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  1. Set in 2001 at a time when the News of the World was threatening to print names and addresses of all paedophiles in the country, trying to make us believe that we didn’t really know who our neighbours were, this is a story about mob psychology. When residents of a sink estate get word that a newcomer is in fact a convicted paedophile, coupled with the fact that a local 10 year old girl is missing, tempers soon start to flare. The actual storyline is pretty good, it really kept me interested an [...]

  2. Ow, avert your eyes. Such very bad dialogue! Such cardboard characters! Quite shocking. Here we have a novel which tries really hard to turn today's headline into a fast-paced insightful, gritty yet ultimately inspiring novel but drastically fails on every page. Minette Walters does not appear to have first hand experience of how the unrespectable working class actually talk, whether black or white, so she makes it up It sounds more like an Ealing comedy, if they were still makeing them in the 1 [...]

  3. Another pot boiler from my new favorite author. Ms Walters is able to manage multiple concurrent streams of narrative and keep the reader vitaly involved in each thread. In this one, a word spoken in anger at a most inappropriate time leads to an expolsion of violence directed at a pedophile that was recently moved into a poor neighborhood. Unfortunately for all, the pedophile in question had nothing to do with the incident that incited the mob. But the mob psychology takes over, the neigborhood [...]

  4. This is really a 3.5.I enjoyed this book as a good suspenseful ride but I can't put it on the same level as a four star crime novel. Although I enjoyed it I was not really transported into the character's lives.Walters knows how to handle the pacing in her plot, she keeps things moving always at the right speed. Not breakneck speed, she knows when to apply the breaks but there was very rarely a slow moment or a time when the storyline did not progress.The characters were well written, but they s [...]

  5. Walters is at her best in exploring the banality of criminal activity and intent -- and in this book, once again, she shines. In pursuing the leads to find a missing 10-year-old girl, the reader is led into a maze of inter-connections which is at once astounding, predictable, and tragic. I don't know how Walters manages to weave all three into one mundane little crime, but she reveals herein she has a masterful grasp of the depraved indifference that men and women often demonstrate towards each [...]

  6. brings crime uncomfortably close to home . row - the name the inhabitants give to this council estate where there is no law and the strongest win it is a powder keg waiting to erupt and this happens when it becomes known a paedophile has moved into one of the houses sophie is a young doctor who is called to the house of a new patient just because she happens to be nearest. this is the start of her nightmare as she becomes trapped in a terrifying siege with the paedophile and his father. who is w [...]

  7. I love Minette Walters but this one doesn't work, for me. The concept is an unstable foundation to begin with and it goes to hell in a hand basket from there. Very readably but - the characters don't work, the storyline doesn't convince. The abduction is bizarre (why have 2 of them in the flat - are we supposed to have to decide which is worse, the paedophile or the fascist woman hater?). Topped off with the unbelievable child abduction story running parallel. The police are not credible.Somethi [...]

  8. Read by Claire Higginsblurb - Minette Walters has shaped a fascinating tale of poverty, of desperation, and of the lengths people feel forced to go, when living in neglected, government housing, under conditions of inhuman proportions. Acid Row is a crime-infested housing project that exists by its own laws. When news comes that a child has been kidnapped, the frustration and anger that has been seething on the streets of Acid Row is ignited. And no one will be safe. Without missing a beat Minet [...]

  9. This is a great book with loads of suspens. The characters are interesting and all have a floars. The main characters are deep and they all seem real. Great book.

  10. After having adored other books by this writer, I was saving Acid Row for a treat. Each book she writes is different, but reliably excellent in terms of pacing, structure, characters, and plot elements, and there is always a very satisfying payoff. This book was a major disappointment in each of these areas and more. I couldn't believe Minette Walters wrote it.Interesting characters (good and bad) were created and set aside. Intrigues were established and never developed. Paragraphs were wasted [...]

  11. For a long time I was hearing that Minnete Walters is THIS and THAT i.e. her books were a tour de force in the world of crime writing. Though I had 3 of her books in my to-read shelf but they were far away from where I was currently. So when the opportunity arose, where my mind was reluctant to continue with the book which was next in line, I, without any hesitation picked up the Minette Walters that was closest to my hand, Acid Row. Frankly speaking the title was intriguing but the blurb wasn [...]

  12. Acid Row is a place in London, associated with "slums" but is legally tolerated by the police. This place is where they dump single mothers, teenagers with drug activities, gangs, handicaps, etc. That is what I've understood. Correct me if I am wrong. The whole book is crazy. The riot is realistic but the lack of activity by the police is not. Well, there is a very dignified reason behind it but I find it really unrealistic. (It's really hard to write a review without you, getting spoiled.) The [...]

  13. I was really impressed with Minette Walter's writing skills. This book requires the author to have so many balls in the air, so many people in various roles in various locations, speaking in different ways about different things, coming from different backgrounds dealing with different problems. A true writing master only can write this book.The characters are well built and stick to their personality.The book itself gives one a lot to think about other than the fact that there is a missing chil [...]

  14. Ms. Walters continues to push the boundaries with her suspense fiction. This book shows what can happen when feelings run hot and people unite in a common goal. In this case the goal is misguided and cramped living quarters, xenophobic people and individuals cranked up on meth and other drugs is a recipe for disaster. I found this book very difficult to get through because it is as raw as it can get. There are definitely some gems here, and the biggest one is big, black Jimmy James who seems to [...]

  15. yet another actually thrilling thriller. the bulk of the book takes place during a riot in a London council estate so it's plot plot plot! its fascinating to follow how a series of misteps can escallate so quickly with tragic results. there's a lot of abnormal pyschology to amp up the suspense and no one does nasty people laying into each other better than minette walters. my only quibbles would be that her chief interogator gets a bit preachy and sometimes there was so much going on I couldn't [...]

  16. Acid row - the unfortunate nickname for the estate that now houses a struggling working class, an estate that becomes a powder keg when rumours begin that a local paedophile may have taken missing Amy. A young female doctor is caught up when local residents form a posse to oust the paedophile in their midst and get justice for Amy. But just where is Amy?An excellent thriller that leaves you guessing for a long while and is very topical. Brilliantly written novel dealing easily and effortlessly w [...]

  17. ACID ROW by Minette Walters (HB) $24.95 As potentially real as they come. A child is reportedly missing. Word of mouth fuels a volatile housing project into a self-contained mayhem. In a complex known for its criminal content, a pedophile is placed and the walls implode with tenant revolt. Misinformation pits the good against the bad as heroes appear behind nearly every door. This is one of those books that will keep you reading into the early a.m. hours, as riveting at live coverage.

  18. This book has the best written tension scene I have ever read. The build-up to the riot was extraordinary and I still remember the fear I felt as I read it, even though it's been several years. I loved the change of scene to an poverty-ridden urban setting and the brutal underpinning of the plotline. One of, if not her best book.

  19. We know from the very first page that there was a riot on the Bassindale Estate in which people were killed. What follows is a mixture of narrative, memos to social service workers, police messages, and news reports, and we learn what led up to the riot, and how various individuals were involved. Gripping.

  20. I was shocked when someone else who read this book stated to me it was all fabricated nonsense and fiction. So far from the truth. This book displays the intricacies of estate life and the horrors that can be bought about by hearsay and rhumour.

  21. Surely an indictment against low income high density housing estates. Fast paced - read in one day. The riot kept me guessing the next move. In the end the resolution I felt was weak with various people getting their just deserts, but I guess public demand wants a happy ending.

  22. I really enjoyed this book, even though it's about things I'd rather be in ignorance about. I was absorbed by the story and my heart was racing as I wondered who was going to make it out. A great read.

  23. This is the best one I read by this author, though I really love everything she writes. I recommend it to everyone, not just to crime novels fans, because it's different and special in so many ways.

  24. Fantastic exploration of how people react when they believe their community is threatened by a paedophile.

  25. Interesting take on UK housing projects, history of them, and mix of characters, less than complex plotting. Still, I'd read more of hers.

  26. What a fascinating book. I loved looking into the lives of other people and how they live. This book gave me a lot of hope in the end.

  27. I absolutely love Minette Walters. She's a truly talented storyteller. Acid Row tells the story of poverty, a heat wave, bored youth, and rumors boiling over into the perfect storm ending in the gruesome murder of a man in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her characters are flawed and human and the plot whips you behind it faster than you can turn the page.

  28. Love this book. It is slightly different than her others, all of which are also really good. This one stands out to me, it is so cleverly and realistically imagined, so heightened and yet so plausible. A true cautionary tale for modern life, and yet exciting enough to be entertaining in that guilty way gritty crime novels always are.

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