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  1. Brave thriller zonder gruwelijkheden die ik toch netjes heb uitgelezen. Het laatste hoofdstuk was er wel teveel aan. Was naar mijn mening enkel boekvulling.

  2. I checked it out of the library to read during some recent travel but it didn't even make it to the airport. Utterly craptastic.

  3. Always enjoy Jan Burke but this older one interesting as one recalls a time without all of today's technology--no cell phones, for example.

  4. Politics and murder mix in the second mystery, after Goodnight, Irene , to feature Southern California newspaper reporter Irene Kelly and her homicide detective lover, Frank Harriman. Jacob Henderson, teenaged son of a district attorney candidate whose mudslinging race Irene has been covering, asks her to prevent his father's opposition from announcing that the youth is a member of a satanic cult. Sammy, Jacob's girlfriend, tells Irene that the group is pagan but not satanist. She admits, howeve [...]

  5. rosado mp3Description:Irene Kelly is a reporter with a fierce integrity. Detective Frank Harriman is her lover and friend. Now they're both about to be plunged into political hellfire when a ruthless politician rocks a race for district attorney with a stunning allegation: his opponent's son is in the clutches of a satanic cult. The charge takes a fatal turn when a local woman is brutally murdered, and the grisly crime scene bears unholy implications. Tracking the clues takes Irene behind the cl [...]

  6. I actually liked this, I wasn't sure I was going to. Perhaps because the book I read before it sucked so bad. Maybe not, maybe it's just a good book. lol. I just discovered that it's the second book in a series. Well there you go, I intend to find the first one and the next one in the series so I guess I do like this book. lol The characters were believable. You could feel their emotions without it being overly done. There even was a romantic side to it, well a little. Thank the gods no overwhel [...]

  7. Another in the Irene Kelly Southern California newspaper reporter mystery series. As usual, Irene finds herself in the middle of murder and the target of the murderers. While covering city elections, Irene becomes involved with the children of the candidates, election smears, a shelter for runaways, witchcraft, Satanism, and scheming. By the time the mystery is solved, Irene has been kidnapped, severely beaten, and affected psychologically by the ordeal.While this is a good series, one does get [...]

  8. This is the second in this series of nine (as of 2011). I'd read it years ago and am now rereading the series.I enjoyed this one. It's been a while so I'd forgotten whodunnit so the mystery was still there for me.I like the characters of Irene and Frank they are nice people who have recently found each other and care about each other. The other characters are secondary and there's no one annoying.There is a kidnapping and beating situation that I thought was a bit extreme if anyone had taken t [...]

  9. This is my 2nd Jan Burke novel and probably my last. I thought her first novel about Irene Kelly was pretty good. Irene is a newpaper reporter in a Southern California coastal city, the region was interesting, and I needed a new series. This novel has all the elements needed for an exciting story—a dirty campaign for district attorney in which family members are exposed to slanderous attacks, charges and evidence of Satanic cults, murders, of course, and—behind it all—a decades long strugg [...]

  10. I had planned on giving this book more stars but when I looked at it sitting on my coffee table in front of me, I couldn't remember what it was about, even though I just finished reading it 2 days ago. I had to read the first full paragraph on the back cover to remember the plot. So I figured it must not have been very good. Although I did enjoy reading it while I was reading it. In fact, if I remember correctly, I got to bed late because I needed to finish the book. Is there a way to give it ha [...]

  11. #2 in the Irene Kelly series.Irene Kelly series - The sequel to Goodnight, Irene (1993) depicts this reporter in the newly minted relationship she enjoys with Las Piernas (California) homicide detective Frank Harriman. Now covering the dirty politics involved in a local district attorney's race, Irene Kelly investigates slanderous allegations of Satanism and witchcraft against one candidate's teenaged son. The cult-like murder of Frank's elderly next-door neighbor, meanwhile, complicates both Ir [...]

  12. Burke’s second book (the third I have listened to on my MP3 player) was generally well written and kept the action moving along. Of course, since I know there are sequels the ‘fear’ factor that Irene, our heroine, wasn’t going to make it through some of the harrowing escapades wasn’t there, it was enjoyable. Maybe that is why I did like it. Wasn’t completely sure of the outcome, but knew she would survive. As before, there are enough clues to let you have a fighting chance of figurin [...]

  13. Enjoyed this book better than the first one although Irene still continues to annoy me. The other thing with this book is that the whole climax and denouement happen about midway into the story and the rest of the novel deals with her own personal crap (which received more than its share of eye rolls from this reader). I still feel like there is potential, so I'll try one more before giving up on the adventure of Ms. Kelly.

  14. I bought this book at a thrift store, and read this book not even knowing it was the second of a series. Usually I won't read a book and will put it down if I notice it is the second in a series, but i was able to read through this fine and enjoyed every second of its plot and mystique. The settings and characters are amazing and enthralling. I couldn't even put the book down.

  15. As all of the Irene Kelly mysteries I've read, this was most enjoyable. An earlier story, it introduced Irene and her new boyfriend Frank, the policeman, to us. Lots of tension and action, I enjoyed very much. It's a a most entertaining series.

  16. I enjoyed the first book but not the second. It was slow and obvious and I found myself wanting it to end. The torture/kidnap was unpleasant and then followed up by a complete lack of trauma counselling despite the fact that she has completely understandable PTSD!

  17. I do like this series, but I should have been a littled worried when the main character is named Gethsemane Garden and is into Wicca or possibly Satanism. THe relationship between Irene and Frank is always an interesting subplot and can't wait to see how this progresses.

  18. SWEET DREAMS. IRENE - VGBurke, Jan - 2nd in seriesReporter Irene Kelly investigates a "satanic" cult, a dirty political race, and, of course, murder.Burke is such a good writer. This was a very good read.

  19. Irene Kelly, back in action, now living with homicide detective Frank Harriman. This is a mystery with twists, a good story indeed. I move on to book 3 with relish (I have the relish to read, there isn't really relish on the book).

  20. Enjoyed getting to know Irene and her man Frank and all her friends much better in this second episode. Good plot as well. Did feel a little funny to have them running all over town with cell phones. My how we've changed in the last 16 years.

  21. I like a book with 3 endings. Get 3 bad guys, one ending. Catch the 4th, the second ending and tie up some personal problems, third ending. Very enjoyable. I'm liking these characters more and more.

  22. I think this book, the second in the Irene Kelly series, is even better than the first! It kept me guessing till the end and had a great mix of new-story and continuing-character-relationship development. And, damn, that Irene is a tough cookie, in a totally real and believable way.

  23. I found this book, along with the first one, mostly predictable. The ride getting there was fun with a couple surprises on the way. I enjoyed the stories and will most likely read more of her books, although I really do prefer not being able to figure out 'whodunit'.

  24. This was book #2 in the series. It was okay, but once I finished it and thought about parts of the plot, they didn't really seem logical. I will probably read the next book some time, but am not in a hurry.

  25. Very Good; Continuing character: Irene Kelly; reporter and cop friend track those involved in witches coven and associated murders.

  26. I love all of the Irene Kelly mysteries I have read so far. They are not too predictable like other mysteries I have read in the past.

  27. This is the third book I've read that is part of a series. This one was good but not as good as Goodnight Irene or Blood Lines.

  28. I wrote about Book 1 in the Irene Kelly series "no dumb character who needlessly gets himself or herself in a sticky situation." Hmmm, not quite so in Book 2, but still a very enjoyable novel.

  29. Zoomed through this. She's a detective with a personality. Not much different than Kinsey in Grafton's books.

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