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  1. one of the sickest, most twisted mysteries ever. Highly recommend! I loaned this book to a friend some years back and never got it back. Just last month I found a nice copy in a flea market for one dollar, bought it, and when I got it home I saw where she had erased my name inside the front cover. I think I'll call her and ask for the book back

  2. Nine was a pleasure. Jan Burke wove three story lines together in a fast paced murder mystery. The plot is completely unbelievable, but Jan Burke performs her magic and you just don't care.

  3. Los Angles Sheriff's Detective Alex Branson has his plate full. Someone is killing off fugitives from the FBI's ten most wanted list in the county. His nephew, son of his ex-wife and his brother, shows up on his doorstep. At the same time Kit Logan and his ward are being targeted. An intriguing read.

  4. At first I had a hard time keeping the characters straight, but once the story developed, I found myself wanting to know more and more about them. This story has many twists and turns and keeps you guessing at every page. I especially loved the ending!

  5. Dubbed by the media “the Exterminators”, a group of vigilantes are torturing and killing the FBI’s Most Wanted suspects. They are hailed by some as heroes, but L.A. County Homicide Detective Alex Brandon disagrees. Burdened with a new female partner who aggravates everyone she comes into contact with, Alex struggles to identify and stop the murders. This is a standalone book for Jan Burke, better known for the “Irene Kelly” series. I was really looking forward to reading this, but admi [...]

  6. I read my first Jan Burke book over ten years ago and really enjoyed it. Yet, for some strange reason that I still can’t figure out, I never picked up any of her other books until a few months ago, when I read her short story anthology, Eighteen, which I loved so much that it inspired me to write a fresh batch of my own short stories.I know Burke’s Irene Kelly series is wildly popular, but I’m fickle about series. You get attached. You make (imaginary) friends. Eventually the author takes [...]

  7. Kit Logan (Christopher) has custody of Spooky (a 13-year-old girl who dresses like a guy) and runs around town chasing after the USA's most wanted, according to "Crimesolvers". Unfortunately, the bad guys catch and kill seven or eight of them.Alex Brandon (of the police) is also hot on the trail (for 49 chapters) when he deduces that the all-male high school, Sedgewick, has something to do with it. There are some twists. Moriarty is Alex's home guard and a former Green Beret, not Sherlock's bad [...]

  8. I really, really enjoyed this book. I liked the characters, and the story. It wasn't a suspenseful who-dunnit, but it was still a gripping read: some suspense, some wince-inducing horrors. The only "complaint" I have, was that I had this impression all thru the book, that this book was somehow. . .extracted from the author. It wasn't that it was poorly written, there were no obvious holes in the story, and I enjoyed it, but I imagined that writing this book was very difficult, or challenging for [...]

  9. Jan Burke is one of the best writers out there. Nine is a stand alone mystery/thriller in which an LA County Sheriff's detective becomes deeply involved in the investigation of the killing of people on the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted List. The characters and story are very interesting and compelling. Jan Burke knows how to get the reader deeply involved in the story she is telling. I would love to spend more time with the people in Nine. While this is a stand alone, I can see a possibility for mor [...]

  10. The story is about the members of Project Nine, an exclusive club of deranged boys that went to Sedgewick, a rich kids' reform school in Malibu they create havoc for homicide detective Alex Brandon, the L.A. Sheriff's Department and the FBI, since their gruesome project involves eliminating the outlaws on the FBI's Most Wanted List. Everett Corey, the leader of Project Nine assembled his task force including Cameron Burgess, Morgan Addison and the delightfully vain Frederick Whitfield IV. Projec [...]

  11. Whenever a writer veers off from a beloved series, I approach the book with an edge -- a mix of resentment and low expectations. My apologies to Jan Burke because this was a mystery masterpiece. It was one of those rare edge-of-your-seat books with continual curves that I did not see coming. As you start into the book, don't be put off by the introduction to so many characters and her flipping between using last and first names will all come together. (Okay, yes, I'm at the age where I wrote a f [...]

  12. This is the worst Jan Burke novel I have read.The plot is unbelievable and contrived. There is very little or no foundation laid for most of the characters' actions and they are all at best two dimensional. You have to totally suspend your sense of reality to enjoy this book. Perhaps Ms. Burke needed some royalty cash quickly so she dashed this one off, not caring if the story turned out to be ridiculous and totally lacking in credibility.The book comes nowhere close in quality to the Irene Kell [...]

  13. I bought this book many many years ago and to this day it still remains one of my favorites though the cover is worn off and the spine is broken. The tale of morality it weaves is incomparable to anything else I have ever read. Don't you think it'd be just for a serial killer to suffer in the same way his victims have? Eye for an eye? Then you'll love Jan Burke's masterful storytelling as much as I did.

  14. Enjoyed this story immensely. In this mystery, the bad guys are identified early on as the police work to find out the who. For the reader, the mystery is the why. You get clues to the whys along the way, the final filling in comes as a bit of a surprise at the end as well as an understanding of the title. Characters are interesting and the story line is involved but good.

  15. Not an Irene Kelly novel, but oh-so-good nonetheless! With no female lead and some really complicated, twisted characters, Burke makes us care, rather quickly, about the principals in this novel. Enough that the gruesome details of the murders we read about are not enough to make us put the book down. Bravo, Jan!

  16. I guess the underlying theme is crime mystery, but really there are three main stories, and they are all sort of inter-related, and it's really interesting how all the characters end up coming together. The characters themselves are well-done too - I found I didn't mind when the novel switched back and forth among the smaller stories.

  17. This is NOT an Irene Kelly mystery. It is a decent story: bad guys are killing off the FBI's 10 most wanted list. It would be nice to see these good guy characters again, even. However, more Irene should be a priority according to this reviewer!

  18. someone is killing the FBI's Most Wanted fugitives and LA investigator Alex Brandon searches for the vigilantes

  19. Too much info that distracted from the story. It started out really suspenseful but than went off on too many tangents.

  20. This book was mostly enjoyable up until the climax, which seemed to go on and on forever to the point that I was getting irritated.

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