Bride on the Loose (Kesempatan Kedua)

Bride on the Loose Kesempatan Kedua Carrie Weston memohon Jason Manning untuk berkencan dengan ibunya Charlotte Remaja itu menganggap kesepian Charlotte adalah alasan utama mengapa ibunya bersikap kolot dan melarangnya berkencan Mungki

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  • Title: Bride on the Loose (Kesempatan Kedua)
  • Author: Debbie Macomber
  • ISBN: 9789796867547
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • Carrie Weston memohon Jason Manning untuk berkencan dengan ibunya, Charlotte Remaja itu menganggap kesepian Charlotte adalah alasan utama mengapa ibunya bersikap kolot dan melarangnya berkencan Mungkin kalau Charlotte mau menerima ajakan kencan Jason, sikap kolotnya akan luntur Awalnya Jason tidak tertarik untuk terlibat dalam pertengkaran ibu dan anak itu Tapi akhirnyCarrie Weston memohon Jason Manning untuk berkencan dengan ibunya, Charlotte Remaja itu menganggap kesepian Charlotte adalah alasan utama mengapa ibunya bersikap kolot dan melarangnya berkencan Mungkin kalau Charlotte mau menerima ajakan kencan Jason, sikap kolotnya akan luntur Awalnya Jason tidak tertarik untuk terlibat dalam pertengkaran ibu dan anak itu Tapi akhirnya ia tak bisa menghindar dari jebakan Carrie Saat bertemu dengan Charlotte, Jason malah jatuh cinta Ternyata wanita itu berbeda dengan wanita wanita lain yang selama ini selalu mengejar ngejarnya Charlotte menghormati kebebasannya, dan yang terpenting, ternyata ia juga menyukai olah raga Ternyata hubungan mereka tidak terlalu mulus Charlotte menyimpan rahasia besar tentang perkawinannya yang terdahulu Ia tak ingin membuka rahasia iru karena takut Jason akan membencinya Tapi kalau rahasia itu tidak terbongkar, bagaimana Jason bisa mencintai Charlotte seutuhnya

    One thought on “Bride on the Loose (Kesempatan Kedua)”

    1. Reviewed for THC ReviewsBride on the Loose is the third story in Debbie Macomber's Those Manning Men series, and I'd have to say it's probably my favorite in the series so far. Carefree bachelor, Jason Manning was the last of the Manning men still standing, but he's finally brought to his knees by a little thing called love, when a matchmaking teenager tries to fix him up with her mom in hopes that having a man in her life will make her mom more lenient about her dating. Jason wasn't too pleased [...]

    2. Brides fearsI'm so confused at why woman can be so afraid of real love that she runs from it. When healing finally comes to the marriage she realizes happiness.

    3. Seandainya ada cowok seperti Jason Manning, mau banget dapet satu^_^Bagaimana tidak bila dokter hewan yang tampan dan cool ini punya kesabaran selangitkayanya cocok nih jadi doctor mcdreamy.kkeeeCharlotte Weston yang tinggal di komplek apartemen milik Jason berhasil membuat Jason yang bangga mengaku sebagai bujangan sejati dengan motto lebih baik punya tiket masuk pertandingan olahraga daripada punya pacar malah bertekuk lutut. Tapi sayangnya Jason tidak mengetahui betapa traumanya Charlotte den [...]

    4. Sensitive to a faultSensitive to a faultit helped me to realize that true love can conquer just about anything!Although this book was probably written as a way to help someone overcome their own feelings of inadequacy it definitely caused this person to reexamine her own feelings of distrust for the male population.I would recommend this more to an older adult, but, it could not harm someone that empathises with the plight of the young woman in the story. It also shows how compromise can solve a [...]

    5. In Macomber’s romance novel, Jason Manning is a dedicated and perfectly content bachelor, an avid sports fan, and an overall slob. When precocious Carrie Weston decides to play matchmaker, she introduces him to her mother, Charlotte. Much to his relief, Charlotte has been burned by romance and wants nothing to do with marriage ever again. But before Jason can count to three, his feelings begin to change the more he gets to know the reluctant mother.As always, Macomber has nailed a sensitive an [...]

    6. This is an early series written by an author I really love. The series involves three brothers (the Mannings). Actually there is more to the series I suppose as there are two Manning sisters and unusual marriages mentioned in this book. This book involves a young daughter trying to get her mother a date with one of the brothers so the mother can 'get a life' and then the fun begins.

    7. I thought this book was a good, quick read. Debbie Macomber's books normally are for you. Even tho this book when along with the rest of the series in the way it was written as well as what happened during the book. So it was a bit predictable but I've already fallen in love with the characters so I just had to keep reading. Only two more books in the series and I can't wait to read them.

    8. This is a clean romance. It didn't have the typical raunchy sex in it, but it was difficult to read at parts. Brought out unpleasant memories, but it was still worth reading. Debbie Macomber typically writes clean romances, so when I picked this up I didn't even look at the harlequin romance. Lol. Cute love story.

    9. dikira setelah acara kaburx charlotte bakal cerita yang sebenarx k jason. tw2x.r2 bodoh!tp klo g kek gtu ,ceritax bakal beda y ;p#tp sungguh tidak bisa menahan dri klo ketemu tokoh yg oon#

    10. Sometimes I just wanted to shake some sense into the main characters, but I feel that sort of reaction often with romance novels. The language was clean and the book didn't quite unfold the way I would have predicted, even though it was somewhat predictable.

    11. Carrie becomes the matchmaker for her mother. She feels it is time for Charlotte to date and be happy. Their handsome landlord is her first choice--Jason is a vet and has a large family who is ready for a wedding.250 pages

    12. This is a good romance story with a dominant male and a frightened female. And throw in one meddling teenager. I enjoyed the story but found some parts a little to sexually explicit for my tastes.

    13. I like it. Believable characters, and the story wasn't entirely predictable. Liked the teenager, liked the manly man sportsfan Jason, and liked the scared Charlotte.

    14. A very quick read and one of the Debbie earliest novel. Has a very serious topic which is sexually abuse. Overall a sweet nice read.

    15. Debbie Macomber has given her readers another good read. I enjoyed this book, fell in love with Jason Manning, and was so glad he got his happy ever after ending.

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