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  1. One of the strangest ones I've read yet. Nina this time meets a girl, name unknown (for now) who wins seven million on the slots. But the problem is, that she can't claim the money because she won't give out her name. So who does she go with? A guy right beside her as her husband. The girl says she must say hidden in order to protect herself. Nina agrees to take on the case, but things start to go out of hand when the people the girl sat beside on that night begin to die. The guy she is "suppose [...]

  2. Takes place over a few days in July - woman wins $7 million jackpot playing slots - but she cannot collect because she does not want to reveal her identity since she is in hiding. She consults attorney Nina Reilly who acquiesces to the woman's scheme to marry the man who was sitting next to her at the slots - he will present themselves as a married couple, collect the $7 million, keep $1 million, and give the rest to the woman. The plan unravels when a murderer kills three people who were around [...]

  3. This is the seventh novel in the Nina Reilly series and I liked it as much as the other six I've read. Great characters and story line: exciting, unpredictable and realistic. This story is also a facinating depiction of the gaming industry and the psychology of compulsive gambling. I highly recommend it.

  4. Like Nina Reilly, and some of the other characters . Some suspense , but the build up was very slow. This romance between Paul and Nina is a bit annoying. I really don't hear how the are so passionate about each otherjust sort of fixated. Not much real love - just a lot of sexual tension.

  5. A good read. Nina and Paul dancing around each other, Kenny and Jessie thrown together by chance. O'Shaughnessy did a good job of concealing the identity of the villain until a clue a few pages from the end.

  6. #7 in the Nina Reilly series.Lake Tahoe lawyer Nina Reilly series - On an ordinary night at a Lake Tahoe casino, a young ex-Marine and Native American widow named Jessie Potter punches a button on a slot machine and winds up hitting the jackpot to the tune of $7 million. Rather than jumping for joy, she flees the casino, dragging computer nerd Kenny Leung, the man at the slot machine next to hers, along with her. Jessie is being stalked and can't sign for her check, for fear of publicity. She co [...]

  7. Quick easy read, but not one of my favorites of the series. The plot revolves around a woman who wins the jackpot at a slot machine in Reno. Her winnings are nothing but a problem and she hires Nina the lawyer to help solve them. The issue with this courtroom thriller is that there were too many coincidences, the characters just weren't developed enough, and some were overdeveloped. I very much enjoyed the background information about the gaming industry and don't think I'll ever waste a quarter [...]

  8. Writ of Execution by Perri O'ShaughnessyThree in a row is enough for me of Nina Reilly! This one is really pretty good. Nina is called while dallying with Paul and they both have to rush to the office to help a new client who has just won millions at the slot machine. Why doesn't the client want to identify herself? Who's the guy with her? How does the a-hole lawyer, Jeff Reisener, get into the story? Will Nina ever commit to Paul or will he ever take off? Except for that, the story is quite eng [...]

  9. This is the first book I have read by this author and I think that I may have liked it better if I had more background information (it is 7th in a series). However, the mystery was certainly different and multi-layered. The protagonist in the series, Nina, is a likable character, as were her clients. The background romance is where I would have liked more explanation. I think it would have made for a richer reading/listening experience.I plan to read the first book of the series soon to see if I [...]

  10. This is a great book, lots of suspense. It kept me up on some nights, cos it was so exciting.However, the main character Nina is kinda annoying sometimes. I have no idea why her bf sticks around, she sounds like a bit of a pain in the neck.This book shows u a lot about gambling and gambling addiction too. I'm only in my 20s which may explain why i haven't gambled in casinos, but this book really scares me even further from casinos! Don't think I'll ever play slots.Good book, worth a read. It's t [...]

  11. Picked up this book at a used book sale - loved it. I really enjoyed the book and realized it is a series and this is one of the installmenst in the series of Nina Reilly. This was a quick fast-paced read from the moment Jessie Potter wins the the biggest jackpot ever from a casino. Jessie has her secrets and hires Nina to help her collect her money without exposing her true identity. There is plenty of intrigue from a cold-blooded killer to the sleezy lawyer Jeff Reisner. I am going to find the [...]

  12. Always a good brain-cleansing read. I love crime, police procedural, and lawyer procedural when written well and O'Shaughnessy writes them well. One gets a little tired of the on again/off again "romance" of Nina and Paul, but their has to be a backdrop to all the law right? In this one, Nina goes against the Casino industry and her slimeball nemesis lawyer Reisner. Only at one point do I feel manipulated as a reader into hating the slimeball lawyer so that we can feel virtuous later. Other than [...]

  13. I have read several Perri O'Shaughnessy books and this one was right on target. Nina is asked to represent a young woman when she wins over $7 million at a slot machine. The girl wants her identity kept secret for several reasons but Nina has no clue what these reasons are when she first becomes the girls lawyer. Money, greed, and a compulsion for gambling, lead to more people trying to get the money and keep the winner from collecting. A very good read.

  14. The author writes a great story. It is a "great read." The book will keep you involved. The ending leaves you flat, four hundred plus pages and the last two pages makes you want for the next book. The heroine was a difficult character for me to identify with at the end of the story. She continues with a theme of a brillant professional who can't figure out her personal life. If you can ignore this about the main character, you will love the book.

  15. THis is the second book I've read by these authors and I loved this one just as much. I really like them because they are set in South Lake Tahoe and characters travel around to places I am familiar with and that makes it even more fun. I really like Nina, her growth and personal strength and the unique stories. They are adventurous as as well as mysterious.

  16. This is the first Perri O'Shaughnessy book I have read. The book was an easy and quick read and I look forward to readying more of his works. This particular book about winning big money on the slots that ultimately leads to a happy ending despite craziness and murders intermingled throughout made an interesting read. I learned a few things which is always a plus when I'm reading a novel.

  17. This was a great read. I always enjoy a Nina Reilly novel. In this one, the set of clients who end up needing her law services are especially well drawn. The book becomes as much their story as it does Nina's. And we care.

  18. I wish I could give this 2 and a half stars. I have read a few books in this series and, while I think the plots are well put together, the writing often leaves something to be desired, particularly the dialogue. This is easy, light reading if you're in the mood for a legal thriller.

  19. This is one of the first books in a series of mysteries, featuring a character who's a Lake Tahoe attorney named Nina Reilly. For those who live in California, this series is great, since the locale is famous to our state. Read them all!Written by a pair of sisters.

  20. I don't remember if I have read anything else by this author, but I really did not get into caring for any of the characters. I tended to mix up some of the men for awhile, which may have influenced me. I got into it in the last couple of chapters. I would not recommend it.

  21. When I first started this book I was kind of bored but as I read on it got better. Learned alot about the gambling industry and enjoyed Nina who is a lawyer and Jessie who is her client and won a giant jackpot

  22. Long, but held my attention. Complicated "courtroom drama" with lawyer Nina Reilly. Young woman trying to hide from crazy former father-in-law, wins 7 million on a slot machine in Tahoe - and finds she can't run anymore.

  23. A fun read if you want something light. These series of books main character is an attorney, have a little suspense and a twist. It's kind of like a Grisham but not nearly as good.

  24. Book #60 read in 2008I really liked the case in this book. It was interesting and the twist were great. Nina and Paul's relationship is frustrating though. I will continue this series.

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