Photo Of The Tall Man (Longman Originals)

Photo Of The Tall Man Longman Originals None

  • Title: Photo Of The Tall Man (Longman Originals)
  • Author: Stephen Rabley
  • ISBN: 9780582273993
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    1. Title-PHOTO OF THE TALL MANTime-5/17=40min 5/19=30min7words-London,phone,job,accident,dangerous,tall,laughDiscussion QuestionQ.Do you like taking a picture? What kinds of picture do you often take?A. I love taking a picture. When I go to travel, I always take a lot of pictures.CommentI chose this book because I wanted to knowthe meaning of title. Although it was strange to read this book at first, it was interestingto finish reading it.

    2. - Penguin readers, level 3- Time= 70 minutes- 7-word summary: Kelly-moved-London-searching-job-murder-happened- Discussion questions1. Which do you like big cities or countries? Why?I prefer big cities. There are enough public facilities in cities, so I think it's more convenient there!2. If you had to find a job after graduating from high school, what kind of job do you want?I would choose the clothing industry. I am really interested in selling clothes, so I want to try it if I can!This story [...]

    3. 1. Penguin&level 32. 05/21=30min, 05/24=20min, 05/25=20min, 05/27=30min3. tall man, criminal, Kelly, Uncle Max, photo, Dr Harris, London4. a I like 'Butwe both like you. And it's clear that you want to work hard.' b This phrase is Adam's friends'. Kelly is too young to work their garage, but they are very kind and accept her. 5. I thought Kelly is brave person, because she went to London alone. She couldn't find a job easily, but she didn't succumb. She also did something for uncle Max. This [...]

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