DEAD EVEN - TOWY Episode #2

DEAD EVEN TOWY Episode Dead Even is the second parallel companion to the acclaimed crime thriller Take One With You by Oak Anderson TOWY Episode is a short story for fans of the series that have read and posted a review

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  • Title: DEAD EVEN - TOWY Episode #2
  • Author: Oak Anderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 242
  • Format: None
  • Dead Even is the second parallel companion to the acclaimed crime thriller, Take One With You, by Oak Anderson TOWY Episode 2 is a short story for fans of the series that have read and posted a review for Take One With You To receive your complimentary copy, email info takeonewithyou and request the story.

    One thought on “DEAD EVEN - TOWY Episode #2”

    1. In Oak Anderson's first book, Take One With You, we were introduced to an original concept of taking a life before ending one's own.Since then, this idea has morphed into various interpretations for individuals, different choices for different reasons.Dead Even deals with divorce. Divorce can be ugly.There are no winners in the break up of a family; everyone loses, especially the children.In this story, it's a little girl named Lucinda,And many other children go through the same situation,Childr [...]

    2. I was very lucky to receive a copy of this from Mr. Anderson.I read Take One With You a while back, and it was one of those stories that just left an imprint on me. The idea of a movement in which a person decides who deserves to live or die intrigued me and so I HAD to read. I never truly enjoyed reading the Crime Genre until I read this book. And thene first episode followed (About Face), and I was quite pleased because my intrigue wouldn't be buried with the last page of T.O.W.Y. And now a se [...]

    3. This second episode of TOWY won't disappoint. Anderson knows how to grab his readers with his relatable and flawed characters. I loved the first TOWY because the writing is gritty and doesn't hold back. Dead Even took my attention hostage and didn't release it until the very end. This is a disturbing tale that will leave you feeling haunted. Also, I have to mention this cover gripped me in a way that most covers don't. Anderson also makes this story come alive in some unique and artistic ways. I [...]

    4. This took a dark series into an even darker place. Out of all the TOWY stories so far, I found this one the most disturbing, hands down. Part of it could be the way the author wrote some of the story from a child's viewpoint, and in a child's handwriting no less. It came across both creepy and sad, but I'm sure that's what he was going for.Oak Anderson is an artist as well as an author, and it always shows in his work as his books have something "different" in them. Things like newspaper clippin [...]

    5. Dead Even is taking TOWY into a dark place.Considering how the original Take One With You was an already dark tale, that's saying something. The story is a perversion of the original idea. The first book laid out the groundwork, the first episode took a snippet of it, and this one is evolving it into something different.Like the fist book, it holds the sincerity of the characters. It keeps the heart and the ache. Like the first episode, it's too short. You are only granted a glimpse of the true [...]

    6. Some authors do a spin off from their main books and quite often don't get it right, it ends up feeling like they are trying to milk as much money as possible out of the first book. Oak Anderson does it right, these books really do feel like little episodes and they are really gripping. This is quite a quick read and the scanned in documents makes it all feel very bleak as you work your way to the end. Top stuff again by this very inventive author.

    7. A very short read. Very powerful. So sad. He has the same kind of luck that I have. Nothing ever goes right for me. Hope there will be an episode 3.

    8. I like the progression of the TOWY concept here, but this was so short that I have a little trouble giving it a higher rating. I wish there had been more and I hope the author continues to produce within this series.

    9. Oh wow, this short story is a real stinger! Told mainly from the view of a little girl named Lucinda it's set in the TOWY world and shows the ramifications of an ugly divorce and custody arrangement.I could read a hundred of these stories, I hope the author writes many many more, or another full length novel also set in the TOWY world. With the ending of Take One With You I know he can come up with some explosive amazingly tangled twists and put together some puzzle pieces that no one else could [...]

    10. Just a quick little short story from the TOWY series enjoyed reading , liked the font that was used to write the story , very interesting , one of those stories that make you go hmmm.

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