A Nervous Breakdown

A Nervous Breakdown I did have hallucinations but did they harm anyone Who did they harm that s what I d like to know

  • Title: A Nervous Breakdown
  • Author: Anton Chekhov
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I did have hallucinations, but did they harm anyone Who did they harm, that s what I d like to know

    One thought on “A Nervous Breakdown”

    1. There are three short stories in this collection and this time I decided to show you a really short summary of each one, with my short opinion about and after that my opinion about the entire collection. I love the first story (A Nervous Breakdown)! This story is written so beautifully and I love the moral in this one! about a man called Vasilyev. His two friends bring him to a famous prostitute street, but all he can see is how disgusting and wrong that business is. He thinks about it all the t [...]

    2. I understand that this is 3 short stories, so the development you would see in a standard novel is not going to be there but I felt that the description was too brief. However, I did enjoy the little insight into mental illness - especially hallucinations with the middle story 'The Black Monk', which in a way has helped me learn about the impact of hallucinations on life, but for the other 2 stories, I wanted a little more focus on the mental illnesses than what was given to me.

    3. This second foray into the mind of Chekhov has yielded more enjoyment.It's not a spoiler to say the title tells all.A second bite at Chekovs' work and I shall be back for a third.Any suggestions

    4. Again, a 3 1/2. Three short stories, involving breakdowns and hallucinations. I had the feeling that something was missing, that the material has a lot of potential, but the medium of the short story was ill-fitting. A novella of maybe a 100 pages each would have developed the stories more, given that both the hallucinations and the nervous breakdown of the characters in the two main stories seem to happen from one minute to the other, which is very unrealistic in my opinion. But I praise Chekov [...]

    5. The best short story I've ever read, perfectly written, timeless, accurate and funny. You can find this in various collections of Chekhov's short stories. 'The Party and other stories' is where I first read it.

    6. This is the third Russian title I've read in the Penguin Little Black Classics series, while living in St. Petersburg. Three stories appear in this slim volume. The title story describes a nervous breakdown brought about by a student's visit to the red light district. He doesn't actually do anything there, he's just horrified by the concept of prostitution. The second story, The Black Monk, features a young professor who starts to hallucinate and then leaves his comfortable life when his wife an [...]

    7. This little book includes the story "A Nervous Breakdown" (1889) that doesn't appear in three volumes of Chekhov's published in Penguin Classics. The two other stories are: "The Black Monk" (1894) and "Anna Round the Neck" (1895).

    8. i only read the first short story in this collection of three-- A Nervous Breakdown-- on the plane home from Marrakech. I thought it was pretty good, but idk it was just so brief (lol guess that's short stories for ya)

    9. A Nervous Breakdown - Brothels and prostitutes were not his scene and because of this he suffered a mental breakdown.The Black Monk - A weird story of a man hallucinating the figure of a black monk who tells him he is one of God's chosen people.Anna Round the Neck - young girl marries a rich man twice her age and then some. She likes the attention other men give her. First two short stories are very good and make me want to read more of Chekhov's work, however the last story is lacking in depth [...]

    10. 2.5 stars overallA Nervous Breakdown- 1.5 stars - lack of real connection and care for MCThe Black Monk- 3 stars - was some random shit I didn't really get and I wanted it to be longer! Anna Round the Neck- 1 star - didn't enjoy the plot or characters at all, really.The thing about Chekhov is that I understand and really enjoy the themes of his stories, but I rarely enjoy the stories themselves. There's a lot of subtext and usually very little plot with rather boring, still characters, and sadly [...]

    11. I've wanted to read Chekhov's work for ages, but for some reason I could never find it where I live. Luckily I came across this little book and bought it right away. It certainly didn't disappoint. The book contains three short stories, all of them concerning a nervous breakdown of some sort. The first one was a bit weird. The story didn't really seem to have a point and ended rather abruptly, but it worked somehow. I liked it.The second story was my favourite. It played with mental illness in a [...]

    12. Russian classics in English - that's a new experience for me! Recalling Chekhov's short stories, this time I was hoping to have a good laugh from his wit and irony. I was also curious how Russian humour would "sound" in English. Well, I definitely picked a wrong book :) It's a selection of depressive and mental stories. I enjoyed the read, it's just I was not in a mood for that type of stuff. One more thing -despite the very well made translation, the texts definitely lose their real taste when [...]

    13. A story which I really enjoyed. Short and sweet, it makes you think about society and morality. This law student is eager to help and yet the fallen do not desire help and just desire comfort, regardless of how immoral the life. Nobody in society cares whether you are moral and you see the wrongs of the world; everybody just cares for their own material desires. Once you speak out that there is something wrong and things need to change, you are deemed mad; perhaps you are deemed an obstacle to t [...]

    14. First foray into Chekhov- great work by Penguin as ever in their selections for the Little Black Classics. Three haunting stories exploring psychology in Chekhov's beautiful prose. Definitely ready for more.

    15. I don't know about Anton Chekhov's work so I tried to read this and its a good short stories. I would love to read more of his works.Its a good book to read when you're commuting like me. Small and handy.

    16. Loved it!Really well written short stories! especially enjoyed "The black monk"! Chekhov is definitely worth to read and a must!

    17. I really liked the first two short stories in this small collection. The last one wasn't great in my opinion. It was written well, but I just wasn't a fan of it.

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