Corbyn, possibly the most unlikely Party Leader in the history of politics, certainly in the history of modern politics. And right on the heels of Jo Cox's murder and on the cusp of the Referendum on Europe - British politics is never a dull scene! Though perhaps that's just me and perhaps it's also that I only left Britain 4 1/2 years ago, which made it easy to know what was going on in the course of the tale of his [...]

    9. Seems to be a good account of how Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the British Labour Party. I understand Jeremy Corbyn wishes to differ. What is interesting is the two disconnects that appear. Jeremy Corbyn is overwhelmingly support by the Labour Party membership but the reverse is the case with the Parliamentary Labour Party. If the the opinion polls are any guide in the wider electorate Jeremy Corbyn is political poison so disconnecting the Party with the electorate. I recently watched an inter [...]

    10. well sourced, the writer offers an insightful and enjoyable account of the man himself and his astonishing coup in seizing the leadership of the Labour party. The final chapters read like a comedy of errors as his incompetent opponents miss every opportunity to effect a serious challenge against him. Like or loathe his politics the book fully confirms the impression that Corbyn is true and consistent to his own fundamental beliefs and does not waiver from them, and surely herein lies his success [...]

    11. insightful assessment of a most unlikely leaderthis is a well-written analysis of Britain's most unexpected political leader. a testament to the values of hard work, loyalty and dedication to your beliefs. Prince shows how the combination of good organisation and enthusiasm overcame the turgid and tired Labour elite. She also points to the dangers of only preaching to the converted as the ecstatic support of political wonks is matched by utter apathy of voters. as with IDS this starts to look li [...]

    12. Impressive how Rosa Prince put this together in such short time. She obviously has a lot of contacts as much of it is quotes from politicians. She remains fairly neutral on the actual politics, but Jeremy Corbyn comes out well as a person and the political process of electing a leader of the labour party is interesting.

    13. A tad underwhelming - a bit like the man himself. So little to say about his early career that over half of the book is dedicated to the 2015 leadership campaign which is where the book stops. It doesn't say much about what makes him tick, what sort of leader he will be and whether he can keep the Labour Party together given his own career as a serial rebel. Journalistic, but not revealing

    14. A detailed history of Jeremy Corbyn from grandparents through to sons and from birth to the present date. Ignored by the media except to vilify, Corbyn is an unknown outside of the Labour left, making this book intriguing not just topical. Like John Major's autobiography, it doesn't feel like a political narrative. It's a good read.

    15. Didn't finish it. it could be half the size and would not lose any information. it presents lots of quotes and not much analysis.

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