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  1. Minette Walters writes excellent books, all free standing , all full of interesting characters and all with great storylines. Fox Evil is no exception.Set in the English country side this book takes us into the lives of both the gentry in their big houses and the 'travellers' in their buses with no fixed place of abode. There are murders and thefts, some animals and children suffer cruelty and a couple of people take leave of their senses. Throughout the whole there are a few voices of sanity in [...]

  2. Do you ever get a real feeling of utter satisfaction when you finish a book? You find yourself savoring the book, not wanting it to end and planning the reading of the last page in a special place, like an outdoor swing or a favorite chair. Well this book I am about to recommend gave me such an experience. It was a great mystery set in rural England in the 2000s with the proverbial twists and turns that held my ADD in check for long stretches of time. I may be late to the game, this may be a boo [...]

  3. Tedio e sbadigli nel DorsetNutrivo scarse aspettative su questo romanzetto e purtroppo non sono stato smentito: è un libro privo di personalità, presentato dall’edizione italiana con un titolo e una copertina che sembrano alludere a un giallo classico, che poi si rivela una specie di sconclusionato thriller con personaggi di rara antipatia (buoni e cattivi…) e uno pseudointreccio prolisso e tentennante per buona parte del suo svolgimento fino al finale pasticciato che sto già cominciando [...]

  4. 3,5*Αρκετά καλή γραφή, ωραία υπόθεση, ικανοποιητική η επίλυση της και αρκετά στοιχειοθετημένη. Κλείνει όλες τις παραμέτρους που έχει ανοίξει στο βιβλίο και μαθαίνεις την κατάληξη του κάθε ήρωα που έχει χρησιμοποιήσει. Δεν το λες φυσικά αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα αλλά είναι ένα [...]

  5. "Fox Evil was well-named. He used women and children until he lost interest in them, then he killed them. He was the worst kind of predator. He killed for pleasure."Minette Walters has the uncanny ability to write her characters and plots into a wide range of social situations. She believes in writing stand-alone novels. She never returns or makes any reference to, any of her previous fictional worlds. This is unusual for the crime/mystery writer but probably owes much to the fact that she was p [...]

  6. • FOX EVIL by Minette Walters, Macmillan415 pps. 32 chaps. 135,000 words.Written from multi-viewpoint (Some God’s Eye view) using narrative with some reports from TV, papers and internet and some letters. Centres on the relationship between an adopted woman and her real grandfather with her relationship with the grandfather’s lawyer as the love interest. The many characters are individuals and are well drawn, credible but interesting. The crimes are, of course, murders, including the killi [...]

  7. Αντί για ένα "καθαρόαιμο" αστυνομικό, διαβάσαμε στη Λέσχη μας αυτό. Ένα ψυχολογικό θρίλερ κατά βάση με πολλή ένταση και ανατροπές. Ενδιαφέρον παρουσίασε και η εξέλιξη της ιστορίας. Περιττές ισως οι τελευταίες 10 σελίδες που μπορούν να χαρακτηριστούν και γλυκανάλατες. Σε γεν [...]

  8. I have read several books by Minette Walters and have enjoyed them all. My usual preference in mysteries are for cozies, but I find Walters' books engrossing and this one was no different. I like the way many of her characters exhibit keen intelligence. Many are always thinking. She gets into the heads of most of the main characters. She was great in this book at making the incidents believable. And as always there is a twist at the end that is rather unexpected. She leaves tantalizing clues and [...]

  9. Absolutely great! After the first 100 pages i had to abandon most of the work I was supposed to be doing and keep reading till the end.It's incredible how the author manages to go into the depth of what people were thinking. It made me see a couple of things differently. The only thing I didn't love was the last chapter. It was good, but in comparison with the great chapters it could have been better.

  10. I enjoyed this book. Walter sprinkles an ample amount of clues and red herrings to keep you constantly guessing who and what is going on. The only gripe I have is near the conclusion when it seems the real culprit comes out of nowhere and relies on some facts that we, as the reader, never saw. Part of me feels as if that's cheating! However, after reading the ending, it does make sense and is reasonably satisfying. Please note, there are some descriptions of animal cruelty.

  11. I loved this book, though I really didn't expect to. A random find in a book sale, but the best $3.50 I've spent in a long time. The characters walked straight off the pages and onto the stage, they were so real. The story swept along, with each subplot as interesting as the next. There were no dull patches, just thundering to a gripping finish.

  12. Minette Walters is compared to Ruth Rendell all the time. Yes, they're both female, British, mystery writers, but that only means so much. Walters is so, so, so, much better than Rendell - and I like Rendell. Walters' books are just smarter and tighter in every way, her facility with language is worlds beyond Rendell's, her plotting more surprising, but never outlandish.

  13. I usually love Minette Walters, but I couldn't get into it after the first 50 pages so I dropped it. Maybe it gets more interesting later.

  14. Minette Walters knows how to write a good story and how to keep one reading. The characters in this book are not all that likeable, apart from Nancy, Mark, James and perhaps Bella, but the reader keeps being interested in the relations, goings-on and outcome of all this. Having said that, the book isn’t really all that gripping or thrilling. It kind of drifts to a sort of climax that wasn’t really exiting or tense. The who-did-it part was not very interesting and the why was written a little [...]

  15. This was far from the greatest book I've ever read. Ms. Walters breaks many "writing rules", including switching points of view in between chapters and making the reader very confused during blocks of dialogue and when trying to determine whose thoughts she is trying to convey. There was also not much mystery to this mystery. The antagonist is revealed fairly early and there is very little tension. The ending is very undramatic. Not a recommended read.

  16. A cracking read, a real page turner. Minette Walters never disappoints and I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a gripping read. Four stars because the reveal wasn't finessed enough. But still a cracker!

  17. Great entertainment and thriller, got me really hooked. However, the last 100 pages ("the end scenes") was tedious rambling, got really bored and annoyed. Just wanted to find out who, what, when and why.

  18. I could have given this book a four star if the last third of the book hadn't dragged on and dragged on to a unsatisfying ending.

  19. Good plot and characters, with a well-placed red herring towards the end. Another excellent story from Minette Walters.

  20. Ik moest even in het verhaal komen. Het verhaal speelt zich rond 2000 af, maar door de omgeving (klein Engels dorpje) lijkt het zich veel langer geleden af te spelen.

  21. I enjoyed Fox Evil but wished it could have been more of a page turner right the way through. I found the first third quite slow, the middle third nicely speedy, but then it slowed down for me again towards the end. Fine story though, well told.

  22. Η ΚΑΤΑΡΑ ΤΗΣ ΑΛΕΠΟΥΣ, της Minette WaltersΌταν διάβασα το Διαταραγμένες Ψυχες της ίδιας είχα ενθουσιαστεί κι έκτοτε, μιλάω με τα καλύτερα λόγια για αυτό. Η κατάρα της αλεπούς ωστόσο, με απογοήτευσε λίγο. Με κούρασε στην ψυχή μου η περιγραφή της κακοποίησης των ζώων ή και ζωών, από τη [...]

  23. Although Fox Evil is only second book I've read by Minette Walters, she is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors and there is already a few more of her books waiting on my bookshelf.The thing I have loved about this book is quite simply pretty much everything. One, the story itself. It's running smoothly, it's captivating, it makes you want to keep reading because you want to know what happens next and somehow you're pretty sure that whatever your guess is, it won't be that. That is my se [...]

  24. Time taken to read - 5 daysPublisher - Berkley TradePages - 400Blurb from Friendless and alone after his wife dies under suspicious circumstances, Colonel James Lockyer-Fox searches desperately for the illegitimate grand-daughter who could be the only answer to the problems plaguing his name and his life.My ReviewJune 2001 the story opens with the murder of a wee fox. We are then treated to a news paper article covering some issues with Travellers camping in areas in England, then the story begi [...]

  25. Fox Evil, by Minette Walters, b-plus, Narrated by Simon Prebble, Produced by Recorded Books, downloaded from audible.Mark Ankerton goes, at the behest of his client, Colonel James Lockyer-Fox, to find his granddaughter, who was adopted as a baby. Her name now is Nancy Smith. Her grandfather, feeling that his two children had done nothing but take advantage of him and their mother, and who now wanted to leave his inheritance to his granddaughter. Nancy Smith makes it clear that she wants nothing [...]

  26. This was a mystery book club book. It was all right. It was definitely a good break from the last 2 books I read. It was good to get into a mystery. The story is about a family. The mother dies of natural causes, but the husband is under suspicion. Not by the police but the neighbors. This is a tangled web of sorts. First you have Fox. A leader of the “travelers” who have parked their campers on land right next to Lockyer Foxes property. Fox is an evil man with a secret agenda. He keeps Wolf [...]

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