Далеч от очите

Before there was Raylan there was Sisco U S Marshal Karen Sisco is on the hunt for world class gentleman felon Jack Foley in Out of Sight New York Times bestselling author El Leonard s sexy thriller

  • Title: Далеч от очите
  • Author: Elmore Leonard Петко Петков
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • Before there was Raylan, there was Sisco U.S Marshal Karen Sisco is on the hunt for world class gentleman felon Jack Foley in Out of Sight, New York Times bestselling author El Leonard s sexy thriller that moves from Miami to the Motor City.Based on Miami, Florida s Gold Coast, U.S Marshal Karen Sisco isn t about to let a expert criminal like Jack Foley successfulBefore there was Raylan, there was Sisco U.S Marshal Karen Sisco is on the hunt for world class gentleman felon Jack Foley in Out of Sight, New York Times bestselling author El Leonard s sexy thriller that moves from Miami to the Motor City.Based on Miami, Florida s Gold Coast, U.S Marshal Karen Sisco isn t about to let a expert criminal like Jack Foley successfully bust out of Florida s Glades Prison But there s a major score waiting for him in Detroit, and a shotgun wielding marshal isn t going to stop Foley from getting it.Neither counted on sharing a cramped car trunk or on a sizzling chemistry that s working overtime As soon as Sisco escapes, Foley is already missing her.Sisco can t forget Foley either and she isn t about to let him go Too bad the next time their paths cross, it s going to be about business, not pleasure.

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    1. Ace bank robber Jack Foley breaks out of jail with every intention of resuming his old ways until he runs into US Marshal Karen Sisco. Sparks fly and each find themselves conflicted. Will Karen be able to do her job and bring Foley in when the time comes?Out of Sight is the story of Jack Foley, bank robber extraordinaire, and Karen Sisco, bad ass US Marshal bent on bringing him in after he escapes from a prison and the two of them get locked in the trunk of a car when she happens to be in the pr [...]

    2. This was my first Elmore Leonard book, but it won't be my last. I was drawn to this one because I loved the movie version with George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, and I wanted to see how the original text compared.Answer: The original text is remarkably good! Leonard's dialogue just pops off the page. His prose has a briskness and a clarity that make the novel fly by.The story is that Jack Foley is in prison for robbing banks, but he's planning an escape. His friend, Buddy, will be driving the ge [...]

    3. This is a boy meets girl story. Isn't it romantic? It must have been love at first sight.Wait a moment: this is Elmore Leonard. It couldn't be love at first sight. Because they can't see each other, trapped inside the trunk of the getaway car. Plus, fate is against their romance right from the word GO, with Alex Foley a career bank robber who just escaped from prison and Karen Sisco a keen Texas Ranger waiting for a chance to shoot him with her service gun. I couldn't stop chuckling, following t [...]

    4. Not a bad story all in all. Just left wanting more in the end. A bit slim. The dialogues were fun at times. I was expecting more from them as I had seen them being extolled.

    5. Bank robber Jack Foley didn't plan to take U.S. Marshal Karen Sisco hostage when he escaped from prison, it just sort of happened. It's one of those in the wrong place at the wrong time scenarios. And as so often happens when two people spend any quality time together in the cramped trunk of a car, especially if one has just spent part of the evening crawling through a tunnel carved out of the odiferous Everglades muck and the other is hiding a Sig Sauer between her thighs, love and attraction q [...]

    6. My first book by this author and I was very impressed. The genre was crime, but it was quite different from your run of the mill crime novel. The main character, Jack, is a professional bank robber who, when the story begins, is spending 25 years in prison. He escapes prison and meets Kate, a law enforcement officer who really should be arresting him but ends up doing other things instead. It is a great story with many really well written characters. Despite his crimes Jack is just lovely and hi [...]

    7. This is in essence Leonard's Romeo and Julliet story in which a bankrobber and a US Marshall meet during a prison break and feel a strong mutual attraction. Which leads to some sloppy work by Karen Sisco, the Marshall, when it comes to Jack Foley the bankrobber. The story begins in a Florida prison and ends in a cold Detroit where the two will meet again and the ending is an unescapable one.A very well written book that does not fail to deliver. I admit having seen the movie quite a few times wi [...]

    8. There wasn't much doubt as to how this would end, but it was a fun, short trip told by a master. As usual, Leonard set up an interesting scenario & played it to the hilt, skirting the edge of disbelief in the odd way people can interact. I loved the heroine. She, like the hero, was quite the tough cookie, but both had a gooey center & that made the story. I would have rated this book higher if there had been some doubt as to the ending or there had been any other redeeming qualities othe [...]

    9. Starting Words:Foley had never seen a prison where you could walk right up to the fence without getting shot.Ending Words:"My little girl"her dad said,"The tough babe".The first Elmore Leonard book I read was 'Riding the Rap',though it was interesting to an extent but a friend suggested I read 'Out of Sight' by the same author and promised to send it to me and he did.Reluctantly I picked it up and started reading it,behold it was a good one.To be honest this is an interesting book unlike 'Riding [...]

    10. 3.5 starsThough classic Leonard, definitely dude lit, with fantastic dialogue and crime noir impression, this one had a secondary side of chemistry the likes of which is hard to find even in romance. Who would have thought Elmore Leonard had such a romantic streak. *wink*wink*

    11. I enjoyed this a lot (haven't been disappointed by Elmore Leonard yet). As always great characters and theme. Karen, a US Deputy Marshal reminded me a little of Raylan Givens in the Justified TV series (based on Fire In the Hole by Leonard). You would probably like the main bad guys (Jack & Buddy). The books kept me anticipating what was going to happen, and when it didn't happen like I thought it might, it just made it that more enjoyable and humorous. The reader of the audio-book, George G [...]

    12. Forbidden romance, a prison break, necessary violence, and a score too big to ignore – Jack Foley, a career bank robber has his hands full in Elmore Leonard’s OUT OF SIGHT.On the run following a successful prison break, Foley, dressed as a guard runs into US Marshal Karen Sicsco just as he breathes the faint scent of freedom. In no time Karen’s bounded up in the truck with Foley as his getaway driver makes for greener pastures. The two get to talking and an instant rapport is formed that p [...]

    13. This novel comes so close to perfection that the few flaws which are there stick out much more than they would have in a lesser book. At the core of the plot is an unlikely love story between a gentleman thief and the sexy female federal marshall chasing him, but there's several other related conflicts that command as much of the plot's focus. The author does not just switch effortlessly between this small handful of interweaving main storylines, but he also jumps forward and backwards in time v [...]

    14. Whatever it takes, make it through the first third of this book. It may seem like Leonard is phoning it in. The characters are good, but not as brightly unique as his characters usually are. The plot is good but it also seems driven to the point of predictability.Then what you think is going to happen actually happens and it's amazing. You know it's going to happen but you don't think about the consequences. That's how he gets you. I've never had a book jump from 3 to 5 stars in the course of a [...]

    15. Heresy: As much as I love books, as long as I've been reading, and even considering the degree to which I extol the importance of literature to anyone who will listen, I love movies more.It's true.If I were forced to make a choice between the two, movies would win, every day of the week. Don't get me wrong: I love savoring authors' language, diving deeply into story, and making personal relationships with characters, and it's no joke that reading is a more complex intellectual task than passivel [...]

    16. 4 ½ stars. I smiled a lot during this book. I’ve never read anything like itORY BRIEF:Jack has robbed hundreds of banks. He’s smooth, charming, and likeable when talking to the tellers he’s robbing. Karen is a Deputy U.S. Marshall. She arrived at the prison to deliver something and is getting out of her car when she sees Jack crawl out of a tunnel. He has just escaped and his getaway driver Buddy is parked next to Karen. They take Karen with them so she can’t help authorities catch them [...]

    17. Before Elmore Leonard passed away last year (2013), he left us with some forty-nine novels and a number of screenplays. Beginning with 1953’s The Bounty Hunters, Leonard wrote westerns and crime novels and was unique for his realistic dialogue. Many of his books were made into feature-length movies, including Hombre, The Big Bounce, The Moonshine War, Mr. Majestyk, Killshot, Get Shorty, and Jackie Brown. Three of his novels spawned televisions series: Justified (from Pronto), Maximum Bob, and [...]

    18. The basis for Elmore Leonard's 'Out of Sight' is utterly ridiculous. Career bank robber Jack Foley escapes prison and on the way out, he runs into federal marshal Karen Sisco. He forces her into the trunk of the getaway car. He joins her in the trunk of the getaway car. The two engage in a tense but intimate conversation. A special bond develops and after the inevitable separation that very night, the two can't stop thinking of one another. Well. I'm sorry, Mr. Leonard, but this reader just didn [...]

    19. another fun elmore leonard novel, my second this year. it doesn't quite have the depth of the first one i read (killshot), but it's still an awful lot of fun is the case with the films he wrote back in the day (and as is expertly emulated in tv's justified), leonard writes with a clear affection for his characters. consider chino, the jail-breaking cuban with a minor vendetta against the main character. in a lesser writer's hands, he'd be a broadly sinister adversary - in leonard's, he gets a se [...]

    20. It is already amazing to think that this thriller is nearly fifteen years old. There's not much to say about it other than it is expertly plotted, finely written and crisp. Leonard has a remarkable ability to evoke place and real human interaction.The question with this sort of book is why we should be interested in dim-witted sociopaths with attention deficit disorder - 'misfits trying not to sound like losers' as the book puts it near the end. The answer is, of course, that we shouldn't partic [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book. It's the first Elmore Leonard I've read. Super-tight prose, witty dialogue, colorful characters. Leonard pares everything to the bone, and every word counts. I'd seen the movie years ago and loved it (it's one of the best films Soderbergh or Clooney has made), and I always wondered how closely it followed the book. The answer: pretty darn close, based on what I remember. Soderbergh certainly captured the feel of the book; I'd have to compare the two, but my guess is that a l [...]

    22. I read this before, like, maybe twelve years ago. I'd have forgotten most of it I'm sure, but for the masterful Steven Soderburgh film which I've seen way more (it's like Du Maurier's Rebecca, which I've read but seen the Hitchcock film of a dozen times so I never really bothered to read it again). It was actually seeing the movie version of Out of Sight in the theater when it came out (I was 21) which led to my reading Leonard (though I began with a copy of Glitz that I found). If nothing was a [...]

    23. This was the first I had read of Elmore Leonard, and I liked it. Crime novels usually end up bogged down with cheesy dialogue and people being making witty comments and clever repartee. He writes a lot like people talk, and the plot was smooth and believable. Didn't change my life or anything, but it was thoroughly enjoyable.

    24. Elmore Leonard almost at his bestaracters that you can like or despise. Terse prose. Tricky situations. Moral dilemmas .l in all a fun read

    25. "I wonder - say we met under different circumstances and got to talking - I wonder what would happen."The "different circumstances", it turns out, would ideally be somewhere other than the boot of a getaway car where freshly-escaped convict Jack Foley first meets Federal Marshal Karen Sisco and both of them begin to reconsider their life choices.This is the first book I've read by Elmore Leonard and I knew very little about him before I started it, except that his name was kind of funny and he s [...]

    26. Und dann eben die beiden Hauptfiguren: Der smarte und charismatische Bankräuber und die Polizistin, eine Versuchung in Blond und Chanel-Kostüm mit Pumps und Pumpgun. Das gibt bei mir nur ein müdes Kopfnicken, kann man machen, muss dann aber auch irgendwie Biss haben und das hatte es nicht. Gerade Jack Foley fehlte eben jener. Auch wenn Elmore Leonards Erzählen Spaß macht und er den Fokus ganz klar auf die Figurendynamik legt, mit einem leichten, zwischenzeiligen Humor diese Geschichte erzä [...]

    27. Classic scoundrel with a heart meets princess with an edge. Solid 80s crime caper. Makes A great "beach read."

    28. I love the movie, and I thought the book would add to that. Not the case. Jack Foley comes across as more lecherous, it lacked some of the humor from the movie. Couldn’t get into it.

    29. OUT OF SIGHT by Elmore Leonard.A deputy US marshal is sitting outside a Florida correctional facility waiting to serve papers. Coincidentally, there is a prison break in progress. The convicts who planned the escape and dug the tunnel emerge from a hole outside the wire and run for it. The Marshal attempts to take action but is sidetracked by another person emerging from the escape tunnel dressed as a corrections officer, BUT he’s really a “strap hanging” escapee and convicted bank robber [...]

    30. While reading the early pages of this novel I developed high expectations, but in the end was disappointed. There were interesting lead characters, a developing situation that promised great suspense, and a strange romantic development that added to the intrigue. But then an unexpected ending – not unexpected in the sense of how it turned out, but in the sense of when. The central conflict is suddenly resolved and when I went to start the next chapter, I was surprised to learn that I had alrea [...]

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