Good Leaders Ask Great Questions: Your Foundation for Successful Leadership

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions Your Foundation for Successful Leadership John Maxwell America s leadership authority has mastered the art of asking questions using them to learn and grow connect with people challenge himself improve his team and develop better ide

  • Title: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions: Your Foundation for Successful Leadership
  • Author: John C. Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9781455548095
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • John Maxwell, America s 1 leadership authority, has mastered the art of asking questions, using them to learn and grow, connect with people, challenge himself, improve his team, and develop better ideas Questions have literally changed Maxwell s life In GOOD LEADERS ASK GREAT QUESTIONS, he shows how they can change yours, teaching why questions are so important, what quJohn Maxwell, America s 1 leadership authority, has mastered the art of asking questions, using them to learn and grow, connect with people, challenge himself, improve his team, and develop better ideas Questions have literally changed Maxwell s life In GOOD LEADERS ASK GREAT QUESTIONS, he shows how they can change yours, teaching why questions are so important, what questions you should ask yourself as a leader, and what questions you should be asking your team Maxwell also opened the floodgates and invited people from around the world to ask him any leadership question He answers seventy of them the best of the best including What are the top skills required to lead people through difficult times How do I get started in leadership How do I motivate an unmotivated person How can I succeed working under poor leadership When is the right time for a successful leader to move on to a new position How do you move people into your inner circle No matter whether you are a seasoned leader at the top of your game or a newcomer wanting to take the first steps into leadership, this book will change the way you look at questions and improve your leadership life.

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    1. To many John C. Maxwell will need no introduction, yet for the uninitiated he may be a pleasant, inspiring surprise.There is no shortage of business-orientated books, all offering the promise to show you the way of becoming a great leader that will inspire one’s employees and help transform your business in the process. Do most of them deliver? No. Does this one?This book seeks to help the reader by looking at the process of what makes a successful leader, noting that a successful leader is su [...]

    2. "Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less." (John C. Maxwell, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions)Some of the greatest questions asked on leadership are in this book. Too many questions to mention them all! Questions you may ask yourself as a leader, that the author asks himself are:1. Am I investing in myself?2. Am I genuinely interested in others?3. Am I grounded as a leader?4. Am I adding value to my team?This books contains questions that he asks himself, the questions others have as [...]

    3. Having read several of Maxwell's books over the years, I knew I was in for a treat before starting this read. However, what grabbed me about this book is that Maxwell and his team decided to take a couple of years and narrow down the questions most asked about leadership and then compile them categorically into a readable format. The result is a real glimpse into the mindset of John Maxwell, known as one of the top leadership gurus in the world. Add to the fact that he is a Christian and served [...]

    4. Having never read a book by John C. Maxwell, I am blown away by the leadership advice he offers in "Good Leaders Ask Great Questions" on page one. If you work in any place of employment, I highly encourage you to pick up this book or any of his books. As someone who is young in my professional career, this book challenged me to ask questions rather than to nod my head acting like I knew the answers. I love how this book addresses leadership and what solid leadership looks like in organization ve [...]

    5. Interesting read. Leadership as it should be. It's practical and relevant to everyone seeking to be a leader or in leadership

    6. Best book about the power of the question that I have bumped into. Highly recommended for all type of people that are willing to improve themselves.

    7. I must confess that I'm a big fan of John Maxwell leadership books and this is just one more of his books to add to my "must have" managerial library. This puts a little different spin on the listening leaders, offering lots of questions to chew on and ask. As a job hunter I find many of these questions valuable for that purpose also. All of the authors books work together and offer a comprehensive course in leadership development. This advice offered is useful for new and experienced leaders, a [...]

    8. I'm sure a lot of Maxwell's material is recycled from book-to-book and year-to-year, but I still found this to be an inspiring and challenging read. Maybe it's the simplicity of the questions approach, or just the very blunt approach that he sometimes takes, but I liked it quite a bit, and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in leadership.

    9. Leader who don't ask questions send the message that they know everything. Leaders who ask questions show an openness to learning and growing. Leaders who ask great questions can run great organizations.I'm gradually becoming a bigger fan of John Maxwell. I appreciate his writing style and commitment to personal growth. This was a good read (listen).

    10. I get more knowledge why great question should be ask to get a good answerThe value of question1) you only get answers to the question you ask- ability to ask the right question is more than half the battle of finding the answer2) question unlock and open doors that otherwise remain closedProblem solving question - why do we have this problem - how do we solve this problem- what specific steps must we take to solve this problem3) question are the most effective means of connecting people4) quest [...]

    11. Very good book for anyone and everyone. We are all leaders in some capacity in our life. Work, family, friends c. And none of us will have the answers to everything, so knowing what to ask and how to ask is very important. Even asking ourselves questions on what we are doing and how we can improve is essential. John Maxwell lays out great important questions to ask others and yourself. He also shows you when and how create you own questions to suit your own situation. I highly recommend. You can [...]

    12. In comparison to other Maxwell books I have read there are some good nuggets of information, but this one is really overwhelming with way too many references to his other books and what comes across as grandstanding on how great of a supervisor Maxwell is. It was very hard to complete this book unlike my experiences with his other work. If you have enjoyed other Maxwell books, I believe you will find this one a bit disappointing.

    13. The book has many easy and simple instructions to mull over and practice on your own, its a book that everyone can pick up and enjoy its in many different ways. His example, though, will be a bit quite hard to understand should the reader is not familiar with American context. Yet, it's a book that worth your time should you wish to get some answers to leadership questions.

    14. John C. Maxwell is phenomenal in his delivery and storytelling. His points for ensuring your success as a leader being linked to the questions you ask and the approach you take are great stepping stones for young leaders and great reminders for seasoned leaders.

    15. loved! will read again. will read other books by author. came across book when looking for 'good to great'.

    16. Maxwell's book can, after you've read enough of them, start to seem formulaic and repetitive. And maybe they are. Having said that his books always bring value. The key for me is in the application.

    17. Definitely want to read it over. I took a few gems for my anki study deck, but there are so many I need to go back through.

    18. Great read!! This is first book I have read from Dr Jhon maxwell and I will now read all of them.Great lessons for self development and gaining confidence in oneself

    19. Yet another great book by my favorite leadership author. I view this book as a good reference book on leadership.

    20. Overall i thought this book was good, i don't have a ton of takeaways since most of it i listened to on the elliptical and was hard to take notes at that time, but here it what i did get.*Listen first and than ask questions*Do you interrupt people? This translates to what I have to say is more important than what you have to say. *Do i want to hear what i need to hear? (Jeff: if you aren't open to the opinions of others than you may miss the important things that could affect your success.)Be wi [...]

    21. I've read several leadership books and this one was a nice refresher on how to continue to be a good leader. Enjoyed his 21 Law's of leadership more.

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