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  1. This is my first book by Perri O' Shaughnessy and I intend to read every of her books,It is an interesting book and anyone who like reading John Grisham will certainly like it.Why not try one of her books because you we never regret it.

  2. I really enjoy the collaborative writing effort of the O'Shaughnessy sisters (Pam & Mary) as Perri O'Shaughnessy. I have really enjoyed this Nina Reilly series. If you like John Grisham, Michael Connelly's Lincoln Lawyer series, for example, I really think you'll like this series by Perri O'Shaughnessy. Unfit to Practice was especially good; fast paced and full of suspense. Nina Reilly arrives home late one rainy night and, having lost the key to her Bronco and is using a spare key, she hurr [...]

  3. I read this series out of order and I don't mind one bit. This is another gripping tale in Nina's life as a lawyer. Perri O'Shaughnessy's writing style kept me reading page after page until I was anxious and palpitating. I liked how the courtroom drama was presented in the book, I always say this in my reviews and I'm not tired of saying it: it's like watching the real thing - how lawyers manipulate the questioning, the justice system, and how some people are psychologically twisted.The conflict [...]

  4. Okay so, maybe its because, prior to reading this book, I was caught in a web of Kings, Queens, broken betrothals and Knights, that I found it a bit trying. All in all, it read like a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boy book, there was a good amount of suspense in the book, the plot was fairly decent, but the ending was too fast and jumbled and left me thinking "That's it?" I mean all through the book, there was a constant build up to this twisted, maniacal plot to bury this upcoming, female lawyer. But then i [...]

  5. An attorney's worst nightmare. Nina's bronco is stolen. What's so bad? Three of her most crucial cases are in there with notes she wrote about the clients. So what Paul does is get her a lawyer. But not just any lawyer, Jack. The ex-husband of Nina Reilly. But the worst is yet to come. All of her cases are making an appearance. The most important details, lies, etc. are beginning to make her clients in danger for their lives and Nina is starting to lose her cases. But the most is still yet to co [...]

  6. Attorney Nina Reilly's car is stolen along with three confidential client files--a child custody case, an insurance case and a possible murder case. Before long all three cases begin to implode, and then she is threatened with disbarment. I enjoyed the earlier books in the series very much, but did not find this one as interesting, perhaps because the Lake Tahoe setting was not a big part of the story.

  7. I like books by Perri O'Shaughnessy & I enjoy reading about Nina Reilly & the cases she works on. Need to find all of them & read from 1st to last.

  8. Nina loses important confidential files when her SUV is stolen. Someone is leaking information from the files in ways that damage her clients. As a result, Nina faces potential disbarment. Can she and her lover/investigator Paul uncover the truth in time to save her career? I liked this one a bit more than some others.

  9. Mediocre 8th entry in Nina Reilly series lacks suspenseSisters Pamela and Mary O'Shaughnessy, writing as "Perri", have obviously developed a fan base with seven prior defense attorney Nina Reilly stories. Unfortunately for us, this was our first try by the women, and we seem to have been stuck with one of their poorer efforts. The most exciting thing to happen in the plot was Nina's Bronco being stolen, complete with three confidential client files in the back seat. When all three cases suddenly [...]

  10. #8 in the Nina Reilly series.Nina Reilly series - South Lake Tahoe attorney Nina Reilly puts the lawyer in the defendant's chair. Ever since she was a little girl, Nina has believed that rules are what people use to make sense of the world and that law is a way of enforcing the rules to keep the world sane. But when her truck is stolen, along with her three most sensitive case files, her sane world turns topsy-turvy. In the wrong hands, those files could compromise a client's chance at fair visi [...]

  11. Pretty good whodunit, with the heroine< Nina Reilly threatened with the possible loss of her profession as an attorney due to suspicious happenings. While the book was a pretty good page-turner for me, I found myself critical of some of the later chapters that contained some "contrived" situations that called my attention to the writing, rather than the story. The ending was rough - not a smoothly flowing one and didn't deliver as well as the rest of the book. That said, I will still probably [...]

  12. This book was an interesting tale of lawyers and deception and kept me guessing until the end. I actually listened to it as opposed to reading it, and constantly found myself looking for some time to get back to my MP3 player to learn a little more. I had never heard of this author before and was pleased with my find, but it didn't compare with some of the bigger names that I've read before.

  13. Wow. Just wow. A one day read, if that says anything (other than I didn't clean). Great job linking 3 cases with "professional adversaries" with a couple surprises thrown in at the end. Not sure I'd have guessed outcomes, tho not wholly unexpected . Racing now to grab the next one in the series.

  14. Nina Reilly is an attorney who becomes the client when several of her most sensitive case files are stolen and then are released in ways that cause the most harm. Nina's clients complain to the state bar and she has to fight to keep her license while reputations are being ruined and people begin to die.

  15. HB-B @ 2002, 10/02. Nina Reilly's truck is stolen outside her home with her briefcase in the back seat. The briefcase contains files about three of her most sensitive cases. Her clients, harmed by secrets revealed from these files, file complaints against Nina. Nina must fight against disbarment by the State Bar of California, to save her reputation, and her practice. Very good.

  16. This book is one of many in a series- I didn't realize it until I started reading. I went to the library and tried to find some from the start of the series. Decent book.Perri O'Shaughnessy is the pen name for Pamela & Mary O'Shaughnessy (two sisters)who have co-written the Nina Reilly series.

  17. I found this to be a good, little legal thriller. This was my first foray into the O'Shaughnessy sisters work, and I enjoyed it enough that I will go back and read this series from the beginning. Perhaps, had I read others previously, the characters would have been more 'familiar', but I didn't find that detracted from the story, at all

  18. i was surprised to find a nina reilly book by the two sisters, that i hadn't already read. in this one, nina seems a lot less organized as he loses three files with intake notes. Former husband Jack comes to her rescue, as does of course, her current squeeze Paul van Wagoner. there are all sorts of twists and turns and at times, it seems as though nina will fail. does she? what do you think?

  19. A great Nina Reilly book filled with struggles and I admire her more with each book! She is questioning her choice of becoming a lawyer in this one. I thought this was creatively done with very different three cases interwoven. I learned even more about Lake Tahoe, business owners and how the legal system works. It is good to read these in order, which I didn't know when I discovered them.

  20. Started off quiet good and kept me guessing - for a bit - ending lets it down - so much effort and research and then kind of rushes at the end with absolutely no atmosphere or suspense - almost like the author(s) just couldnt wait to finish it or had a deadline they were gonna miss - truly falls apart - shame.

  21. It has been a while since I read any of this series. Delving into it felt like I hadn't left. I love the descriptions of Tahoe. Nina Reilly is a likeable strong character who faces real life legal ethics issues. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  22. I'm not really a fan of courtroom dramas, but this was on my shelf for so long it was turning yellow (about 10 years), so I broke down and read it. Not bad. Good set up and investigation. Ending is a bit convenient, but I think they all are these days.

  23. I wanted to feel the setting of Lake Tahoe, but the writing is pedestrian. it's a very average mystery novel, and the author doesn't really evoke the place. Lake Tahoe is just a name, it could be anywhere.

  24. I enjoy this series featuring Nina Reilly, however this is not the best of the series. It is a very good set up and puts Nina on the defensive, trying to save her career in addition to her clients, but it just doesn't keep the tension going.

  25. i liked this book, although it wasn't as good as 'invasion of privacy'. the problem is that i buy the nina reilly books by what sounds good and what they happen to have in the second-hand bookstore, not according to the order they're in, so it gets confusing at some points.

  26. I may be naive, but I couldn't buy in to the complete disregard for Nina as a victim (someone stole her key, stole her car) which set up the whole chain of events. Tried twice and just couldn't finish.

  27. This is the only one of this series I've read. Maybe that's why I didn't love the characters. I felt like the "mystery" was kind of lame and the motivations of the "bad guys" were a bit ridiculous. The end felt rushed, too.

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